Noob Saibot
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Noob Saibot (Character)
from "Mortal Kombat: Conquest" (1998)

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"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Noob Saibot (#1.6)" (1998)
Noob Saibot: The time and place of your death will be of my choosing. But know this, you will die.

Noob Saibot: Kung Lao!
Kung Lao: Who are you?
Noob Saibot: Your executioner.

Noob Saibot: A new trifle of yours.
Kiri: As I said, we have no secrets.
Noob Saibot: It was you that sent the two guards that killed the general's guards.
Kiri: Who else?
Noob Saibot: And if Shao Kahn learns you've betrayed him...
Kiri: But I haven't. The Emperor has given me a task, one that we can complete together.
Noob Saibot: You still serve him even though he has banished me from Outworld and forced me to live in that black hell?
Kiri: He does tolerate failure. Nor do I.
Noob Saibot: I have never failed you.
Kiri: On the contrary, you have served me well... in many ways.
Ankha: Who hasn't served you?
Kiri: Now, now, he is an old friend. Who I need now. That is why I sent the mortals to defeat the warriors guarding you.
Noob Saibot: I have traded one prison for another. The Emperor will kill me if I try to return to my realm.
Kiri: No. Earn his favor, return a hero.
Noob Saibot: How so?
Kiri: Kill one man and Shao Kahn will be in your debt.
Noob Saibot: A mortal?
Kiri: Yes.
Noob Saibot: Done.
Kiri: Do not underestimate your challenges. Others have failed.
Noob Saibot: No human is my equal.
Kiri: Hmm. Few of any realm are.
Noob Saibot: What is his name?
Kiri: Kung Lao. When he is dead... perhaps we can celebrate.

Mortal Kombat (2011) (VG)
Noob Saibot: You. You are not worthy of the name Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Who are you to judge?
Noob Saibot: I wore those colors before you.
Sub-Zero: Bi-Han?
Noob Saibot: Yes, Kuai Liang. It is I. Quan Chi restored me.
Sub-Zero: Restored? You and I both. We are flawed copies of our former selves.
Noob Saibot: I have no flaws. Quan Chi has perfected me.
Sub-Zero: For what end? To serve the Netherrealm and Outworld?
Noob Saibot: It suits my purpose.
Sub-Zero: But brother, we...
Noob Saibot: We share blood. We are not brothers.
Sub-Zero: Then I will not regret your defeat.

Noob Saibot: [before he dies as Sub-Zero] That is not me!

Scorpion: [after defeating Cyrax and Sektor] I will have my revenge. But I will not kill Sub-Zero.
Noob Saibot: [as Sub-Zero, coming in] Will not? Or *can* not?
Scorpion: You! The Shirai-Ryu are dead. You will suffer as they did.
Noob Saibot: [as Sub-Zero] To hell with your clan.
Scorpion: No. To hell with *you*!
[Grabs Sub-Zero and brings him to the NetherRealm]