Detective Paulie Sellitto
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Detective Paulie Sellitto (Character)
from The Bone Collector (1999)

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The Bone Collector (1999)
Paulie: If you were any more wound up you'd be a timex.

Paulie: [Amelia drives the car screeching from lane to lane] Jesus Christ! I'd like to get there in one piece, if possible.

Lincoln Rhyme: Nitrogen rich, explosive carbons, where do you find those in New York City?
Paulie: Bomb sites, shooting ranges.
Amelia: Maybe an old fort or an armory?
Eddie Ortiz: Let's not forget the shit factor, guys.
Lincoln Rhyme: The what?
Eddie Ortiz: Manure becomes a nitrate when it's aged.
Lincoln Rhyme: That's true. And you got cow bones, huh? Old cow bones, old manure. Turn of the century. Cows, farms... pastures, rats... dead cows. Where do you find... In stockyards... slaughterhouses, that's what we want to look for.

Paulie: You okay?
Amelia: I'm fine. Wanna step aside so I can walk the grid?
Paulie: Yeah.

Amelia: Shit! Cheney's here.
[puts the evidences into her pocket]
Captain Howard Cheney: You talking to Rhyme on that thing? Give me the radio. Now, listen, Linc. This is Cheney, man. What the hell do you think you're doing? Stealing evidence is a goddamn felony. You know that.
Lincoln Rhyme: To my understanding, there's no chain of evidence voucher.
Captain Howard Cheney: Oh, yeah? Well, I got some news for you. You are not a cop anymore. You understand that? What you are is a fucking meddling cripple. Now, I'm gonna place your little gofer here under arrest. You don't mind that, do ya? Lock her up.
[looks back and finds Amelia gone]
Paulie: Where'd she go?