Chester Goode
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Chester Goode (Character)
from "Gunsmoke" (1955)

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"Gunsmoke: The Blacksmith (#6.2)" (1960)
Doc: By golly, I tell you- this calls for a bit of a celebration I think. And I'll by the drinks too.
Chester Goode: Well Glory- be!
Doc: First Round, I mean. First Round.
Chester Goode: Oh yeah.

Kitty Russell: [Doc is buying drinks for a couple going to marry] Well Doc, if this is what it takes to get you to spend some money I'm gonna start promoting some more marriages around this town.
Doc: Well sure I'm in favor of that. Why... Why don't you start with Chester there? He's ready. He's over ripe.
Chester Goode: That's better than being all pruned up like some people I know.
Kitty Russell: Laughing
Chester Goode: Oh, don't laugh at him.

"Gunsmoke: Perce (#7.1)" (1961)
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: If I'd known you were coming, I'd have left something, Chester
Chester Goode: I was only trying to figure out what you had to eat.
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: You could ask me.
Chester Goode: Oh. Well, what was it?
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: I don't know.
Chester Goode: What!
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: I ordered beef stew, but what they brought me I couldn't say.

Kitty Russell: Well, it looks like another good night for us.
Chester Goode: Miss Kitty, you must be about the richest woman in the entire world.
Kitty Russell: You think I'd be working if I was rich?
Chester Goode: You'll always be working... You couldn't quit. Not even if you got married.
Kitty Russell: I'd like to have the choice, Chester. I'd like that very much, at least.
Chester Goode: Why, you could get married anytime you wanted. Any man'd be a fool not to have you.
Kitty Russell: [looking up] Here comes one now.
[Matt enters the saloon]

"Gunsmoke: Chester's Mail Order Bride (#1.34)" (1956)
Ann: At least I had the decency to send a picture of my own sister.
Chester: Well, I don't have a sister.
Ann: Well that's no excuse.

"Gunsmoke: Kite's Reward (#1.8)" (1955)
Chester Goode: Man that don't work's bound to get into trouble somehow.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Maybe I oughta run you out of town, then.

"Gunsmoke: Ma Tennis (#3.21)" (1958)
Chester: Well Mr Dillon, she has that shotgun right there by her side. Do you see that?
Marshal Matt Dillon: Let's get our hands up make it look like were friendly.
Chester: That... That just makes me a bigger target, that's all.

"Gunsmoke: Custer (#2.3)" (1956)
Chester Goode: All ready to go Mr. Dillon... and I'm so hungry I could eat a whole hog.
Marshal Matt Dillon: This is all the hog you get this morning.
Chester Goode: Is it done?
Marshal Matt Dillon: That depends on how hungry you are.
Chester Goode: It's done.

"Gunsmoke: Smoking Out the Nolans (#1.7)" (1955)
Marshal Matt Dillon: But the fewer people come into Dodge, the less trouble they bring.
Chester Goode: If people didn't come here, you wouldn't have a job.
Marshal Matt Dillon: Hmm. I wouldn't? You think only the people that come here bring trouble?
Chester Goode: Ain't that what you just said?

"Gunsmoke: Bloody Hands (#2.21)" (1957)
Chester Goode: I been thinkin' lately a whole lot about all this and there's just somethin' that you been forgettin'!
Marshal Matt Dillon: That so.
Chester Goode: Yeah, that's so. It's men like Stangler and Brand, 'cause they got to be stopped! That's all. They gotta be! I'd do it if I could, but I can't. I just ain't good enough. Most men ain't, but you are. It's kinda too bad for ya that ya are, but that's the way it is and there ain't a thing in the world you can do about it.

"Gunsmoke: Doc's Revenge (#1.29)" (1956)
Chester: It kind of feels like somebody stuck a butcher knife in there and just turned the handle on me.
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: I'll give you some free advice. Stop puttin' all that salt pork in your stomach and those dried beans, and get some fresh greens in there. That's what you need. And stay out of saloons.
Chester: It don't hurt that bad.

"Gunsmoke: Liar from Blackhawk (#2.38)" (1957)
Ed Davey: I been up in Dakota territory gettin' rich.
Chester Goode: Gettin' rich?
Ed Davey: I left there with twenty dollars - that's the richest I've ever been!

"Gunsmoke: Quint's Trail (#9.7)" (1963)
Chester: I'm gonna head up a wagon train, scout ahead, find the water and get the camp site and such as that.
Kitty: Are you serious?
Chester: I'm just not all chuckles and smiles, I've got a sober side.

"Gunsmoke: Cheap Labor (#2.32)" (1957)
Chester Goode: You just don't realize how little it takes to get yourself killed around here.

"Gunsmoke: The Wake (#6.13)" (1960)
Chester Goode: That's about the cold-bloodiest woman that I ever seen.
Matt Dillon: Well, I think she is hiding something Chester.
Chester Goode: Too bad it ain't her face, if you ask me.
Matt Dillon: Let's go.

"Gunsmoke: Old Yellow Boots (#7.2)" (1961)
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: What's the matter with you this morning?
Chester Goode: I got a pain, Doc, right in there...
[Chester pokes himself in the ribs]
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: Oh, well, why didn't you come upstairs?
Chester Goode: Oh no. Oh no, I couldn't do that.
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: No, you'd rather stand out here in pain all day, wouldn't you. You'd rather hang around hoping to catch me on the fly than come up and make a regular visit.
Chester Goode: Doc, it ain't that. I just couldn't climb them stairs, the shape I'm in.
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: And the pain... it's so bad you couldn't bear to put your hand in your pocket for the two dollars you'll owe me, could you?

"Gunsmoke: Gone Straight (#2.20)" (1957)
Chester Goode: Want me to go with you Mr. Dillon?
Marshal Matt Dillon: No, finish your dinner.

"Gunsmoke: Bently (#9.28)" (1964)
Chester: [Chester's last words, in his final episode, occur in the second to last scene inside the sheriff's office and are spoken to Clara Wright] "Well... Maybe, I'll... I'll take you down to the stage."

"Gunsmoke: Widow's Mite (#3.35)" (1958)
Chester: The smell of money does things to people, even good people.

"Gunsmoke: Magnus (#1.12)" (1955)
Chester Goode: Maybe you can get along better than I can out there on the prairie, but you're a lamb in Dodge and I'm gonna see you slaughtered.