Robert MacDougal
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Robert MacDougal (Character)
from Entrapment (1999)

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Entrapment (1999)
Mac: It's impossible. But doable.

Gin: You stole my suitcase?
Mac: I'm a thief. So sue me.

Gin: I said this is called entrapment.
Mac: No, actually it's called blackmail. Entrapment is what cops do to thieves.

Mac: Rule number one: never carry a gun. If you carry a gun you may be tempted to use it.
Gin: What are you doing here?
Mac: I'm going to ask you some questions. If I don't like your answers, you're going out the window. Why are you following me?
Gin: I've got a proposition for you.
Mac: How do I know that you're not a cop?
Gin: I-I don't know. You-You're just going to have to trust me.
Mac: Rule number two: never trust a naked woman.

Mac: I have absolutely no reason to believe anything you say.
Gin: But you want to.

Gin: Look what you've done to that beautiful car!
Mac: Thank God it's not mine.

Gin: Is all this paid for?
Mac: With blood.

Mac: In order for there to be complete trust between thieves, there can be nothing personal.

Mac: We'll either both get caught or both get dead.

Gin: I'm not who you think I am, Mac.
Mac: I hope not. For your sake.

Mac: What's the job?
Gin: Like the wise man said: first we try then we trust.

Mac: I'm never late. If I'm late it's because I'm dead.

Mac: You know what they say about fear. The only remedy is to cut off the head.

Mac: You are the most beautiful crook I've ever seen.
Gin: Why, thank you kind sir.

Mac: I don't like surprises.
Gin: Trust me, there won't be any.
Mac: Trust me, there always are surprises.

Gin: I give you the world's tallest building.
Mac: And we're going to steal it?

Mac: Now time stands still - hopefully.

Mac: This is it? Whatever happened to money? I mean where is the good old-fashioned loot?

Mac: Believe me, I was prepared for everything - except you.

Mac: Give me the spanner!
Gin: The what?
Mac: The wrench!

Aaron Thibadeaux: Wanna tell me why my Jaguar looks like you drove it off a fuckin' cliff?
Mac: Thibadeaux, I'm awfully sorry.
Aaron Thibadeaux: You own me 140 G's.
Mac: How about a $40 million Chinese mask?

Mac: Has there ever been anyone you couldn't manipulate, beguile or seduce?
Gin: No.

Gin: I stole the Rembrandt.
Gin: Mac! I stole the Rembrandt.
Mac: ...and I painted the Sistine Chapel.
Gin: Oh come on! Ask me how I did it.
Mac: So how'd you do it?
Gin: I came in from the roof. I dropped twenty floors down on a McNeel descender.
Mac: Well, you must be one hell of a climber.
Gin: I am a hell of a climber.
[begins to scale the side of the room]
Gin: I am, one, hell of a climber.

[a train passes and Gin appears on the opposite platform]
Mac: How did you do it?
Gin: I jumped trains mid-station. When the train slowed down I just... It was perfect.
Mac: Was it now?
Gin: [starts walking along the platform] You know what, Mac? I don't want to hold the record alone.
Mac: No?
Gin: I need your help on another job.
Mac: Wow. The crown jewels or something?
Gin: [smiling] No! Come on! Too easy.

[last lines]
[a train passes and Mac disappears off the opposite platform]
Gin: [calls] Mac?
Gin: Mac.
Gin: Mac!
Mac: [appears behind Gin] What?
Gin: [turns around smiling] So what do you think?
Mac: About what?
Gin: About my idea?
Mac: [gives it quick thought] It's doable.
[Gin grabs Mac and he embraces her; another train passes and they disappear off the platform, appearing on board the train]

Gin: Where do you sleep?
Mac: Why?
Gin: Just in case I need anything.

Aaron Thibadeaux: Where's the honey?
Mac: In the loch, training. I told her I swim for an hour everyday; so, she'll do it for two.
Aaron Thibadeaux: So, when is it we do the dirty?
Mac: Maybe we should wait a bit. She's got a bigger job after this one.
Aaron Thibadeaux: This is big enough, Mac.
Mac: It's never big enough.

Gin: [Putting a rose boutineer in Mac's tux lapel] So I'll recognize you. I wouldn't want to go home with a wrong man by mistake now, would I?
Mac: It is a masked ball. We all go - as someone else.

Mac: Happy millennium!
Gin: That was - perfect.