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Miss Collins (Character)
from Carrie (1976)

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Carrie (1976)
Miss Collins: Carrie? Carrie. Carrie, what's the matter? What happened?
Carrie: Nothing.
Miss Collins: Was it one of the girls? Did one of the girls do something to you?
Carrie: No.
Miss Collins: What is it, then? You can trust me, you know that? Would you tell me?
Carrie: I got invited to the prom.
Miss Collins: That's great! That's fantastic! So what are you down here moping around for?
Carrie: Tommy Ross asked me.
Miss Collins: That's even better. He's really cute, huh?
Carrie: I know who he goes around with. They're just trying to trick me again. I know.

Miss Collins: The period's not up, Hargenson.
Chris Hargenson: It is for me.
Miss Collins: [to the other girls] Keep running!
[to Chris]
Miss Collins: Well, there are ten minutes left.
Chris Hargenson: Stick 'em up your...
[Miss Collins slaps her]
Chris Hargenson: You can't hit us! You'll get canned for this, you bitch!
Miss Collins: One more word out of you, and I'm gonna knock you down! Do you understand me?
Chris Hargenson: She can't get away with this if we all stick together! Norma? Helen? Sue!
Sue Snell: Shut up, Chris. Just shut up.
Chris Hargenson: This isn't over. This isn't over by a long shot!
Miss Collins: You're out of the prom, Hargenson.
[she turns to the other girls]
Miss Collins: Okay, the show's over. In place! Run! One, two! One, two! One, two!

Miss Collins: [to the girls] Now, my idea for this little trick you pulled was three days' suspension and refusal of your prom tickets.
[the girls gasp]
Norma: [in disbelief] What? God!
Miss Collins: That'd get you where you live, wouldn't it? And you deserve it. I don't think any of you have any idea of just how nasty what you did really was. But the office has decided you're to have one week's detention.
[the girls sigh with relief]
Miss Collins: Still, there's one little catch. It's to be my detention.
[the girls are once again perturbed]
Miss Collins: That's fifty minutes every day starting today in the athletic field. Get the picture?
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Miss Collins: That's up to you, Chris. That's up to all of you. Punishment for skipping detention is three days' suspension and refusal of your prom tickets. Any other thoughts? Good. Now change up.
[the girls proceed begrudgingly]
Chris Hargenson: Where are you going?
Norma: Come on.
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Norma: You're really not gonna come? You're gonna miss out on the prom?
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Norma: Well, I'm not gonna miss the prom.
Chris Hargenson: Fuck.

Miss Collins: You too, Chris, and spit out that gum.
Chris Hargenson: Where will I put it, Miss Collins?
Miss Collins: You can choke on it for all I care just get it out of your mouth.

Tommy Ross: What is the big deal?
Miss Collins: Because it is a very big deal for Carrie White, and you know it!
Tommy Ross: Well, she already said no, anyway.
Sue Snell: Yeah, well, with a little effort, you can change that.
Tommy Ross: Don't count your chickens.
Miss Collins: Just don't try!
Tommy Ross: Fine. I won't try.
Sue Snell: Hey, wait a second! It's not fine! You can't order someone not to take someone to the prom.
Miss Collins: Well, you know, I can make sure that you don't hurt Carrie White anymore.
Sue Snell: We're not trying to hurt her, Miss Collins. We're trying to help her!
Miss Collins: How? Hey, Tommy. Um, don't you think you're just gonna look a little ridiculous when you walk in the prom with Carrie White?
Sue Snell: We don't care how we look. Do we?
Tommy Ross: Well...

Carrie (2013)
[from trailer]
Miss Desjardin: Carrie, what's wrong?

[from trailer]
Miss Desjardin: If the two of you are planning some kind of joke on a poor, lonely girl...

Miss Desjardin: Are you gonna get him a boutonnière, or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?

Miss Desjardin: [the Ewin High School halls. We hear a bell ring, students and teachers walk through the halls, quiet chit-chat. Ms. Desjardin faces Tommy and Sue as she stands across fro them. She is angry yet she begging for an answer, from the two teens] Come on Sue, you and Chris are best friends if you 2, if you 3 are planning on playing a joke a lonely, defenseless girl...
Sue Snell: This has nothing to do with Chris, or you Ms.Desjardin, and for me-
[Tina Blake passes by them, all three of them notice her. She locks eyes with Sue, giving her the death stare. They know for sure, she WILL tell Chris about this]
Tommy Ross: Listen, due respect, Ms. Desjardin this is between Sue and Me, you know it's kinda like a private thing. A- And what is the big deal anyways, its just for one night, right? Famous athletes, like Tim Tebow, he- he takes kids to prom all the time and everyone loves him for it.
Miss Desjardin: [Ms. Desjardin looks at him, shes still angry and now annoyed, her face says, "are you serious right now? You cant b serious right?"] Really? Your hardly a famous athlete this is a really big deal for her.
Tommy Ross: I- I- I- *exhales deeply* Listen, it doesn't matter. She said no.
[Sue's eyes widen, she didn't know this. She steps up to him and looks into his eyes]
Sue Snell: So you'll try again.
Miss Desjardin: [Not a question] Don't!
Tommy Ross: [giving up to easily] Ok.
Sue Snell: [Sue is begging and pleading, she really wants for him to take her] Its not ok.
Miss Desjardin: Tommy.
[She steps up closer to Tommy]
Miss Desjardin: When you show up to prom with Carrie White on your arm, don't you think you're gonna look the tinniest bit ridiculous?
Sue Snell: [Steps up in front of Tommy] We don't care how we look?
[to Tommy]
Sue Snell: Do we?
Tommy Ross: [the second bell rings] No.
Sue Snell: [Sue grabs Tommy's arm arm and the two begin to walk they don't wanna be late for class] Come on
[They walk right by Ms. Desjardin, she turns to watch them, shes not happy but she can't do anything]

Miss Desjardin: [shouting to the girls to get them up] All right stand up, line up please. You have a big month coming up. Prom and then graduation. Are you excited? Probably all have your dresses, have your dates by now.
Miss Desjardin: [She walks over to Chris]
Miss Desjardin: What about you, Chris? Who's the lucky guy?
Chris Hargensen: Billy Nolan. You don't know him, he doesn't go to this school.
Miss Desjardin: Are you gonna get him a boutonniere? Or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?
Miss Desjardin: I so don't need to hear this.
Chris Hargensen: You're not going anywhere.
Miss Desjardin: [walking towards Sue] What about you, Sue? Are you and Tommy busy campaigning to be prom king and queen? I would have voted for you. Not now.
Chris Hargensen: [to the rest of the girls] You all did a shitty thing. A really shitty thing. And one you had the audacity to post a video. Somebody made a video of it?
Chris Hargensen: This is bullshit!
Miss Desjardin: That's it. Thanks to Miss Hargensen you can run suicides.
[the girls moan]
Chris Hargensen: I'm not doing it.
Miss Desjardin: That's up to you. That's up to all of you, but anyone who stops running, is suspended, and if your suspended... You don't go to prom. While you're running, I'd like you all to think long and hard... about what it would be like to be Carrie White.

Carrie (2002) (TV)
Miss Desjarden: You're ugly, let's see how ugly all of you are!
Chris Hargensen: You can't talk to us like that, my dad's a lawyer!
Miss Desjarden: Shut up! Open your mouth one more time, and I'll plug you up!

Miss Desjarden: You ever see something you can't explain? I'm not talking about a strange light in the sky or Jesus' face on a tortilla. I'm talking about something that's not supposed to happen. Like, in reality.
Detective John Mulcahey: You mean, like a miracle?
Miss Desjarden: [shaking her head] Something else. Did you ever think the reason that you can't explain what happened on prom night is because... what happened wasn't natural? Two weeks ago, I saw a steel desk move across the floor without anyone touching it. Five inches. I measured. Carrie White was in the room when it happened.
Detective John Mulcahey: 234 people died, and you're trying to sell me on some "Weekly World News" headline?
Miss Desjarden: I don't need you to tell me how many people died. Half of them were kids I saw every day.
Detective John Mulcahey: I am truly sorry for your loss, Miss Desjarden, I am. But that doesn't change the fact that someone's still unaccounted for. This girl is one of eight missing persons, but the problem is we only got seven bodies. Now, you're implying what, exactly?
Miss Desjarden: I'm not implying anything. I'm just giving you the facts.
Detective John Mulcahey: What did you see on prom night?
Miss Desjarden: I was hanging from an air vent, pissing my pants, trying not to get electrocuted. I didn't see anything. Might as well tell you it was poltergeists.
Detective John Mulcahey: But you don't believe that?
Miss Desjarden: No.
Detective John Mulcahey: You believe it was Carrie White?
[Miss Desjarden sighs, she says nothing more]