Will Yorkin
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Will Yorkin (Character)
from One Hour Photo (2002)

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One Hour Photo (2002)
Will Yorkin: How - How do you think we pay for all this?
Nina Yorkin: I'm just asking you. What do you think...
Will Yorkin: there's a money fairy that comes and slips an envelope under my pillow every month?
Nina Yorkin: What are you even talkin' about?
Will Yorkin: Well... well, how... all of this stuff... the new Mercedes, the matching washer and dryer... the fucking Jil Sander blouse you have on now - how? I love you, Nina. I do... but if you continually want our life to look like something out of a magazine, I'm sorry. I've gotta work to make that happen.
Nina Yorkin: Do you even believe what you're saying, huh? This is not about things, Will... and it's not about money. You're neglectful. Do you understand that?
Will Yorkin: What?
Nina Yorkin: You are an emotionally neglectful husband... and you're an emotionally neglectful father. Got it now?
Will Yorkin: That's just fuckin' great. Neglectful?
Nina Yorkin: You're not here, Will. You're not here. You're never here. I'm going to bed.