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Kung Lao (Character)
from "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" (2011)

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"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: The Serpent and the Ice (#1.15)" (1999)
Siro: Sub-Zero?
Kung Lao: He disappeared. What about the ones you chased?
Siro: Two less Lin Kueis to worry about.
Rayden: [appears out of thin air] There's plenty more where they came from.
Taja: Yeah, and I'd like to see 'em all dead.

Kung Lao: Anything else you'd like?
Rayden: Tall blonde and a couple of weeks off. But I suppose that's not gonna happen, especially now.

Kung Lao: I don't know if we can stand against the both of them together.
Taja: Stand? We don't stand a chance against those two. We've got to get out of here now.
Siro: And go where?
Taja: At this point, I don't really care.

Siro: We get our hands on every weapon we can and fight.
Kung Lao: But I still don't think we can beat them.
Rayden: You like the alternative?
Taja: Damn it, Rayden. Would you stop being the bearer of doom and help us out here?

Rayden: You're going to meet Sub-Zero's family.
Kung Lao: Yeah. Like you said, get to know the enemy.
Rayden: Well, that's good, the world is about to drop in on your head and you're going off to meet Mommy and Daddy. You think they'll convince their son not to turn you into an ice ball?
Kung Lao: No.
Rayden: Good answer, because you're up to your armpits in trouble, pal.
Kung Lao: Yeah, I know.
Rayden: Sub-Zero *and* Scorpion.
Kung Lao: Got it.
Rayden: On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most trouble, you're an eleven.
Kung Lao: Is that why you came here? To remind me how truly hideous things are?
Rayden: Pretty much.
Kung Lao: You need to get a hobby or something.
Rayden: Have one. It's you.
Kung Lao: Lucky me.
Rayden: Glad you appreciate it. Give my love to the Zeros.

Father: They came that night, years ago. They took my son. But you know that, don't you? Is that monster my son?
Kung Lao: Your son was good.

Kung Lao: Do you think it's possible he's become sort of an ally?
Rayden: Interesting thought. Together you would be a match for almost anything Outworld could throw at you.
Kung Lao: Should I ask him?
Rayden: Suit yourself. Just remember, Sub-Zero's complex enough. And his life has just become more complicated. Yes, he actually could be your friend... but he could be also kill you in a second.
Kung Lao: Thanks again, for a definitive answer.
Rayden: Just doing my job.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Noob Saibot (#1.6)" (1998)
Kung Lao: Come on, Siro, anybody would've had trouble out there today.
Siro: Anybody?
Kung Lao: What, you mean me?
Siro: Oh, you heard them, "Mortal Kombat champion".
Kung Lao: Believe me, I lost plenty of fights while I was training.
Siro: Now, what happened to me, it wasn't training.
Kung Lao: Maybe training's the problem. If you don't want to lose any more fights, why didn't you work harder?
Siro: You watch it, Kung Lao. I haven't exactly been sitting on my ass all these years.
Kung Lao: You work hard. Maybe you just need a little more focus. Concentration. Fighting's as much thinking as it is doing.
Siro: All your focus and concentration didn't help save Jen, did it?
Kung Lao: Damn you, Siro. Even if you ever learn to ask someone for help, don't bother calling me.
Siro: Don't worry. I don't need your help.

Noob Saibot: Kung Lao!
Kung Lao: Who are you?
Noob Saibot: Your executioner.

Raiden: Okay. There's a story in here somewhere.
Kung Lao: We got into it yesterday?
Raiden: Into it?
Kung Lao: He did something stupid.
Raiden: Great. I love it. Tell me.
Kung Lao: He was attacked by four men, and instead of calling for help, he almost gets himself killed.
Raiden: Almost? What a pity. Oh, nothing against Siro, it's just that, um, stories are always better when someone gets killed.

Siro: What the hell were you doing down there?
Kung Lao: Us? We were looking for you.
Taja: When you disappeared, I thought for sure you'd run off half-cocked again.
Siro: What? Do you think I'm nuts? Both of you guys screaming at me about my stupid pride, telling me not to be afraid to ask for help. When I realized Kiri was behind this, I went back to the Trading Post, so the three of us could go after that thing. Hey. I learned my lesson.

Kung Lao: Did you say you know him? You know this thing?
Rayden: His name's Noob Saibot He's from a distant realm.
Taja: Isn't everyone nowadays?
Rayden: Shao Kahn banished him. Even I didn't know he was in Earthrealm.
Siro: What is he?
Rayden: A ninja, with amazing powers.
Taja: Correction, a dead ninja.
Rayden: You're certain of that?
Taja: Well, he has to be. He blew up in flames. Nothing could survive that.
Rayden: Pray you're right.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Vengeance (#1.22)" (1999)
[after meeting the stunningly-beautiful Omegis in the forest]
Siro: This is the old hag in the forest?
Kung Lao: Yeah.

Kung Lao: Everything okay in here?
Taja: "Okay" is a relative term after an earthquake.
Siro: Did you find Rayden?
Kung Lao: No. I called for him, meditated, but...
Siro: You don't suppose he stayed at the hidden city.
Kung Lao: I don't know. It looked like he was going to destroy it.
Taja: This is so Rayden, always here when you don't want him, but when you need to ask him something, he just... retires.

Taja: Oh, it's you. I was expecting some guard to try and slice me up like last time.
Siro: Did you see anyone?
Taja: No, it's really weird. There's no one here.
[to Kung Lao]
Taja: Did you find the old bat?
Omegis: You must be Taja.
Taja: Wow.
Kung Lao: This is Omegis.
Omegis: The old bat.
Taja: I... I'm sorry. I...
Omegis: Oh, you'll be more sorry, very soon.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: In Kold Blood (#1.18)" (1999)
Taja: Reptile. That's who Kreeya's ally is. The ones who killed Tomas.
Kung Lao: Siro needs a doctor. We have to take him home.
Taja: With them?
Kung Lao: Yes. Come on, Taja.
Taja: Am I the only one here not getting this here? Kiri, Ankha, Noob Saibot? Ring any bells?

Taja: You wanted to interrogate him?
Kung Lao: That was the plan.
Taja: It was a damn stupid one. How do you question someone that spits acid? You gag him so he doesn't spit, but then he can't talk. You let him talk and he melts your face off. So, now, which way were you planning to go with that?

Taja: How do you do it? How do you think clearly through rage?
Kung Lao: There's no way you can make it disappear, I know that.
Taja: So, what do you do?
Kung Lao: Struggle with it, all the time. I try to put the hate aside, postpone the rage. I push it away for the moment, knowing that afterwards I can bring it back, like a reward after a battle.
Taja: Does it work?
Kung Lao: Sometimes. Sometimes not.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Warrior Eternal: Part II (#1.2)" (1998)
Kung Lao: Tell me about this beggar.
Siro: Oh, he was very insolent. But very nimble.
Kung Lao: Long gray hair, bright blue eyes, about this tall!
Taja: Hey, I know that guy. He escaped from here last night after he guilted me into saving you.
Kung Lao: His name's Rayden. He's the Thunder God and Protector of the Earthrealm.
Siro: Want to run that by me again?
Taja: Yeah. You lost me at Thunder God.

Taja: I've been giving it some thought and I want to try and put my past behind me.
Kung Lao: Take it from me, it's always there.
Taja: You're probably right. I just want to do something useful for a change.
Kung Lao: Very admirable.
Taja: Look, I'm offering you my help, Kung Lao, on this mission of yours but don't make me beg.
Kung Lao: Since when did you become a believer, Taja?
Taja: I'm not but I have to admit I saw some very strange stuff and... if I'm gonna risk my life, better it to be for something worthwhile.
Kung Lao: I could use your help. But I can't be responsible for your safety.
Taja: I can't be for yours either. So where are you off to, Siro?
Siro: Hard to say. What fool would hire a consort whose last charge died before his eyes? I'm sure I'll find work in Zhu Zin, cleaning sewers, something prestigious like that. Take care. Both of you.
Kung Lao: Siro? You could come with us.
Siro: Only if it means getting revenge for Jen's death. All the other things you talk about make no sense to me.
Kung Lao: It make take a while, but Shang Tsung will be punished. I must warn you both: the forces of Outworld will stop at nothing to defeat us. We must beware who we trust. For evil is everywhere and it is relentless.
Taja: Sounds better than dying alone.

Siro: So where do we start looking?
Kung Lao: Everywhere. She may have been taken to Outworld.
Siro: Outworld? Where's that?
Kung Lao: It's another realm, another dimension. It's hard to explain.
Taja: Well, let me guess. Outworld is where your Thunder God lives.
Rayden: Don't make me laugh. I wouldn't be caught dead in Outworld. Fortunately, immortals can't die.

Mortal Kombat (2011) (VG)
Johnny Cage: "Lord"? I was with Smoke. I thought she was a bad guy - eh, girl. Guess he turned another one. What's Raiden got that I haven't got?
Liu Kang: God-like power?
Kung Lao: A personality that is not at all like sanding paper?
Johnny Cage: Jerks.

Raiden: [approaches Kung Lao, who is disguised as one of Shang Tsung's Masked Guards] I know it is you, Kung Lao. The Shaolin Minks chose Liu Kang to represent your order in the tournament.
Kung Lao: [slightly annoyed] I am Liu Kang's equal.
Raiden: That remains to be seen.
Kung Lao: Watch and see.
[removes his disguise]
Kung Lao: I accept the challenge.
Liu Kang: [surprised] Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Never mind the Lin Kuei. Now you face a Shaolin.
[Fights Scorpion]

Kung Lao: [after celebrating after his victories with the Outworld audience booing him] See Raiden, Earthrealm is fre...
[Shao Kahn steps in and breaks Kung Lao's neck]
Raiden: Kung Lao!
Liu Kang: No!
Raiden: I will rip the flesh from your bones!
[Liu Kang comes in and wrestles Kahn to the ground]
Shao Kahn: Witless boy. Do you know who I am?
Liu Kang: The murderer of my friend.
Shao Kahn: I am Shao Kahn! Conquorer of worlds! You will taste no victory.
Liu Kang: You will taste your won blood.
[Fights Kahn and defeats him]
Liu Kang: On your feet!
[His left fist glows with fire]
Liu Kang: For Kung Lao, the Shaolin and Earthrealm!
[Liu Kang then punches Kahn in the chest and Kahn falls to the ground dead]
Shang Tsung: I can not believe. Earthrealm has won.
[the sky then glows]
Raiden: The Elder Gods have spoken. Earthrealm is free from Shao Kahn forever. But the price of victory was almost too steep to pay. Kung Lao's death was my fault. I encouraged him. Our triumph was not meant to be achieved this way.
[to Liu Kang]
Raiden: I see now "he must win" must refer to you. But to prevent Armageddon, you needed to defeat Shao Kahn, not Shang Tsung.
[Raiden then takes off his amulet to look at it, only to find it cracks further]
Raiden: It can not be. Shao Kahn is dead. But the future remains unchanged.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Warrior Eternal (#1.1)" (1998)
Shang Tsung: Very clever. Playing dead.
Kung Lao: Not as clever as this.
[roundhouse kicks Shang Tsung]

Shao Kahn: He is worthless and weak. Finish him.
Kung Lao: No. Listen to me. When the next tournament comes, remember what you saw here today. The people of Earth are not murderers. In respect of the Elder Gods and the laws of Mortal Kombat... I choose... mercy.
Rayden: Nice speech.
Shang Tsung: You should have killed me, Kung Lao.

Rayden: Up at dawn. Filled with anger. Not much of a rest.
Kung Lao: Someone is tormenting me.
Rayden: Any suspects?
Kung Lao: Someone or something is inside my head, turning all my thoughts to darkness.
Rayden: There's no one inside your head, Kung Lao, no one but you. What you are seeing is no doubt a premonition of your future, a fate yet unwritten but clouded with fear.
Kung Lao: Haven't I earned the right to just be happy for a change?
Rayden: Shao Kahn has not been defeated. His claim to Earth has merely been postponed. What you have earned, Kung Lao, is the right to be a leader, to find and train a new generation of fighters to stand at your side in the next tournament. It is one path, Kung Lao, if you so choose. But remember, in Mortal Kombat, victory is not the end...
Kung Lao: It's only the beginning. Why can't you teach the new fighters?
Rayden: This is not my world. Not my responsibility. The key to Earth's victory lies in the human spirit.
Kung Lao: So you want me to just turn away from everything. What about my dreams of happiness with Jen? Do you want me to give up my whole life?
Rayden: There are rewards. The Elder Gods have granted you that you will not age another day until the next tournament.
Kung Lao: Tell me, Rayden, would you rather be old and happy or young and cursed? If my future is unwritten like you say, then I'll write it the way I want it, from now on!

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Cold Reality (#1.3)" (1998)
Taja: [tosses Siro food] Here. That wiped us out, you know.
Siro: Like you wiped out the monks?
Taja: I took some food to nourish us on the trip, okay?
Siro: Yeah, right.
[Kung Lao walks by]
Siro: Do you believe this? She stole food from the monks.
Taja: Well, you're eating it, aren't you?
Kung Lao: It's all right. The monks are generous. They would've wanted us to have it anyway.
Siro: [to Taja] Asking the monks would have been nice.
Taja: Not cramming every scrap into your mouth would've been nice.

Rayden: So talk.
Kung Lao: Where have you been?
Rayden: Living my life. How about you?
Kung Lao: This is serious. I called and you didn't come.
Rayden: What's it been, five minutes? What'd you expect, call and get instant god?

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Thicker Than Blood (#1.11)" (1998)
Kung Lao: How many does that make now?
Siro: A dozen maybe. A couple had potential though.
Kung Lao: In their bodies, but not their hearts.
Siro: You know, most of these guys come in just looking to learn a few good moves and then take off.
Kung Lao: We need fighters that dedicate, that have the will to win.
Taja: It's not your fault none of these guys have what you're looking for. I mean, you found us. I'm awesome.
[refers at Siro]
Taja: He's okay.
Siro: I guess the answer is we just gotta keep looking.

[talking to Hanna]
Taja: Yeah, Siro has a way of getting people to...
[man screams]
Taja: ...squeal.
Kung Lao: It still doesn't make any sense. You said he wanted you to join Scorpion. Scorpion's dead. I saw him fall into a lava pit.
Taja: And I've seen guys throw ice and woman shoot fire. For all we know, Scorpion's always been walking around dead. It's stuff we've seen. It's hard to explain.

Mortal Kombat X (2015) (VG)
Kano: I love a good hat,
Kung Lao: Do not provoke a Shaolin.
Kano: [Spits] You toss your shoes as well?

Liu Kang: Shaolin Wushu has no equal.
Kung Lao: Kun-Lun-Quan is far superior.
Liu Kang: Your arrogance is matched only by your ignorance.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Flawed Victory (#1.19)" (1999)
Siro: Take it easy, Taja. It wasn't us.
Taja: I know, but...
Kung Lao: It's just an illusion, remember?
Taja: Still. We gotta burn these things, right, Siro? Siro?
Siro: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Burn them.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Debt of the Dragon (#1.7)" (1998)
Kung Lao: Okay, since you're so eager to help, what do I do?
Raiden: I'd kick the hell out of 'em myself, but I'm a god, I can do that sort of thing.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Kreeya (#1.16)" (1999)
Taja: I'm telling you, if women ran the world, we would not have the problems we have.
Siro: No. We would have a different set. Right?
Kung Lao: Okay, here's what I think. Women are just a capable as men.
Taja: See?
Kung Lao: And that includes being just as capable of screwing things up.
Rayden: Or at least shaking things up.

"Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Shadow of a Doubt (#1.12)" (1999)
Kung Lao: I thought she was Kitana.
Rayden: Well, of course you did. She was perfect. Except maybe for the fangs, the bulging forehead...
Kung Lao: Stop it, okay?
Rayden: And that lizard skin.
Kung Lao: Damn it, Rayden, I didn't know.
Rayden: Yeah, but when you found out, whew! Talk about rolling over in the morning after a bad night at the tavern.