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Reza Naiyeer (Character)
from "24" (2001)

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"24: Day 2: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. (#2.5)" (2002)
Tony Almeida: [Across from Reza] So as Chief Financial Officer you oversee all the money that comes in and out is that right?
Reza Naiyeer: [nervously] that's right and in case you haven't noticed I'm getting married today so if we could do this another day I'd appreciate it
Tony Almeida: can you sit down please? We're not done, sit down
Tony Almeida: [Reza slowly sits down] why don't you tell me about Syed Ali
Reza Naiyeer: I told you before I don't know a Syed Ali
Tony Almeida: Oh you don't
Reza Naiyeer: No
Tony Almeida: [Looking at a computer screen in front of him on the table] then how do you explain the fact that his name is in your personal computer files?
Reza Naiyeer: [Suspiciously] don't know
Tony Almeida: You don't know?
[turns the computer around so he can see it himself]
Tony Almeida: So why don't we start again, you've been doing business with a known terrorist and you're going to sit there with a straight face and tell me you don't know what's going on?
Reza Naiyeer: I grew up in London and I married an American girl, a protestant so if you're going to racially profile me, you should at least get it right
Tony Almeida: Our main targets are European Muslims with western educations, passports and the potential to blend in into western societies. So tell me how's my racial profiling going now?
Reza Naiyeer: I want a lawyer
Tony Almeida: No