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Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan (Character)
from The Missing (2003/I)

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The Missing (2003/I)
Kayitah: [speaking Chiricahua] Forget the hides. Give us your horses and your guns and we'll call it even.
Samuel: They want our horses and guns.
Maggie: I am not giving over my horses!
[to Kayitah]
Maggie: You understand? You'll have to kill me first!
[turns to Samuel]
Maggie: You tell em... You, you tell em what I said.
Samuel: [speaking Chiricahua] Now look. You pissed her off.

Samuel Jones: You take this money for your children.
Maggie Gilkeson: No, you take it for your funeral.

Lt. Jim Ducharme: I don't know what they were thinking.
Samuel Jones: What makes you think they were thinking?

Samuel Jones: If I stay here very long, I might misbehave. Somebody might have to kill me.

Maggie Gilkeson: You know that Indian name of yours? Wha, what's that, what's that mean?
Samuel Jones: Very hard to translate that.
Maggie Gilkeson: Try it.
Samuel Jones: It means "shit for luck."

Maggie: Why didn't you stay?
Samuel: [long pause] There's an Apache story about a man that woke up one morning and saw a hawk on the wind. Walked outside and never returned. After he died he met his wife in the spirit world. She asked him why he never came home, he said "Well, the hawk kept flying".
Samuel: There's always the next something, Maggie. And that will take a man away.

Samuel: I didn't kill anyone! I said I didn't kill anyone! I am looking for my grand-daughter!
Lieutenant: Then tell me her damn name!
Samuel: I don't *know* her damn name!

Samuel: [about owl watching over a dead man] Some people say that's a sign.
Dot Gilkeson: A good sign or a bad sign?
Samuel: It wasn't too good for that fellow.

Maggie Gilkeson: [On Dot being shocked by her grandfather on Brujos] You're scaring her!
Samuel Jones: [Visible shaken] She needs to be scared... and so do you!

Samuel: I believe in what I see girl... snakes belong on the ground... this one hangs them in the air. A man's heart lies in his chest... this one digs it out and buries it in the ground. I know a Brujo who can put an arrow in you from a mile away, I saw a Brujo lay his hand on a child's head one time... ONE TIME... and that child doubled up cramped up and spewed/spat up white beads... TILL SHE DIED!

Samuel: [Puts beads around his granddaughter on discovering Wittick dead] Here put these on
Dot Gilkeson: [Confused] What are these for
Samuel: Protection... the man who did this was a BRUJO
Dot Gilkeson: [Confused] What's that
Samuel: That's a witch

Maggie Gilkeson: I've never worked on an Indian before
Samuel Jones: [Sarcastically] They have green blood and a pinecone where their heart should be