Dr. Nation McKinley
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Dr. Nation McKinley (Character)
from Shock Treatment (1981)

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Shock Treatment (1981)
Cosmo, Nation: [singing] When Heaven's in the music, Hell is in control. The angels got the voices but the Devil got the rock and roll!

Cosmo McKinley: Romance is not a children's game.
Nation McKinley: But you keep going back; it's driving you insane.

Nation: [singing] I feel the heat from your skin and the stubble on your chin, you're no good/
Cosmo: You're no good/
Nation: You've got dirt on your hands and everybody understands you're no good/
Cosmo: You're no good/
Nation: Oh, what a joke/
Cosmo: What a joke/
Nation: You feel like choking/You play for broke/
Cosmo: Play for broke/
Nation: He leaves you smoking/
Cosmo: Oh, romance is not a children's game/
Nation: But you keep going back/It's driving you insane/

Cosmo, Nation, Nurse Ansalong, 'Rest Home' Ricky: [singing] You're not just lookin' at a fast-food king/Just another well-known face/You're not lookin' at the king of anything/
Farley Flavors: I'm gonna shoot for the moon/I'm gonna play high noon/I'm gonna take on the entire human race/
Cosmo, Nation, Nurse Ansalong, 'Rest Home' Ricky: You're not looking at a king/
Farley Flavors: You're looking at an ace...

Cosmo McKinley: [singing] I'm not a locum with motive to suture myself. I've been a cynic for too many years. Playing doctor and nurse, it can be good for your health. I've seen clinics with those gimmicks in Tangiers.
Nation McKinley: But if you open your heart to a smooth operator, he'll take you for all that you've got. He'll hand you a curse that'll be with you later. It'll shake you the way he takes off... like a shot.

Cosmo McKinley: How dare this person take advantage of my weakness!
Nation McKinley: I don't think he intends to go *that* far.
[she and Bert chuckle]

Nation: This could be worse than the old series.
Cosmo: In the old series, we never had a convertible.
[flashes the keys]

Nation: [Bert is peeping at Janet showering] Bert! So nice to see you up and about. Care to join me in a non-sex act?