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Inspector Karl Lohmann (Character)
from The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933)

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The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933)
Inspector Lohmann: [during a shoot-out] I'm getting fed up with this!

[first lines]
Inspector Lohmann: "Magic Fire Music," old man.
Inspector Lohmann: You know that one, Müller? That's from "Die Walküre". Those are the girls who carry dead police inspectors directly up to heaven from the Alexanderplatz with a "Hey ho." On horseback.

Prof. Dr. Baum: No one has any idea what kind of phenomenal, superhuman mind has come to an end with Dr. Mabuse's death. This mind would have laid waste to our whole rotten world, which is long overdue for destruction. This godless world, devoid of justice and compassion, consisting only of selfishness, cruelty and hatred. This mind would have destroyed mankind, which itself knows only destruction and extermination and which could only have been saved in its final hour through terror and horror.
Inspector Lohmann: Mabuse the criminal?
Prof. Dr. Baum: Mabuse the genius!

Inspector Lohmann: Look and see if you have any police record for Dr. Baum. Baum - Bertha, Anna, Ulrich, Max.

Inspector Lohmann: If I'm on the right track now, I'm gonna get high as a kite tonight!

Inspector Lohmann: [Last lines] Come, my boy. There's nothing left to do here for a mere police inspector.

M (1931)
Inspector Karl Lohmann: Good God! The window sill!

Inspector Karl Lohmann: In the name of the law.

The Return of Dr. Mabuse (1961)
Kommissar Lohmann: It's not the web I want, it's the spider.