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Det. James Van Der Zee (Character)
from One Hour Photo (2002)

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One Hour Photo (2002)
Detective James Van Der Zee: How did he react?
Bill Owens: I fire a lot of people, and most get pretty upset. And he got pretty upset. Surely you're taking this seriously?
Detective James Van Der Zee: Yes - we take it VERY seriously.

Detective James Van Der Zee: [Sy sits alone handcuffed in a sterile police interrogation room, door buzzes and Van Der Zee walks in] We processed the roll of film we found in your bag, Mr. Parrish. They're not very pretty pictures. Also, you left the camera in the hotel. We processed that roll as well.
Sy Parrish: Can I see them?
Detective James Van Der Zee: That's not a courtesy, Mr. Parrish. This is evidence.
Sy Parrish: Do you guys have your own lab or do you have to send it out?
Detective James Van Der Zee: We have a lab.
Detective James Van Der Zee: Your legal aide should be here within 30 minutes or so. Now you understand you don't have to talk to me until she gets here if you don't want to. You know that, Sy?
[Sy nods and affirms]
Detective James Van Der Zee: Good. Sy, can I ask you one question?
Sy Parrish: Sure.
Detective James Van Der Zee: What was it about William Yorkin that upset you so? I mean, what did he do to provoke all of this?

Sy Parrish: Are you a family man, Detective?
Detective James Van Der Zee: That's none of your business, Sy.
Sy Parrish: You're right, it's not. But I can see by your response and the ring on your finger that you are. That makes you a fortunate man. I can also tell be the way you've treated me so far that you're a good man, and that you appreciate your good fortune. You're not the kind of man who would cheat on his wife, hurt his family, abuse their trust.
Sy Parrish: You would never neglect or abuse your children.
[chokes up]
Sy Parrish: Make horrible demands of them. You would never ask... You would never ask your children to do things... things that children shouldn't do.
Sy Parrish: You would never take disgusting, sick, degrading pictures of your children doing these things!
[implying that Sy was molested by his parents as a child and it was photographed]
Sy Parrish: You would never treat your children like animals.
[calms down a little]
Sy Parrish: Will Yorkin had it all and he threw it away. He is not a good father.
Detective James Van Der Zee: I... well, I think I understand now, Sy.
Sy Parrish: Could I have my pictures now?