Candy Kendall
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Candy Kendall (Character)
from The Cider House Rules (1999)

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The Cider House Rules (1999)
Homer Wells: I've never actually seen a lobster.
Candy Kendall: Are you serious?
Homer Wells: I've never seen the ocean either.
Wally Worthington: You've never seen the ocean? That's not funny, that's serious.

Candy Kendall: He volunteered. Jesus. Nobody volunteers for the Burma run. He said so himself. He just leaves me here. What does he want? He wants me to wait for him? Oh, God he knows me. He knows I'm not good at being alone. This was right. I know this was right.
Homer Wells: You're right. This was right.
Candy Kendall: Yeah.

Candy Kendall: I know what's going on Rose. Homer told me. You don't know this, but I got pregnant about a year ago. Do you want to have this baby? No? Who's the father? Does he know? If you don't want to have this baby, Homer and I will take you to a place. It's safe. He knows this doc...
Rose Rose: I can't go nowhere.
Candy Kendall: Why? Rose, listen to me. You can tell me. It's ok.
[Rose starts crying]
Arthur Rose: Morning.
Candy Kendall: Morning, Mr. Rose.
Arthur Rose: I'm gonna be up top, ok?
[Rose gestures to Arthur as the father of her baby]

[Candy is sitting on a dock: inconsolable after receiving the news about Wally]
Homer: Just tell me. I'll do whatever you wanna do.
Candy Kendall: Nothing.
Homer: Isn't that like waiting and seeing?
Candy Kendall: No. Nothing's nothing. I want Wally to come home. I'm afraid to see him too.
Homer: I know.
[Homer starts to put him arm around her and pull her close]
Candy Kendall: Oh, don't do that, Homer.
[Dejected, he puts both hands in his own lap]
Candy Kendall: I just want to sit here and do nothing.
Homer: To do nothing. It's a great idea, really. Maybe if I just wait and see long enough, then I won't have to do anything or decide anything, you know? I mean, maybe if I'm lucky enough, someone else will decide and choose and do things for me.
Candy Kendall: What are you talking about?
Homer: But then again, maybe I won't be that lucky. And it's not my fault. It's not your fault. And that's just it. Someone's gonna get hurt, and it's no one's fault.
Candy Kendall: I don't want to talk about this.
Homer: If we just sit here and, we wait and see a little longer, then maybe you won't to choose, and I won't have to *do* anything!
Candy Kendall: What do you want from me? Wally's been shot down. He's paralyzed. What do you want me to do?
Homer: Nothing. I'm sorry. You're not the one who has to do anything.