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Janet Weiss (Character)
from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
Riff Raff: Hello.
Brad: Hi! My name is Brad Majors, and this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss. I wonder if you'd mind helping us. You see, our car broke down a few miles up the road. Do you have a phone we might use?
Riff Raff: You're wet.
Janet: Yes, it's raining.
Brad: Yes.
Riff Raff: Yes... I think perhaps you better both come inside.
Janet: You're too kind. Oh, Brad, I'm frightened. What kind of a place is this?
Brad: Oh, it's probably some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos.
Janet: Oh.
Riff Raff: This way.
Janet: Are you having a party?
Riff Raff: You've arrived on a rather special night. It's one of the master's affairs.
Janet: Oh, lucky him.
Magenta: You're lucky, he's lucky, I'm lucky, we're all lucky! Ha ha ha...

Janet: What have you done to Brad?
Frank: Nothing. Why, do you think I should?

Frank: Oh, I just love success!
Riff Raff: He's a credit to your genius, Master.
Frank: Yes!
Magenta: A triumph of your will.
Frank: Yes!
Columbia: He's okay!
Frank: Okay? Okay? I think we can do better than that! Well, Brad and Janet, what do you think of him?
Janet: Well, I don't like men with too many muscles.
Frank: I didn't make him for you! He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval!

Janet: [singing] Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me / I wanna be dirty! Chill me, thrill me, fulfill me / Creature of the night!

Frank: Enchanté. Well! How nice. And what charming underclothes you both have. But here. Put these on. They'll make you feel less... vulnerable. It's not often we receive visitors here, let alone offer them... hospitality.
Brad: Hospitality? All we wanted to do was to use your telephone, goddammit, a reasonable request which you've chosen to ignore!
Janet: Brad, don't be ungrateful.
Brad: Ungrateful!
Frank: How forceful you are, Brad. Such a perfect specimen of manhood. So... dominant.

Dr. Everett Scott: Janet!
Janet: Dr. Scott!
Brad: Janet!
Janet: Brad!
Frank: Rocky!
[Rocky grunts]
Dr. Everett Scott: Janet!
Janet: Dr. Scott!
Brad: Janet!
Janet: Brad!
Frank: Rocky!
[Rocky grunts]

Janet: You killed them!
Magenta: But I thought you liked them. They liked you.

Janet: If only we were amongst friends... or sane persons!

Frank: I don't want no dissension. Just dynamic tension.
Janet: I'm a muscle fan.

Janet: Brad, please, let's get out of here.
Brad: For God's sake, keep a grip on it, Janet.
Janet: But it seems so unhealthy here.
Brad: It's just a party, Janet.
Janet: Well, I wanna go!
Brad: Well we can't go back to the car unless we get to a phone.
Janet: Well, ask the butler or someone!
Brad: Just a moment, Janet. We don't want to interfere with their celebration.
Janet: This isn't the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Brad!

Janet: [singing] There's a light, over at the Frankenstein place.

Janet: [whispering] Say something!
Brad: Say! Any of you guys know how to Madison?

Frank: Magenta. Columbia. Go and assist Riff Raff. I will entertain... err...
[chortles, extending hand to Brad]
Frank: ...?
Brad: Brad Majors.
[Shakes hands firmly]
Brad: This is my fiancee, Janet Vice.
Janet: Weiss!
Brad: Weiss.
[Clears throat]
Frank: Enchanté.
Janet: [Giggles]

Janet: You're a hotdog!

Shock Treatment (1981)
Janet Majors: [singing] If that's not enough, then I'm/So sorry I met you, it was almost like leading you on/But there's more to it all/Than just ringing your heart out over something/That keeps on going wrong/So don't tell me you love me/How am I supposed to know what that means?/No, don't sell emotion/You can't buy devotion if you're falling apart at the seams...

Janet Majors: Hi, Brad. I've just come to tell you how fabulous I am.

Janet Majors: I need some young blood, I need some young blood. I need it now!

Brad Majors, Janet Majors: [in song] Some people do it for each other.
Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt: Some people do it for their lover.
Brad Majors, Janet Majors: Some people do it for improvement.
Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt: Some people do it for the movement.
Brad Majors, Janet Majors: Some people do it for enjoyment.
Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt: Some people do it for employment.
Brad Majors, Janet Majors, Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt: But, we're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it no matter how the wind is blowing. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it. We just gotta keep going.

Emily Weiss: [about Brad Majors] Thank God he was born an orphan. It would have killed his parents. And thank goodness he didn't end up like that Slibstrini boy.
Harry Weiss: What are you talking about? Danny Slibstrini's a chip of the old block. Why, I played 18 holes of golf with his father just last week and Hank says that Danny's moved to New York to better himself.
Emily Weiss: He moved all right. And they found him in the back of Wilson's bakery, naked, with fifteen other men.
Janet Majors: [with a look of confirmation] Mexicans.
Harry Weiss: [Looks disguted] I'm gonna catch up on a few jobs that need doing outside.
[Harry storms out, slamming the door]
Announcer: [voice-over] We return to Dentonvale after this important message.
Emily Weiss: You shouldn't have said that.
Janet Majors: But why?
Emily Weiss: Your father doesn't like Mexicans.

Janet Majors: Why did you tell not to sign now?
Nurse Ansalong: That way, you get the first day free.

Janet Majors: [in song] Well...! First you go rip, rip, rip/Then you go snip, snip, snip/Then you whip in a zip, zip, zip/And split it up to the hip, hip, hip/And as you strip, strip, strip/You quiver and shiver for that soft caress/As you slip, slip, slip/Into that little black dress.

Bert Schnick: Hey, folks, it's Ricky from the Rest Home!
'Rest Home' Ricky: Hey, Bert!
Bert Schnick: Hey, Ricky.
'Rest Home' Ricky: I've come for Mr. Majors.
Bert Schnick: Brad will learn how to care in the surgical chair!
'Rest Home' Ricky: [to Janet] Nothing serious, I hope?
Janet Majors: Oh, no, just a routine checkup.
Bert Schnick: Just a "routine checkup," eh, viewers?

Janet Majors: Who are you?
Oscar Drill: The band.
Janet Majors: Do you have any friends?
Oscar Drill: Sure.
Janet Majors: You won't have soon.
[they give her confused looks]
Janet Majors: What are you called, your... band?
Glish Davidson: Oscar Drill and the Bits!
Janet Majors: [groaning, rolling her eyes] Ohhh...

Janet Majors: Hi, Brad, I've just come to tell you how fabulous I am.

Rocky Horror Show Live (2015)
Frank-N-Furter: Unlock a mind, unmind a lock. It's the same as the beginning of the end. Do you follow?
Janet: No.
Brad: It's an anagram, Janet.