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Quotes for
Marianne Taylor (Character)
from "24" (2001)

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"24: Day 4: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (#4.10)" (2005)
Marianne Taylor: [During interrogation] I wanna call my lawyer.
Curtis Manning: Really?
Marianne Taylor: I do have rights.
Curtis Manning: Yeah? Henry Powell had rights too.
Marianne Taylor: I don't know any Henry Powell.
Curtis Manning: The one who helped the terrorists obtain the override. He's right here. Wanna say "hello"?
[Powell's dead body is wheeled into the room]
Marianne Taylor: Are you sick? You sick bastard.
Curtis Manning: CTU didn't kill him.
Marianne Taylor: Well, then who did?
Curtis Manning: The same people who planted the bomb under your car. Whoever they are, they've caught up to you. If I let you go, you'd be dead in 15 minutes.
Curtis Manning: [Powell's body is wheeled out of the room] Your only chance to survive is to tell us what you know.
Marianne Taylor: I want a deal.
Curtis Manning: You get to live, that's your deal.