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Liu Kang (Character)
from Mortal Kombat (1992) (VG)

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Mortal Kombat (1995)
Liu Kang: I guess you knew it would end this way.
Lord Rayden: Didn't have a clue.

Johnny Cage: You know, you gotta admire her. When she sets her mind on something...
Liu Kang: It's not her mind you're admiring.
Johnny Cage: It's true.

Liu Kang: You can look into my soul, but you don't own it.

Shang Tsung: Johnny Cage, I challenge you!
Liu Kang: No! You'll fight me. I am Liu Kang, descendent of Kung Lao. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat.

Johnny Cage: We got a guy with things comin' out of his hands, we got another guy who freezes stuff, and then there's a man, who as far as I can tell, is made out of electricity. I mean, how did he disappear like that? What is goin' on here? WHO IS THIS GUY?
Sonya Blade: Let's just think this through. There IS a rational explanation for all this.
Liu Kang: He's Rayden, god of lightning and protector of the realm of Earth.
Johnny Cage: Oh yeah. THERE'S your rational explanation!

Liu Kang: Shang Tsung killed my brother!
Shang Tsung: You're mine!

Liu Kang: All those souls and you still don't have one of your own. I pity you sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: [Enraged] Save your pity for THE WEAK!

Johnny Cage: Kitana went this way... I can smell her purfume.
Lui Kang: I don't smell anything.
Sonya Blade: I smell something
[Looks at Johnny Cage]
Sonya Blade: Bullshit!

Liu Kang: Where are you taking us?
Johnny Cage: Kitana went this way...
[sniffs the air]
Johnny Cage: I can smell her perfume.
Blade: I don't smell anything.
[Johnny leads them back into the dinner hall]
Blade: I smell something...
[looks at Johnny]
Blade: Bullshit!

Liu Kang: [shouting] You can't run from me, Shang!
Shang Tsung: I don't need to run!

Lui Kang: I am the chosen one.

Johnny Cage: Hey, pal! When the ship comes in, could you put these on board?
Liu Kang: You want ME to carry YOUR luggage?
Johnny Cage: Yeah. I pay money, you carry the bags, or is that too complicated?
Liu Kang: No...
[Liu Kang takes money out of Cage's hand]
Liu Kang: ...I got it.
Johnny Cage: Good.
[Liu Kang picks up a suitcase and throws it in the water, then smiles at Cage while walking away]
Johnny Cage: [Cage watches his suitcase sink]
Johnny Cage: Well, thank God I didn't ask him to park the car...

Liu Kang: We're fighting for the fate of the world.

Liu Kang: [At Grandfather] I had enough of this. I'm going to find my brother's killer at the tournament, with or without your consent.
Grandfather: [At Lord Rayden] He isn't ready my lord, and we lost so much time.
Lord Rayden: I know, but there's no one else.

Mortal Kombat (2011) (VG)
Liu Kang: I know who you are! I am ready for you!
Goro: I will give you a warriors death.

Johnny Cage: "Lord"? I was with Smoke. I thought she was a bad guy - eh, girl. Guess he turned another one. What's Raiden got that I haven't got?
Liu Kang: God-like power?
Kung Lao: A personality that is not at all like sanding paper?
Johnny Cage: Jerks.

Shao Kahn: [Intro] Where are the Elder Gods, Raiden?
[Walks towards a defeated Raiden and picks him up]
Shao Kahn: Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer.
[Punches Raiden in the face several times and then throws him, while in the air Raiden's amulet hits the ground and shatters]
Shao Kahn: They masquerade as dragons, but are mere *toothless* worms.
[Kahn's hammer appears in his left hand and puts his right foot on Raiden]
Shao Kahn: My venom spreads. It is the end of all things.
[Kahn then glows red with fire]
Shao Kahn: Armageddon.
Raiden: [In desperation] Stop!
Shao Kahn: [Picks up Raiden] It is done. Your time has passed.
[Throws Raiden]
Shao Kahn: Ages wasted in foolish resistance. Now is the dawn of *my* rule.
[Kahn laughs as Raiden picks up what is left of his amulet and begins to speak something in a asian-like language]
Shao Kahn: Yes. Pray to the world. As your world ends.
[Kahn then raises his hammer]
Raiden: [His amulet glows as his eyes turn blue] He... must win.
[as Kahn's hammer hits Raiden, the events of the Mortal Kombat timeline flashback until it reaches to the beginning of the Earthrealm tournament]
Liu Kang: [Seeing Raiden flinch] Lord Raiden, what is wrong?
Raiden: Strange visions.
[Then, strange noises occur and Raiden takes off his amulet and notices it has cracked]
Liu Kang: Your amulet.
Raiden: It is nothing, Liu Kang. The tournament begins.

Raiden: [after seeing Johnny Cage defeat Baraka] You fought well.
Johnny Cage: Thanks. Nice hat.
Liu Kang: You should be more respectful of Lord Raiden. He's the protector of Earthrealm. The God of Thunder, the...
Johnny Cage: [Interrupts] Look. I don't know what kind of role playing you guys are into, but count me out.
Liu Kang: [Johnny is about to walk away but Liu Kang stops him] This tournament is more than a chance for personal glory. We are fighting for the very surivial of Earthrealm.
Johnny Cage: What are you talking about?
Raiden: Your last opponent was Tarkatan. He was born with those blades.
Johnny Cage: [Not believing a word Raiden is saying] Yeah. Those things are real.
Raiden: He represents Outworld. Had you lost, the Emperor Shao Kahn would come 1 step closer to physically absorbing *our* world into his.
Johnny Cage: Outworld, yeah. Right, right.
Raiden: The Elder Gods created the Mortal Kombat tournament to give Earthrealm a chance to defend itself. But if we lose this time, Shao Kahn will conquer all.
Johnny Cage: [Shrugs off Raiden] Dun, dun, duuuuunnnn. Look, guys. I'm an actor. I save the world for the cameras. If this emperor is *really* a threat? Call the military. Me? I've got a date with a blonde. Ciao.
[Walks away]
Liu Kang: What do you see in him?
Raiden: He is a hero, Liu Kang. Though he may not yet know it.

Raiden: [approaches Kung Lao, who is disguised as one of Shang Tsung's Masked Guards] I know it is you, Kung Lao. The Shaolin Minks chose Liu Kang to represent your order in the tournament.
Kung Lao: [slightly annoyed] I am Liu Kang's equal.
Raiden: That remains to be seen.
Kung Lao: Watch and see.
[removes his disguise]
Kung Lao: I accept the challenge.
Liu Kang: [surprised] Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Never mind the Lin Kuei. Now you face a Shaolin.
[Fights Scorpion]

Liu Kang: You're good. Show me more.
Kitana: Do not underestimate me, Shaolin.
Liu Kang: [after the fight] I am impressed.
Kitana: Do it.
Liu Kang: Do what?
Kitana: Kill me.
Liu Kang: Why would I do that?
Kitana: I have came to kill you. I have failed my father. My Emperor.
Liu Kang: Shao Kahn is your father?
Kitana: I have disgraced him. You must kill me.
Liu Kang: I will not. This encounter never took place. You have disgraced no one.
[Is about to walk away]
Liu Kang: I hope we meet again. Under different circumstances.

Johnny Cage: There she is. Sonya, you alright? Hey, looks like you found him.
Johnny Cage: What's up, Sarge?
Sonya Blade: He's a m...
[Seeing Raiden coming in and attending to Jax]
Sonya Blade: Hey, what are you doing?
Johnny Cage: It's okay. He's cool.
Sonya Blade: Jax.
Johnny Cage: Seriously, he's cool.
[Raiden uses his powers to heal Jax]
Jax Briggs: That's amazing.
Johnny Cage: Told 'ya. Turns out, he's a god.
Sonya Blade: Thank you, Raiden.
Raiden: Graditude is unnecessary. I have forseen events, like memories of my future. They lead me to believe that you are all connected to Earthrealm's fate.
Liu Kang: What have you forseen?
Raiden: In my visions, Shao Kahn becomes invincible. He destroys all life in Earthrealm. We will all die. I believe these flashes are a guide to defeat Shao Kahn. But disrupting the flow of time could have serious consequences
Johnny Cage: I'm not worried. I bet you can win this thing no problem.
Raiden: Unless directly challenged, I can not participate.
Johnny Cage: What should we do, instead of standing around looking pretty?
Raiden: For now, the tournament must run it's course.
Sonya Blade: Alright, then. We're with you, Raiden.

Kung Lao: [after celebrating after his victories with the Outworld audience booing him] See Raiden, Earthrealm is fre...
[Shao Kahn steps in and breaks Kung Lao's neck]
Raiden: Kung Lao!
Liu Kang: No!
Raiden: I will rip the flesh from your bones!
[Liu Kang comes in and wrestles Kahn to the ground]
Shao Kahn: Witless boy. Do you know who I am?
Liu Kang: The murderer of my friend.
Shao Kahn: I am Shao Kahn! Conquorer of worlds! You will taste no victory.
Liu Kang: You will taste your won blood.
[Fights Kahn and defeats him]
Liu Kang: On your feet!
[His left fist glows with fire]
Liu Kang: For Kung Lao, the Shaolin and Earthrealm!
[Liu Kang then punches Kahn in the chest and Kahn falls to the ground dead]
Shang Tsung: I can not believe. Earthrealm has won.
[the sky then glows]
Raiden: The Elder Gods have spoken. Earthrealm is free from Shao Kahn forever. But the price of victory was almost too steep to pay. Kung Lao's death was my fault. I encouraged him. Our triumph was not meant to be achieved this way.
[to Liu Kang]
Raiden: I see now "he must win" must refer to you. But to prevent Armageddon, you needed to defeat Shao Kahn, not Shang Tsung.
[Raiden then takes off his amulet to look at it, only to find it cracks further]
Raiden: It can not be. Shao Kahn is dead. But the future remains unchanged.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Liu Kang: Rayden, you cannot die.
Rayden: I am proud to die... a mortal.

Shao Kahn: Nothing can alter your fate, nor mine.
Liu Kang: I can, and I *will*.

[Liu Kang has pinned Jade]
Liu Kang: First you betray me, and now you laugh?

Sonya Blade: There's so little time left.
Kitana: Whatever time we have, we must use well.
Jax: Are we really ready to die here?
Liu Kang: If we die, we will die in battle. Together.

Rayden: Years ago, my father had agreed that his heir to the family throne must be strong enough to kill his own brother in battle if necessary. I beat my brother, but I could not kill him. Only one thing is certain; Khan must die.
Liu Kang: This time, you're going to kill him.
Rayden: I could not then, I cannot now.
Liu Kang: So, what do we do?
Rayden: You will do your best! It is all that can be expected. I will pray for you all.

Kitana: Listen to me, Liu is our only hope.
Liu Kang: I want to fight Khan, but I don't know if I'm ready.
Kitana: You must believe in yourself Liu. We believe in you.

Shao Kahn: [after a few moments of fighting, Kahn has forced Kang into a headlock] Face it Liu Kang: you... WILL FAIL!
Liu Kang: I... can feel... IT!
[Liu Kang then morphs into a dragon]
Liu Kang: [Sonya looks at Liu Kang with a look of amazement on her face]
Jax: Aw, *now* I seen everything!

Mortal Kombat X (2015) (VG)
Johnny Cage: An actor and a Shaolin walk into a bar.
Liu Kang: I have no patience for your humor.
Johnny Cage: Then I'll get to the punchline.

Liu Kang: Consider your actions carefully.
Jax: I have and I'm gonna whup yo' ass.
Liu Kang: You will regret your decision.

Liu Kang: Shaolin Wushu has no equal.
Kung Lao: Kun-Lun-Quan is far superior.
Liu Kang: Your arrogance is matched only by your ignorance.

Liu Kang: [to the Xenomorph] My face will not be hugged.

Bo' Rai Cho: My favorite pupil.
Liu Kang: I bet you tell Kung Lao the same thing
Bo' Rai Cho: With him, I mean it.

Liu Kang: You begrudge me my role as champion.
Kenshi: I merely think that others were as qualified.
Liu Kang: *This* will change your thinking.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008) (VG)
Shang Tsung: [after defeating Superman] At least *they* were more of a challenge than your masters.
Liu Kang: [Giving in to the Kombat Rage] Do not test me, Shang Tsung. I should've killed you at the acadamy!
Shang Tsung: What stopped you?
Liu Kang: Shang Tsung, your treachery ends here!
Liu Kang: [Liu Kang and Shang Tsung fight, with Shang Tsung winning] How, how can this be? You're more powerful than before.
Liu Kang: I was weakened when last we fought. But energies are in constant flux as a result of the merging. Now, I am revitalized, surging with power, I could finish you right now.
Green Lantern: [Getting up] You want a finish? You got it.
[Charges at Liu kang and punches him out]
Shang Tsung: Leave him. He is defeated. Now, you face a more dealy adversary.
[Fights Green Lantern]

Liu Kang: [after bringing The Flash back to the Wu-Shi Acadamy] Masters, masters. Where are they? Why don't they answer?
Shang Tsung: [Coming in] Because they no longer draw breath.
Liu Kang: Shang Tsung!
Shang Tsung: Soon, neither will you.
Liu Kang: [after defeating Shang Tsung] May the Elder Gods bind you in another realm for your treachery, scorcerer.

Sonya Blade: We couldn't stop them either. They overpowered us.
Raiden: How can this be?
Kano: There's a skinny one. Dressed in purple with green hair. Stronger than you think.
Scorpion: I've faced him before. A jester with a twisted face.
[Then, Liu Kang and Shang Tsung appear]
Shang Tsung: A clown? You were defeated by a clown?
Liu Kang: It might be what you said, Shang Tsung. Powers fluxing.
Kano: [Gives into the Kombat Rage and points at Liu Kang] I don't need you to make excuses for me,
[Then points at Shang Tsung]
Kano: and I don't need your approval!
Liu Kang: [Gets in Kano's way] Kano, calm down.
Kano: [Pushes Liu Kang aside] You can't handle them, couldn't even handle me!
Shang Tsung: We shall see.