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Chingachgook (Character)
from The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

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The Last of the Mohicans (1936)
Hawkeye: How is Uncas?
Chingachgook: Bad. Got squaw fever.

Hawkeye: Magua? I wonder what that weasel's doing here?
Chingachgook: Him scout for Yank-gees. Mohawks take him in tribe - make him blood brother.
Hawkeye: Mohawk? He was born a Huron. I bet a rifle against a powder horn he's still a Huron.

Major Heyward: Fool! Separating our parties like this.
Chingachgook: Two party alive. Good. One party dead. No good.

Major Heyward: What on earth are you doing?
Chingachgook: Listen to beaver. Downstream. Indian sentry. When canoe come, beaver flap tail.

Chingachgook: Pale-faced squaw. No good. Mohican. Fair hair make heart of Uncas weak like water.

Chingachgook: Great Spirit. Fair warrior goes to you. Swift, straight and unseen like arrow shot into sun. Let him sit at Counsel fire of my tribe. For he is Uncas, my son. My fire, his ashes. Your fire, is bright. Now, all my tribe is there, but one. I, Chingachgook, Last of Mohican.

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
[last lines]
[Director's Expanded Edition]
Chingachgook: The frontier moves with the sun and pushes the Red Man of these wilderness forests in front of it until one day there will be nowhere left. Then our race will be no more, or be not us.
Hawkeye: That is my father's sadness talking.
Chingachgook: No, it is true. The frontier place is for people like my white son and his woman and their children. And one day there will be no more frontier. And men like you will go too, like the Mohicans. And new people will come, work, struggle. Some will make their life. But once, we were here.

[last lines]
Chingachgook: Great Spirit, Maker of All Life. A warrior goes to you swift and straight as an arrow shot into the sun. Welcome him and let him take his place at the council fire of my people. He is Uncas, my son. Tell them to be patient and ask death for speed; for they are all there but one - I, Chingachgook - Last of the Mohicans.

Chingachgook: [speaking to animal they have just killed] We're sorry to kill you, brother. We do honor to your courage and speed, your strength.

"Hawkeye: The Furlough (#1.4)" (1994)
[Hawkeye cites the parable of the Good Samaritan]
Chingachgook: Samaritan? What tribe is that?
Natty 'Hawkeye' Bumppo: A good tribe.

[last lines]
Chingachgook: [Hawkeye wins a game that he lost at earlier] You cheated! You cheated!

"Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans: Hawkeye's Homecoming (#1.1)" (1957)
[first lines]
Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler: Don't shoot! I surrender!
Mrs. Cutler: Nat! I might have know it was you. Nobody else could hit that iron from across the clearing. Chingachgook, welcome to my home again!
Chingachgook: Greetings to the mother of Hawkeye.

Chingachgook: Red man never carries tommyhawk or knife that belongs to enemy - bad medicine.
Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler: Well, I'm going to carry it and the bad luck will be his!

"Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans: The Promised Valley (#1.19)" (1957)
[discussing a large fire in the distance]
Chingachgook: It is paleface fire - black smoke from green wood. Indian not build fire like that.

Capt. Horatio Watkins: Would you care to ship aboard with us, mateys? We could certainly use a couple of good hands like you.
Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler: No, I reckon not, Captain.
Chingachgook: No, cannot paddle canoe on dry land. Hawkeye and me want to find new rivers, new lakes - only way to be happy.

"Hawkeye: The Siege (#1.5)" (1994)
[after escaping from French soldiers, Chingachgook finally makes the rendezvous with Hawkeye and Elizabeth]
Natty 'Hawkeye' Bumppo: And where in the Creator's name have you been?
[goes to take supplies from Chingachgook]
Chingachgook: [holds them out of Hawkeye's reach and prompts him for a thank-you] "Thank you for saving our lives, Chingachgook."
Elizabeth Shields: [still out of breath from running] Thank you for saving our lives, Chingachkook.
Chingachgook: [hands supplies over to Hawkeye and smiles at her] My pleasure, Mrs. Shields.
[shoots Hawkeye an annoyed look]

"Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans: Way Station (#1.16)" (1957)
[first lines]
[Chingachgook spots a feather hanging over the path he and Hawkeye are walking]
Chingachgook: Feather of Nocona, chief of the Mingo tribe. Feather say, "white man not welcome".
Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler: Well, I guess this bears out the rumors we had back at the fort about the Mingos wanting to go back on the warpath.
Chingachgook: Chief warn white man: stay away!
Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler: I came out here to see Chief Nocona and find out why he's breaking the treaty, and no feather is going to stop me!