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Kitty Russell (Character)
from "Gunsmoke" (1955)

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Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987) (TV)
Dr. Galen Adams: Kitty, I know this has been harder on you then anybody. He's going to be all right. I promise.
Kitty Russell: What about next time, Doc? What can you promise me about that?

Matt Dillon: I was wonderin' if you were going to come to say goodbye.
Kitty Russell: I was wonderin' too. It isn't easy.
Matt Dillon: No, Kitty, it isn't.
Kitty Russell: Matt, I-I don't you want to think... Well, it isn't that it's...
Matt Dillon: Kitty, we've never needed explanations, have we?
Kitty Russell: No. Goodbye, Matt
Matt Dillon: Goodbye, Kitty

Matt Dillon: You know, Kitty, it's really been good seeing you again. Maybe when all this is over and I get back...
[his sentence is incomplete as Kitty responds]
Kitty Russell: I'll be here.
[as Matt closes the door behind him]
Kitty Russell: Aren't I always?

Kitty Russell: No woman ever loved a man more than I loved Matt Dillon.

Matt Dillon: Glad ya came. You're lookin' great.
Kitty Russell: You cut that out.
Matt Dillon: What?
Kitty Russell: You listen to me, cowboy. I've got you out from underneath my fingernails and you're gonna stay out. Do you hear me?
Matt Dillon: Yes, ma'am... Kitty, I understand the rules and all, but it doesn't mean we can't still be friends, does it?
Kitty Russell: Friends? Friends? I'm staying at the Long Branch while I'm in town, so when you feel up to it, I might even buy you a beer.

"Gunsmoke: Kitty's Love Affair (#19.6)" (1973)
Kitty Russell: I need some answers. The scales are getting out of whack. It's hard to throw away eighteen years.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Yeah.
Kitty Russell: I know what that badge means to you, to this town, to everyone, but I'm thinking of us. I was just a kid when we met, Matt, and I was gonna live forever. I knew how things had to be with us and it was all right, but I thought that someday, some far off someday, that things would change. Well, Matt, my somedays are almost gone. I guess what I'm asking is for you to tell me to say "no" to Will Stambridge.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Kitty, you know how I feel, but that's a decision you're gonna have to make for yourself.

Kitty Russell: You know something, I know a lady that could sure use a drink.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Well, I know a man that's ready to buy.

"Gunsmoke: Tap Day for Kitty (#1.22)" (1956)
Kitty Russell: Well, sometimes a woman can handle women better than a man can.

Marshal Matt Dillon: Took her 20 years and a little buckshot, but she finally landed him.
Kitty Russell: Twenty years. That's an awful long time. I don't know whether I could wait that long. Little buckshot, huh?
Marshal Matt Dillon: Now, wait a minute.
Kitty Russell: What's a matter? You scared?

"Gunsmoke: Custer (#2.3)" (1956)
Kitty Russell: You going to Hays for the trial?
Marshal Matt Dillon: I'll have to.
Kitty Russell: That'll take about a week, I suppose.
Marshal Matt Dillon: About. Why?
Kitty Russell: Nothing. Only you've just been away for ten days.
Marshal Matt Dillon: I have to earn a living, Kitty.
Kitty Russell: You could make more money gambling... right here in Dodge.

"Gunsmoke: Kitty Lost (#3.15)" (1957)
Jim Rackmil: [toasting a drink to Kitty] To a very kind lady.
Kitty Russell: Kind? Well, I've been called a lot of things but that is a new one.

"Gunsmoke: Perce (#7.1)" (1961)
Kitty Russell: Well, it looks like another good night for us.
Chester Goode: Miss Kitty, you must be about the richest woman in the entire world.
Kitty Russell: You think I'd be working if I was rich?
Chester Goode: You'll always be working... You couldn't quit. Not even if you got married.
Kitty Russell: I'd like to have the choice, Chester. I'd like that very much, at least.
Chester Goode: Why, you could get married anytime you wanted. Any man'd be a fool not to have you.
Kitty Russell: [looking up] Here comes one now.
[Matt enters the saloon]

"Gunsmoke: Bad Lady from Brookline (#10.32)" (1965)
Kitty: [after hearing Molly sings 'Silver Threads among the Gold' a slow ballad] You have a real nice voice.
Molly McConnell: Thank you.
Kitty: But my customer don't lean to that kind of music.
Molly McConnell: What do you mean?
Kitty: Well, their a real rough bunch and they come in here to drink and look at the pretty girls and laugh and...
Molly McConnell: Well maybe I can try something else.
Townsman: [piano player] How about this one ma'am.
Molly McConnell: [reading title with shock] 'I tore my cotton breeches on the Mason-Dixon line' ohhh.
Kitty: We're stay with 'Silver Threads among the Gold'.

"Gunsmoke: Annie Oakley (#5.6)" (1959)
Matt Dillon: [Kitty going to drink coffee instead of beer] Boy, you sure changed your ways.
Kitty: Oh... you ever known me to drink anything before dark?
Matt Dillon: Well, only on cloudy days when you got confused.
Kitty: Oh your funny.

"Gunsmoke: Greater Love (#2.10)" (1956)
Matt Dillon: [Kitty is worried about not seeing Doc in a few days] No, no Doc's alright, Kitty.
Kitty: Where is he?
Matt Dillon: He's out in the country trying to keep an outlaw alive so we can hang him.
Kitty: Oh, that's nice.

"Gunsmoke: Speak Me Fair (#5.34)" (1960)
Traych: It's a fine thing when the law waste it's time with Indians and dance hall girls, when an honest rancher is getting robbed.
Kitty Russell: [as Traych walks out] It takes all kinds.

"Gunsmoke: Vengeance: Part 1 (#13.4)" (1967)
Kitty: [at the social] How about some punch, Louie?
Louie Pheeters: Thank you, Miss Kitty.
Louie Pheeters: PUNCH?
Kitty: Yes, Fruit punch.
Louie Pheeters: I thought it was punch punch.
Kitty: Wait a minutes,
[pours some whiskey in the cup]
Kitty: Here some punch punch, Louie.

"Gunsmoke: Smoking Out the Nolans (#1.7)" (1955)
Marshal Matt Dillon: You're looking pretty tonight, Kitty.
Kitty Russell: How is it you never tell me that in the daytime?

"Gunsmoke: Old Flame (#5.37)" (1960)
Kitty Russell: Let me tell you something, Matt. I'm a pretty good judge of men, but I'm a mighty good judge of women. And I'll bet you a... a barrel of whiskey that this Dolly Winters is not what she's pretending to be.

"Gunsmoke: Daddy-O (#2.36)" (1957)
[to her father]
Kitty Russell: You're too late. I'm not quitting for you or anybody else. I've had it too rough to give up everything now that I've got a chance to live decently and to be somebody... You offer me help the first time in my life I don't need it.

"Gunsmoke: Saludos (#5.8)" (1959)
Kitty Russell: [looks down sadly at traumatized Sochi] Well, hanging's too good for whoever did this!
Marshal Matt Dillon: Yeah, but it'll do for a start.

"Gunsmoke: Uncle Oliver (#2.35)" (1957)
Kitty Russell: [talking about Viney] You didn't do him justice, Matt. It would take two of him to be simple minded.

"Gunsmoke: New Doctor in Town (#17.5)" (1971)
[reading Doc's farewell letter]
Kitty Russell: Living in Dodge has been the most rewarding experience of my life, but I've been so out of touch with modern medicine that when I arrived in Baltimore I felt like a schoolboy. I suddenly realized how little I know about medicine and how much has passed me by in the last twenty years... and that's why I've decided to stay on here at the university.
[Kitty, overcome with emotion, hands the letter to Newly to read]
Newly O'Brien: This letter is the only way I know of to tell you my decision. I'll be gone from Dodge for a while. I don't know for how long, but it will not be forever. I will be back... and I'll think of you very often. I pray all of you will remember with affection, your old friend, Doc.

"Gunsmoke: Song for Dying (#10.21)" (1965)
Matt Dillon: [Matt in the office waiting for the Luken's family to arrive and hears a knock at the door] Kitty! I thought I told you to stay off the streets.
Kitty Russell: Your always telling somebody something. I brought you some food.

"Gunsmoke: Widow's Mite (#3.35)" (1958)
Kitty: Oh, you're just suspicious of everybody.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Maybe that's why I'm still alive.

"Gunsmoke: The Blacksmith (#6.2)" (1960)
Kitty Russell: [Doc is buying drinks for a couple going to marry] Well Doc, if this is what it takes to get you to spend some money I'm gonna start promoting some more marriages around this town.
Doc: Well sure I'm in favor of that. Why... Why don't you start with Chester there? He's ready. He's over ripe.
Chester Goode: That's better than being all pruned up like some people I know.
Kitty Russell: Laughing
Chester Goode: Oh, don't laugh at him.

"Gunsmoke: The Jailer (#12.3)" (1966)
Matt Dillon: [waiting to be killed by the family] Kitty, I'm sorry you got mixed up in this. You should have gotten out of here, by yourself, when you had the chance.
Kitty: And leave you here! Not on your life! Or is that a bad joke?

"Gunsmoke: Quint's Trail (#9.7)" (1963)
Chester: I'm gonna head up a wagon train, scout ahead, find the water and get the camp site and such as that.
Kitty: Are you serious?
Chester: I'm just not all chuckles and smiles, I've got a sober side.

"Gunsmoke: Magnus (#1.12)" (1955)
Kitty Russell: Guess who just tried to run us down outside?
Olive: Who?
Kitty Russell: Old Lucifer Jones
Olive: Now, what's he doing in town?
Kitty Russell: I don't know. Somebody must've told him that tomorrow's Christmas Eve. He probably came gunning for Santa Claus!

"Gunsmoke: Dry Road to Nowhere (#10.28)" (1965)
Kitty: Oh, if I were a man I'd break you in half.
Dingo: If you was a man it'd sure be a waste.

"Gunsmoke: Honor Before Justice (#11.24)" (1966)
Kitty: [with most busy Doc has no one to talk with] Look, why don't you go on down to the Long Branch and talk with Sam. He's there.
Doc: I don't want to talk with Sam.
Kitty: Why not?
Doc: Well, he's not a pretty as you are.

"Gunsmoke: Laughing Gas (#3.29)" (1958)
Miss Kitty: [Sitting together in the Long Branch] What is it, anyhow?
Doc: Oh, well, it's nitrous oxide. It's a... it's an anesthetic is what it is. It's also an intoxicant, and pretty dangerous if you get too much of it.
Miss Kitty: Well in other words, you don't recommend that we start using it here instead of whiskey, huh?
Marshal Matt Dillon: Listen, the whiskey you serve here is dangerous enough.
Miss Kitty: Oh? Except when it's on the house!

"Gunsmoke: Dead Man's Law (#13.17)" (1968)
Kitty Russell: You said yourself that you didn't see who did it.
Sam Noonan: Is there any doubt?
Kitty Russell: There isn't any proof either.
Sam Noonan: I'll make sure that works both ways.
Kitty Russell: When's it going to stop?
Sam Noonan: Somebody's got to do it.

"Gunsmoke: Mannon (#14.17)" (1969)
Kitty Russell: Will Mannon rode Ruth into town about five hours ago.
Festus Haggen: Will Mannon!
Kitty Russell: He's down at the Long Branch right now.
Festus Haggen: You want to talk about a fast gun hand? If you was to take a snake's tongue's grease it and tie it to a bolt of lightning you couldn't get nothing as fast as his gun hand!