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Tommy Ross (Character)
from Carrie (1976)

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Carrie (2013)
[from trailer]
Tommy Ross: The prom is next week, if you don't have a date already maybe you wanna go with me?

Tommy Ross: [after the bucket of blood is dumped on Carrie] What the hell!

Miss Desjardin: [the Ewin High School halls. We hear a bell ring, students and teachers walk through the halls, quiet chit-chat. Ms. Desjardin faces Tommy and Sue as she stands across fro them. She is angry yet she begging for an answer, from the two teens] Come on Sue, you and Chris are best friends if you 2, if you 3 are planning on playing a joke a lonely, defenseless girl...
Sue Snell: This has nothing to do with Chris, or you Ms.Desjardin, and for me-
[Tina Blake passes by them, all three of them notice her. She locks eyes with Sue, giving her the death stare. They know for sure, she WILL tell Chris about this]
Tommy Ross: Listen, due respect, Ms. Desjardin this is between Sue and Me, you know it's kinda like a private thing. A- And what is the big deal anyways, its just for one night, right? Famous athletes, like Tim Tebow, he- he takes kids to prom all the time and everyone loves him for it.
Miss Desjardin: [Ms. Desjardin looks at him, shes still angry and now annoyed, her face says, "are you serious right now? You cant b serious right?"] Really? Your hardly a famous athlete this is a really big deal for her.
Tommy Ross: I- I- I- *exhales deeply* Listen, it doesn't matter. She said no.
[Sue's eyes widen, she didn't know this. She steps up to him and looks into his eyes]
Sue Snell: So you'll try again.
Miss Desjardin: [Not a question] Don't!
Tommy Ross: [giving up to easily] Ok.
Sue Snell: [Sue is begging and pleading, she really wants for him to take her] Its not ok.
Miss Desjardin: Tommy.
[She steps up closer to Tommy]
Miss Desjardin: When you show up to prom with Carrie White on your arm, don't you think you're gonna look the tinniest bit ridiculous?
Sue Snell: [Steps up in front of Tommy] We don't care how we look?
[to Tommy]
Sue Snell: Do we?
Tommy Ross: [the second bell rings] No.
Sue Snell: [Sue grabs Tommy's arm arm and the two begin to walk they don't wanna be late for class] Come on
[They walk right by Ms. Desjardin, she turns to watch them, shes not happy but she can't do anything]

[Carrie is staring out the window in English class, with her powers she is making the flag flap and shake. A small smile grows on her face]
Mr. Ulmann: Alright, who's next? Uh... Carrie?
[Carrie quickly turns to face her teacher]
Mr. Ulmann: Favorite poem did you bring one?
[a couple of kids laugh]
Carrie White: Yeah.
Mr. Ulmann: Why don't you come to the front of the class and share it with us all?
[Carrie gets up, she makes her way down the rows of students who laugh quietly. When she gets to the front of the room, she faces them. Not taking her eyes off her book, she reads]
Carrie White: [quietly and softly over the small laughter] This un- This unfrequented place to find some ease. Ease to the body some, none to the mind. Times past, and wh- What once I was and what am now. Oh wherefore was my birth from Heaven foretold, twice by angel who at last in sight of both my parents, all in flames... Ascended.
[Most kids are amazed and confused at the same time]
Mr. Ulmann: Okay, that was uh- disturbing.
[Kids laugh. Tommy looks up at him angrily. Mr. Ulmann is being a prick]
Mr. Ulmann: This is the most you've said all year. Anything else you wanna add or are you done scaring us for the day?
Tommy Ross: [slips out] Asshole.
[some kids gasp, they all turn to him]
Mr. Ulmann: Excuse me, Mr. Ross, did you say something?
Tommy Ross: I said awesome. I just thought what Carrie read was awesome didn't you, Mr. Ulmann?
[Carrie makes her way towards her desk]
Mr. Ulmann: [changing the subject] Ok, who's next. Nicki. Ah- I mean Lizzy.
[Carrie sits down. Keeping her head down, she pushes some hair in front of her face. She turns to Tommy. Sue sees her, something clicks in Sue, Sue now knows Carrie likes him]

[the halls are half empty, students pass by and stare. Carrie throws her book bag over her shoulder and she power walks through the hall, she's upset. Tommy is running after her, he is holding her jacket. He runs up to her a taps her arm]
Tommy Ross: Carrie...
Carrie White: [spins around] Stop just- Please just, stop trying to trick me.
Tommy Ross: No I'm not trying to trick you, I'm not tricking you.
Carrie White: Aren't you with Sue Snell?
Tommy Ross: Yeah, I'm with Sue Snell but she doesn't wanna go.
[Carrie gives him a look, he has to be lying. Tommy holds out Carrie's jacket]
Tommy Ross: I'm sorry.
[Carrie quickly grabs the jacket and runs off. Leaving Tommy all alone. She runs through the crowd of students, as she tries to hold back her leaking tears. The bell rings]

Carrie (1976)
Carrie: Tommy?
Tommy Ross: Yeah?
Carrie: Why?
Tommy Ross: Why what?
Carrie: Why am I here?
Tommy Ross: Because it's the prom.
Carrie: Why am I here with you?
Tommy Ross: Because I asked you.
Carrie: Why'd you ask me?
Tommy Ross: Because I wanted to.
Carrie: Why'd you want to?
Tommy Ross: Because you liked my poem. Only I didn't write it. Somebody else did.
Carrie: Oh.

Mr. Fromm: Any criticisms? Anybody?
Carrie: It's beautiful.
Mr. Fromm: Carrie White! Beautiful. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! Oh, beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain. Is that the kind of beautiful you mean? Is it, Carrie? I'm afraid, Carrie, this is hardly a criticism.
Tommy Ross: [under his breath] You suck.
Mr. Fromm: Tommy? Did you say something, Tommy?
Tommy Ross: Who me?
Mr. Fromm: Yes.
Tommy Ross: I said, "Aw shucks."

Tommy Ross: What is the big deal?
Miss Collins: Because it is a very big deal for Carrie White, and you know it!
Tommy Ross: Well, she already said no, anyway.
Sue Snell: Yeah, well, with a little effort, you can change that.
Tommy Ross: Don't count your chickens.
Miss Collins: Just don't try!
Tommy Ross: Fine. I won't try.
Sue Snell: Hey, wait a second! It's not fine! You can't order someone not to take someone to the prom.
Miss Collins: Well, you know, I can make sure that you don't hurt Carrie White anymore.
Sue Snell: We're not trying to hurt her, Miss Collins. We're trying to help her!
Miss Collins: How? Hey, Tommy. Um, don't you think you're just gonna look a little ridiculous when you walk in the prom with Carrie White?
Sue Snell: We don't care how we look. Do we?
Tommy Ross: Well...

Tommy Ross: [points to a humiliated Carrie after the pig's blood is spilled on her; his voice is blocked out but viewers can clearly read his lips and tell that he is upset and shouting] WHAT THE HELL?

Carrie (2002) (TV)
Helen Shyres: Oh my God, where did you get that dress?
Carrie White: I made it.
Helen Shyres: [impressed] Shut up!
Carrie White: [confused] You shut up!
Helen Shyres: Seriously, you made that?
Carrie White: I did. I... I like to sew. It's a real simple pattern.
[she walks past Helen]
Helen Shyres: [gasps] Look at your ass!
Carrie White: [confused] What?
Helen Shyres: Okay, after seeing your ass, the whole "nun in street clothes" thing is no longer acceptable.
Tommy Ross: [to Carrie] That was a compliment.

Tommy Ross: We should have a rule: If they do something in a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie, we're not allowed to do it in real life.

Tommy Ross: So... did your ceiling like... just collapse or something?
Carrie White: Yes. Yes my ceiling just collapsed, just now.
Tommy Ross: Whoa. Can I see it?
Carrie White: No.