Chris Hargensen
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Chris Hargensen (Character)
from Carrie (1976)

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Carrie (1976)
Chris Hargenson: I want you to do something.
Billy Nolen: What?
Chris Hargenson: Something important.
[unzips Billy's pants and performs oral sex on him]
Chris Hargenson: Oh, Billy. Billy. Oh, Billy. Oh, Billy. Billy. Oh, Billy. Oh. Oh, Billy. I hate Carrie White.
Billy Nolen: Who?

Chris Hargenson: She can't get away with this. I'm gonna get her.
Sue Snell: Let it go, Chris.
Chris Hargenson: Like Hell, I will!

Billy Nolen: That Carrie White, she sure is cute.
Chris Hargenson: Shut up.
Billy Nolen: I thought you said they were gonna win.
Chris Hargenson: They will. It won't even be close. I called in a few favors.

Miss Collins: The period's not up, Hargenson.
Chris Hargenson: It is for me.
Miss Collins: [to the other girls] Keep running!
[to Chris]
Miss Collins: Well, there are ten minutes left.
Chris Hargenson: Stick 'em up your...
[Miss Collins slaps her]
Chris Hargenson: You can't hit us! You'll get canned for this, you bitch!
Miss Collins: One more word out of you, and I'm gonna knock you down! Do you understand me?
Chris Hargenson: She can't get away with this if we all stick together! Norma? Helen? Sue!
Sue Snell: Shut up, Chris. Just shut up.
Chris Hargenson: This isn't over. This isn't over by a long shot!
Miss Collins: You're out of the prom, Hargenson.
[she turns to the other girls]
Miss Collins: Okay, the show's over. In place! Run! One, two! One, two! One, two!

Miss Collins: [to the girls] Now, my idea for this little trick you pulled was three days' suspension and refusal of your prom tickets.
[the girls gasp]
Norma: [in disbelief] What? God!
Miss Collins: That'd get you where you live, wouldn't it? And you deserve it. I don't think any of you have any idea of just how nasty what you did really was. But the office has decided you're to have one week's detention.
[the girls sigh with relief]
Miss Collins: Still, there's one little catch. It's to be my detention.
[the girls are once again perturbed]
Miss Collins: That's fifty minutes every day starting today in the athletic field. Get the picture?
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Miss Collins: That's up to you, Chris. That's up to all of you. Punishment for skipping detention is three days' suspension and refusal of your prom tickets. Any other thoughts? Good. Now change up.
[the girls proceed begrudgingly]
Chris Hargenson: Where are you going?
Norma: Come on.
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Norma: You're really not gonna come? You're gonna miss out on the prom?
Chris Hargenson: I'm not coming.
Norma: Well, I'm not gonna miss the prom.
Chris Hargenson: Fuck.

Miss Collins: You too, Chris, and spit out that gum.
Chris Hargenson: Where will I put it, Miss Collins?
Miss Collins: You can choke on it for all I care just get it out of your mouth.

Chris Hargenson: Don't be in such a hurry.
Billy Nolen: Don't be in such a hurry. I'm hurrying away from you, you know that?
Chris Hargenson: No, you're not.
Billy Nolen: Pain right in the ass.

Chris Hargenson: [Billy sloshes beer on her clothes as a police cruiser appears] Watch it, you stupid shit!
Billy Nolen: [fakes a smile, then turns to her as the cruiser drives off] Don't call me that!
Chris Hargenson: Well, look what you just did!
[sotto voce]
Chris Hargenson: Dumb shit.
Billy Nolen: [his back hand slaps her] I told you not to call me that!
Chris Hargenson: [a car speeds towards them] Watch out! You wanna get us killed? Dumb shit.
Billy Nolen: You fuck!

Billy Nolen: Keep that damned light straight!
Chris Hargenson: [blood drops onto the flashlight] Watch it, you stupid shit, you're getting blood all over the place!
Billy Nolen: [starts laughing] Who are you calling a stupid shit? I mean you can't even keep that fuckin' light straight!
Chris Hargenson: Hurry up! Do you hear me, just hurry up!
Billy Nolen: [drawls] Yes, Ma'am! We're doing the BEST we can, we sure are!
Chris Hargenson: [whines] Just hurry up, I wanna go home!
Billy Nolen: Just keep your tits on, and I'll let you pull the rope when the time comes.
Chris Hargenson: I intend to.
Billy Nolen: [winks at her] I know.

Carrie (2013)
[from trailer]
Chris Hargensen: Wipe that smile off your face.

Chris Hargensen: She is such a freak.

Chris Hargensen: [Sees Carrie standing in the street after the prom] Run her down! Kill her, Billy! Kill her!
Billy Nolan: [Stepping on the gas pedal] I've got this!

Chris Hargensen: [after Carrie accidentally hits Sue Snell in the head in Water Volleyball] You eat shit!

[Billy's car is driving above speed limit, pulls up in front of Chris' house. The three get out. Chris and Tina are laughing]
Chris Hargensen: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why he lost his license.
Tina: And why he's still driving.
Billy Nolan: Don't need a license, if they cant catch me.

Miss Desjardin: [shouting to the girls to get them up] All right stand up, line up please. You have a big month coming up. Prom and then graduation. Are you excited? Probably all have your dresses, have your dates by now.
Miss Desjardin: [She walks over to Chris]
Miss Desjardin: What about you, Chris? Who's the lucky guy?
Chris Hargensen: Billy Nolan. You don't know him, he doesn't go to this school.
Miss Desjardin: Are you gonna get him a boutonniere? Or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?
Miss Desjardin: I so don't need to hear this.
Chris Hargensen: You're not going anywhere.
Miss Desjardin: [walking towards Sue] What about you, Sue? Are you and Tommy busy campaigning to be prom king and queen? I would have voted for you. Not now.
Chris Hargensen: [to the rest of the girls] You all did a shitty thing. A really shitty thing. And one you had the audacity to post a video. Somebody made a video of it?
Chris Hargensen: This is bullshit!
Miss Desjardin: That's it. Thanks to Miss Hargensen you can run suicides.
[the girls moan]
Chris Hargensen: I'm not doing it.
Miss Desjardin: That's up to you. That's up to all of you, but anyone who stops running, is suspended, and if your suspended... You don't go to prom. While you're running, I'd like you all to think long and hard... about what it would be like to be Carrie White.

Carrie (2002) (TV)
Chris Hargensen: [to Miss Desjarden] This isn't over. This is so not over, it's not even in the same area code as over!

Tina Blake: Dude! Carrie's "Aunt Flo" is in town and she's freaking out!
Chris Hargensen: Are you serious?
Tina Blake: Yes! Come on!
Chris Hargensen: Oh my God!
[girls follow Chris and Tina to showers]
Girl in Locker Room: [to Carrie] Did you get your period?
Girls in Locker Room: [chanting] Period. Period. Period...

Chris Hargensen: [about Carrie] God, I hate her!

Miss Desjarden: You're ugly, let's see how ugly all of you are!
Chris Hargensen: You can't talk to us like that, my dad's a lawyer!
Miss Desjarden: Shut up! Open your mouth one more time, and I'll plug you up!

Chris Hargensen: I mean she practically talked me into getting Botox last year!
Carrie White: Maybe she thought you needed it.