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Danglars (Character)
from The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

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The Count of Monte Cristo (1934)
Danglars: I'm tried of playing second fiddle to Rothschild, Laurenti and Monte Cristo! From now on when we meet, I want THEM to take their hats off first!

Danglars: [after Dantes has been taken away to the Chateau d'If] Will you want me anymore, sir?
Raymond de Villefort Jr.: No.
Danglars: Not for the trial?
Raymond de Villefort Jr.: He's had his trial.

The Count of Monte-Cristo (1975) (TV)
[at Danglar's office; Edmond handles a statue of a head]
Edmond Dantes: I am impressed by this head of Imhotep.
Danglars: Imhotep? Yeas, sure...
[gives Edmond a smaller statue]
Danglars: How about this one, mister?
Edmond Dantes: Very ingenious fake.

Danglars: This is impossible...
Girard: It is an official telegram, sir.
Danglars: "King Don Carlos has taken Spain under control. Civil war is in force." War? What does it have to do with the bonds?
Girard: If I would suggest...
Danglars: Well suggest, suggest, SUGGEST!
Girard: Sell everything as quick as possible.
Danglars: Yes, indeed! Sell every bond!
Girard: The moment the exchange opens.
Danglars: My reputation, the reputation of the bank! I invested my customers' money on a civil war! Are we losing our customers? Do you have any more suggestions?
Girard: Yes. Make good all your losses.
Danglars: Yes... From bank reserves?
Girard: From your own.
Danglars: Are you insane?

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
Danglar: You presume to demote me?
Morell: Not at all. You're still the first mate of the Pharaon, under Captain Dantes.

Danglar: [while he is about to be hanged by Monte Cristo from a ship's plank, holding onto Cristo's coat] Who are you?
Edmond: I'm the Count of Monte Cristo...
Edmond: But my friends call me Edmond Dantes!
Danglar: [in full realisation] Dantes...
Edmond: [Edmond knocks away Danglar's hands, hanging him, walks away calmly and speaks to the chief Gendarme] Cut him down before he can't talk...