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Kitana (Character)
from Mortal Kombat (1995)

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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Sonya Blade: There's so little time left.
Kitana: Whatever time we have, we must use well.
Jax: Are we really ready to die here?
Liu Kang: If we die, we will die in battle. Together.

Kitana: Listen to me, Liu is our only hope.
Liu Kang: I want to fight Khan, but I don't know if I'm ready.
Kitana: You must believe in yourself Liu. We believe in you.

Jax: [ready to fight fight Motaro] Mr. Ed is mine.
Kitana: [ready to fight Sindel] I'll take my mother.
Sonya Blade: [ready to fight Ermac] Leftovers are fine with me!

Kitana: Mother! You're alive!
Sindel: Too bad *you*... will DIE!

Mortal Kombat (2011) (VG)
Liu Kang: You're good. Show me more.
Kitana: Do not underestimate me, Shaolin.
Liu Kang: [after the fight] I am impressed.
Kitana: Do it.
Liu Kang: Do what?
Kitana: Kill me.
Liu Kang: Why would I do that?
Kitana: I have came to kill you. I have failed my father. My Emperor.
Liu Kang: Shao Kahn is your father?
Kitana: I have disgraced him. You must kill me.
Liu Kang: I will not. This encounter never took place. You have disgraced no one.
[Is about to walk away]
Liu Kang: I hope we meet again. Under different circumstances.

Kitana: [after defeating Johnny Cage and Smoke] Shao Kahn wants death to follow Kombat. I will give it to him.
Raiden: [Coming in] Perhaps Liu Kang was wrong about you. Or perhaps he's sensed like I do, that there is conflict within you.
[Helps up Cage]
Johnny Cage: Thanks.
[Bends his neck]
Johnny Cage: Ow. You couldn't have seen *that* in one of your hot flashes?
Raiden: Something wispers to you that circumstances should be different. That *you* should be different. You are much more like Sindel than Shao Kahn.
[Then Raiden has a vision of Sindel]
Raiden: But, she is dead.
Kitana: My mother *is* dead, yes. Why do you...
Raiden: [Interrupts] You need answers, Kitana. I can help you find them if you will trust in me. Go to Shang Tsung's flesh pits. Much will be revealed there.
Kitana: The flesh pits? But, I'm forbidden to...
Raiden: [interrupts again] Yes, you are, and why is that?
Kitana: I don't know. Tell me.
Raiden: You must discover your true path... alone

"Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Kitana & Mileena: Part 2 (#1.5)" (2011)
King Jerrod: It has been so long, Kitana.
Kitana: How do you know my name?
King Jerrod: You look very much like the queen. Your mother.
Kitana: My mother is dead.
King Jerrod: And what is it you remember about your father
Kitana: Shao Kahn is my father.
King Jerrod: No, my princess. That is a lie. You are...
[Mileena kills him from behind]
King Jerrod: My daughter.

Shao Kahn: My daughters... as a result of your loyalty, Edenia stands unencumbered. And with your help, will remain so for all time. Now rise. And let us discuss the merger of Earthrealm and what the future holds for us all.
Kitana, Mileena: Yes, Father.

Mortal Kombat (1995)
Princess Kitana: To win your next match, use the element which brings life.

Princess Kitana: If I did not believe in you Liu Kang, I would not have helped you. In the Black Tower, you will face three challenges. You must face your enemy. You must face yourself. And you must face your worst fear.

Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning (2015)
Kano: [approaches Scorpion] So what ya have against this enemy of yas?
Scorpion: He is responsible for the murder of my family and clan, the Shirai Ryu!
Kano: Reckon I've murdered plenty of families, but neva an entire clen. Maybe me an this Ice Ninja should team up?
[walks over to Kitana]
Kano: What'cha think lollie?
Princess Kitana: I think you disgust me Kano.
Kano: Oye c'mon luv, is no use sittin round cryin ova the dead?
[walks to Scorpion]
Kano: They're six feet down unda. Who cares?
Scorpion: [becomes fed up and enraged] I will tear your beating heart from your chest!
Kano: [laughs, then points his knife at Scorpion] Now that's me job mate!
Shang Tsung: Enough you fools!
[looks at Scorpion]
Shang Tsung: Scorpion! You are dismissed!
Kano: [laughs and waves goodbye] Bye bye Ninja!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008) (VG)
Raiden: [Mortal Kombat Storyline ending]
[Raiden is now in Shao Kahn's Palace]
Raiden: Superman. He's gone.
[the others appear]
Raiden: Shao Kahn's throne room. The realms have been restored.
[Then, the group hears growling]
Kitana: Who are you?
Darkseid: I am Darkseid! I am Dark here.
[Tried to shoot lasers from his eyes, but fails]
Raiden: [Appears before Darkseid] If you're anything like Shao Kahn, you will find no refuge here. Your fate will be decided by the Elder Gods.
[Sends Darkseid to the Netherealm, where he is chained by two stone pillars]