Magdalena Gilkeson
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Magdalena Gilkeson (Character)
from The Missing (2003/I)

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The Missing (2003/I)
Samuel Jones: You take this money for your children.
Maggie Gilkeson: No, you take it for your funeral.

Maggie Gilkeson: You know that Indian name of yours? Wha, what's that, what's that mean?
Samuel Jones: Very hard to translate that.
Maggie Gilkeson: Try it.
Samuel Jones: It means "shit for luck."

Maggie Gilkeson: [On Dot being shocked by her grandfather on Brujos] You're scaring her!
Samuel Jones: [Visible shaken] She needs to be scared... and so do you!

Maggie Gilkeson: I've never worked on an Indian before
Samuel Jones: [Sarcastically] They have green blood and a pinecone where their heart should be