Aaron Thibadeaux
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Aaron Thibadeaux (Character)
from Entrapment (1999)

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Entrapment (1999)
Aaron Thibadeaux: Well, this looks like the end of a terrible friendship.

Aaron Thibadeaux: Wanna tell me why my Jaguar looks like you drove it off a fuckin' cliff?
Mac: Thibadeaux, I'm awfully sorry.
Aaron Thibadeaux: You own me 140 G's.
Mac: How about a $40 million Chinese mask?

Aaron Thibadeaux: Where's the honey?
Mac: In the loch, training. I told her I swim for an hour everyday; so, she'll do it for two.
Aaron Thibadeaux: So, when is it we do the dirty?
Mac: Maybe we should wait a bit. She's got a bigger job after this one.
Aaron Thibadeaux: This is big enough, Mac.
Mac: It's never big enough.