Roberta Allsworth
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Roberta Allsworth (Character)
from Ghost World (2001)

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Ghost World (2001)
Roberta: [after showing her weird short film to her art class] That piece is entitled "Mirror, Father, Mirror". I like to show it to people that I'm meeting for the first time because I think it says so much about who I am and what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin.

Roberta: [looking at a drawing of a man smashing another man's head in with a sledgehammer] What can you tell us about your piece, er... Phillip?
Phillip: Er... it's about The Mutilator.
Roberta: [smiling] My goodness!
Phillip: It's a really great video game about a guy who kills people with a big hammer.
Roberta: Oh. I thought maybe this was supposed to be your father.
[she gives a little laugh. Phillip looks confused]

Roberta: [in Art Class, the teacher is asking about their homework: create a piece of art that responds to something you have strong feelings about. She spots a wire sculpture made from two coathangers] Who is responsible for this?
Margaret - Art Class: I am.
Roberta: Talk to us about it.
Margaret - Art Class: It's my response to the issue of a woman's right to choose. It's something I feel super-strongly about.