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Franoise (Character)
from The Beach (2000/I)

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The Beach (2000/I)
Françoise: Richard, this is just the kind of pretentious bullshit that Americans always say to French girls so they can sleep with them.

Etienne: One kilometer.
Françoise: Two.
Etienne: Richard?
Richard: I dunno; I'm American.
Etienne: So?
Richard: I think in miles, not kilometers.
Etienne: Okay, so how many miles do you think it is?
Richard: I dunno, but it looks like a long way away.

Richard: Oh, God!
Etienne: Putain de merde!
Etienne: Well?
Richard: Well, what?
Etienne: How do we get down?
Richard: How do we get down? How am I supposed to know? Do I have to decide everything now?
Françoise: We'll jump.
Etienne: Fuck! You wanted to be in command, Richard.
Richard: I only took command, because you lost your nerve, French boy!
Etienne: Yeah, and look where you've taken us !
[Large shot on the waterfall]

Françoise: What are you talking about?
Richard: Just making conversation.
Françoise: Do you have a girlfriend?
Richard: Here?
Françoise: Anywhere.
Richard: No, why?
Françoise: Just making conversation.