Dr. Kate McTiernan
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Dr. Kate McTiernan (Character)
from Kiss the Girls (1997)

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Kiss the Girls (1997)
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Somebody help me. My name is Kate! I'm Kate McTiernan! I'm a doctor at the Carolina Regional Medical Center. I need help! I know you can hear me. Come on! Who's out there?
[starts crying]
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Somebody help. My name is Kate McTiernan. Somebody talk to me! Who is out there?
[many young women begin to speak]
Naomi Cross: My name is Naomi Cross. I've been here for 8 days, I think.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: Hello, I'm Kate McTiernan. First, I'd like to say something to the families who have a loved one missing. Please, do not give up hope. There are other women where I was held and I believe in my heart that they are still alive. Second, to the boys who fished me out of the river and saved my life, and to the nurses and doctors here who are taking such excellent care of me, and for the thousands of letters and prayers I've recieved from all across America, thank you. And last, to the man who calls himself Casanova. The man who took me from my own home and ultimately tried to kill me. I broke your rules, just me. None of the other women helped. So if you're looking for someone to blame, blame me. That's all I have to say right now. Thank you for taking my message to the families of the missing and I hope it helps a little bit. Thank you.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: You're going out there on your own?
Alex Cross: I got people.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Take me with you.
Alex Cross: I think you're best served by staying here.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: And pretend like nothing's happened?
Alex Cross: No, that's not what I was going to say. I just think you should be trying...
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I'm the only person who's seen this guy. I know his size, his voice, I know the way he moves
Alex Cross: I know how you feel, honestly.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Would you please stop treating me like I'm a victim? You think I'm some kind of tourist in all this because I wasn't raped? Every night when I go to sleep I hear those women's voices. You want to save your neice? Well, guess what. So do I.

Detective Nick Ruskin: How are you feeling, by the way? You feel like you're getting back on your feet?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I guess if I felt solid anywhere it should be in this house. I've been in it one way or another my whole life. It was my great aunt's. But I don't know. It's just different now. Something's off. I used to walk in the middle of the night down to the corner market for a quart of milk.
Detective Nick Ruskin: That's true. I mean, people just get complacent. It happens.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Would you please hand me the big chopping knife.
Detective Nick Ruskin: The department gives courses of self-defense.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I've been thinking about spending more time at the dojo.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Kick boxing's fine, but that's not what I mean. I'm talking prevention. We teach things like, uh, varying your routine. Keeping your lights on at night. Maybe getting a dog. I'm sorry. Does this bother you?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: It's good. I need to hear it.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Just simple things like, um, carrying personal alarms. Taking your garbage out the morning of. Not using cordless phones. Anyone with a scanner can listen in.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: What does taking your garbage out the morning of have to do with anything?
Detective Nick Ruskin: Night before, anyone can tear through it.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Who in the world possibly cares how much tuna I eat?
[hands Nick the knife]
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Would you rinse this for me, please?
Detective Nick Ruskin: Think about it. A guy could come by, say, Tuesday night, 3 in the morning, dump your trash in one of those 30-gallon plastic sacks. Haul it down to an abandoned lot and bingo! There it is. What a lady eats, how often she shaves. He can even tell a lady's time of the month. Anything you want to know. What kind of lipstick she wears, and used condoms. How often's she gettin' it? Twice a week? Three times? The same guy, different guys?
[losing accent]
Detective Nick Ruskin: Of course, that doesn't apply to you. Let's face it. In your case, it's been quite awhile. Not since that, that surgeon. What? Six, seven months ago? You were special, Kate. Do you have any idea how much time I gave you? Months. Yes, months. I sacrificed for you, but now I'm going to show you sacrifice. What are you going to do? Are you going to cut me? Do it!
[Kate cuts Nick's stomach]
Detective Nick Ruskin: Good girl.

Alex Cross: Don't do it, Nick.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Alex.
Alex Cross: Let's talk about it, ok? You want to put the lighter down, Nick? Please?
Detective Nick Ruskin: She has to know.
Alex Cross: She knows, Nick.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Then why don't you shoot me?
Alex Cross: Ah, I don't think so. Muzzle flare, room full of gas, all that, you know? Look, Nick I'm gonna put the gun down. Look, see? There now. How's that? I want you to think about this, Nick. If you do this, no one will ever understand.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Oh, don't mind fuck me!
Alex Cross: No, I'm not, Nick.
Detective Nick Ruskin: See Kate? It's all about building rapport. You use the subject's first name, and your tone, you gotta keep it soft and steady.
Alex Cross: Establish eye contact, seek his level.
Detective Nick Ruskin: You wanna know the truth, Alex? You're the one who really needs help.
Alex Cross: Well, enlighten me, Nick. Tell me what the truth is.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Truth is looking at a beautiful woman, like our Kate here, and saying to yourself, I gotta have that. I gotta break her down. It's your basest animal self. Dig deep, Alex. You'll recognize him. He's ugly.
Alex Cross: I've run into him now and then.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Go ahead. Reach for the Glock and take me down before I tell you about the 10 days I spent with Naomi. 10 days, Doc. Things she'd never tell you. My brown sugar, face like an angel. Perfect, every inch of her. You never knew Naomi. Not like I did. Deep down, you envy me that. Say it.
Alex Cross: I don't work like you. I don't, hate.
Detective Nick Ruskin: You only wish you had the courage. Good night, sweet Kate.
[Alex shoots and kills Nick through a carton of Milk before he can kill Kate]
Detective Nick Ruskin: .
Alex Cross: Kate. It's alright Kate.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: [Kate is under hypnosis, reliving her escape from Casanova] I hear him, whispering.
Alex Cross: [about Casanova] What does he say?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I can feel his mouth on my ear, his breath. He tells me that he loves me.
Alex Cross: Tell me about his face. Tell me about his eyes. His mouth.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [Kate's breathing begins to quicken] He has no face. A mask! He always wears a mask!
Alex Cross: What kind of mask? What does it look like?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [her breathing slows] It changes. I can't show him that I hate him.
Alex Cross: But you escape. What do you see when you escape?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I don't know. I'm just running. And my legs... are heavy from the drugs. And I'm lost. I'm running through hallways and there are all these rooms, I don't know where to turn!
[becomes panicked, starts to cry]
Dr. Kate McTiernan: He's behind me!
Alex Cross: He's not behind you Kate, you get away. How? How do you get out?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [Kate's breathing is becoming more rapid, as she becomes more panicked] Light. Light! The light and the sun.
Alex Cross: Do you see a barn?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: No!
Alex Cross: A house?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: No! No! There's nothing! Just the light. It hurts my eyes. And then the trees, the trees again.
[starts to sob, and begins to hyperventilate]
Dr. Kate McTiernan: And the rocks are digging into my feet! And I hear him, shouting behind me, and I try to run faster! That's all I'm thinking: just run faster!
[begins sobbing uncontrollably, gasping for breath]
Dr. Kate McTiernan: And I left those girls behind! I wasn't thinking, I just told myself to run, to run, run!
Alex Cross: [Alex reaches out to comfort Kate] It's all right, it's all right.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [through sobs] I left those girls!

Casanova: You could have been the best Kate. I may be going crazy here, didn't I warn you about breaking the rules?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [whiny] I'm sorry.
Casanova: [mimicking Kate] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I'll do anything you want.
Casanova: What? What did you say?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: I said I'll do anything you want.
Casanova: O I know you will.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: [crying] What do you want from me?
Casanova: Everything.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: [Kate wakes up slowly, whines in pain]
Casanova: I got all the glass out. Everything you need to change the dressing is right next to you. Can you hear me?
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Systemic analgesic, what did you give ne?
Casanova: That's one of the reasons I picked you Kate. Your intellegence. I appreciate that. I know most men don't, can't. I'm different. You'll see that in time.
[sighs, walks towards her]
Casanova: Now try not to go back to sleep. I have to tell you the rules.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: [shudders, cries out] Why am I here?
Casanova: You're here to fall in love, to experience love. But now I need you to listen very carefully, and take what I say very seriously, alright? Don't try to escape. Don't cry out for help. And do not try any of your kickboxing
[Kate begins to cry, Casanoza reaches for a syringe]
Casanova: Now I'll do what I can to help you not break these rules, but if you do Kate, you will really disappoint me.
[gives Kate a shot]
Casanova: See. That didn't hurt did it? Don't worry. You're with Casanova.