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Quotes for
Orlando (Character)
from Crank (2006)

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Crank (2006)
Chev Chelios: I know what I'm going to have to do.
Orlando: What's that?
Chev Chelios: I'm going to have to kick some black ass.

Orlando: Hey dude, what's the matter with you?
Chev Chelios: Look, just give me some coke. You got any coke?
Orlando: Okay, now you're just gonna come up here and insult me...
Chev Chelios: Come on, I don't have time. Just give me something, I'm really dying here.
Orlando: I can see that.
Chev Chelios: You don't understand, I'm really fucking dying.
Orlando: You saying this is medicinal use coke, is that what you're saying?
Chev Chelios: That's right.
Orlando: Well...
Chev Chelios: What?
Orlando: This shit ain't free nigga.

Chev Chelios: [hears Orlando's voice from Asian man in elevator] Orlando?
Orlando: You a persistent motherfucker, Chev Chelios. I'll give you that. They pop you and you just keep getting up?
Chev Chelios: I'm the Terminator.

Orlando: [to gangbangers in men's room] Now just - just be still. Ya'll act like them Somalian niggas.

Orlando: Hey, there's a white nigger with a gun up in here! Just be still motherfuckers!