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Quotes for
'Rest Home' Ricky (Character)
from Shock Treatment (1981)

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Shock Treatment (1981)
Cosmo, Nation, Nurse Ansalong, 'Rest Home' Ricky: [singing] You're not just lookin' at a fast-food king/Just another well-known face/You're not lookin' at the king of anything/
Farley Flavors: I'm gonna shoot for the moon/I'm gonna play high noon/I'm gonna take on the entire human race/
Cosmo, Nation, Nurse Ansalong, 'Rest Home' Ricky: You're not looking at a king/
Farley Flavors: You're looking at an ace...

Bert Schnick: Hey, folks, it's Ricky from the Rest Home!
'Rest Home' Ricky: Hey, Bert!
Bert Schnick: Hey, Ricky.
'Rest Home' Ricky: I've come for Mr. Majors.
Bert Schnick: Brad will learn how to care in the surgical chair!
'Rest Home' Ricky: [to Janet] Nothing serious, I hope?
Janet Majors: Oh, no, just a routine checkup.
Bert Schnick: Just a "routine checkup," eh, viewers?

'Rest Home' Ricky: This could be the start of a whole new career.

'Rest Home' Ricky: Legs like mine were meant for dancin'. Oh, look what I did to my Id!