Sandra Van Ryan
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Sandra Van Ryan (Character)
from Wild Things (1998)

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Wild Things (1998)
Kelly Van Ryan: I miss Dad.
Sandra Van Ryan: I miss him too... sometimes...
Kelly Van Ryan: No you don't!
Sandra Van Ryan: He didn't HAVE to kill himself, Kelly.

Suzie: Kelly's pissed at Mr. Lombardo too. She's in love with him. I mean she's been her whole fantasy since her old man died, and then she found out that Mr. Lombardo was doing her mom, and that was it.
[Crowd gasps]
Sandra Van Ryan: What? Kelly!
Kelly Van Ryan: You skanky bitch!
[Kelly throws a glass at Suzie but Suzie dodges it]
Kelly Van Ryan: Get your fucking hands off of me? Don't you know who I am?

Sandra Van Ryan: My daughter does NOT get raped in Blue Bay!

Kenneth Bowden: [Passing Sandra Van Ryan's limo and honking the horn] Hey, look who we've got here. Hey, Sandra!
Sandra Van Ryan: I want you to nail that shyster's balls to the wall!
Tom Baxter: Well, that might have been possible if miss not-so-bright here hadn't started throwing things in court.
Kelly Van Ryan: Fuck off!
Sandra Van Ryan: I can't believe you're going to let them, get away with this... shit!
Tom Baxter: I don't think you understand, Sandy. Your little princess here committed perjury. It will be all I can do to keep her fucking little ass out of jail.
Sandra Van Ryan: Well... what are we going to do?