Luke Sanderson
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Luke Sanderson (Character)
from The Haunting (1963)

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The Haunting (1999)
Luke: What's the deal with the Addams Family mansion?

Luke: We don't have time for baby talk.

Dr. David Marrow: Let me explain what's happening here. You're participating in a study on group fear and hysteria.
Luke: What? That's it, that's what this was all about?
Theo: You brought us here to scare us, is that it?
Dr. David Marrow: Yes.
Luke: And you were just waiting for her to have a total nervous breakdown before you said it? I mean, what is your problem?

Theo: Is this one of your sick jokes, Luke?
Luke: What? You really think I wrote that?
Theo: You found it; you could have.
Luke: How, with the twenty-foot ladder I keep in my back pocket?

Luke: Oh come on, this is crazy. Maybe she doesn't want to be found.

Dr. David Marrow: The gate is still locked, we have to wait until the Dudleys arrive.
Luke: What? That's really compassion. Yeah, "let's wait until the morning, so tomorrow I have time to write a few more Welcome Home Eleanors".
Dr. David Marrow: Luke, I didn't write that stuff, okay?
Luke: Of course you didn't, that wouldn't be ethical, would it doc...
Theo: Would you guys just shut up?

Luke: I'm not staying in this freaking house another second, so come on.

Luke: And you I'm gonna guess, are a les...
Theo: Don't even start.
Luke: Wow, You're so bossy and domineering...
Theo: Thanks. Theo.

Luke: I don't know, I just think Dr. Marrow's up to something. And you know what, I'm going to find out. Right after I check on Theo, that is. I wonder how she's doing.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Doing or wearing?
Luke: Yeah, no kidding. Did you see what she had on yesterday? Hey I definitely got a soft spot for Theo.

Luke: [as noises come from chimney, he goes under it and yells up] Hello, Santa!

Luke: [looking at a statue] These carvings are really creepy. All these fat little cherubs and angels with furry animals, it's really bizarre, I think.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: I think they're the children Hugh Crain built the house for.
Luke: I don't buy that for a second - that Hugh Crain was this lovable old tycoon with a soft spot for kids? This guy was obviously running a sweatshop, had children working 16 hours a day. Then he builds all this crap, it's propaganda. It's like those Teletubbies, those things freak me out also. Then they sing, so they're actually kinda scarier when you think about it.

Luke: Hey, you guys wanna hear something really scary? I just found this out. It turns out there's a more darker chapter in the Hugh Crain fairytale. Remember his lovely wife Renee? Well Renee, the town beauty, she didn't just die, she killed herself.
Theo: Really? He just told you that?
Luke: Yes, but you can't say anything because he actually swore me to secrecy.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Why did she kill herself?
Luke: The stillborn children story is more sinister, and maybe Hugh Crain was a horrible monster that drove her to it.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Monster? But he built this house with the woman he loved like the Taj Mahal.
Theo: The Taj Mahal wasn't a palace, it was a tomb. And equally overdone.

The Haunting (1963)
Luke Sanderson: I haven't seen a damn thing! I just don't like the way it looks.

Luke Sanderson: Doc, I'll let you have the house cheap!

Dr. John Markway: It has taken 60 million years to develop the carnivorous biped you see before you, Luke Sanderson.
Theodora: Let's see what kind of martinis it makes.
Luke Sanderson: They should be pretty good. I majored in them at college.

Luke Sanderson: [when the group compares themselves to four statues] Which one am I?
Theodora: You're the dog.

Luke Sanderson: [referring to Hill House] It ought to be burned down... and the ground sowed with salt.

Luke Sanderson: Only one way to argue with a woman Doc... Don't.

Eleanor Lance: I got dizzy.
Luke Sanderson: Dizzy like a fox, hmm?

[the group is huddled in the conservatory, Nell, Theo, and Markway are asleep as Luke enters and takes a drink from a liquor bottle, when the door suddenly slams shut by itself... waking everyone up!]
Dr. John Markway: [to Luke] Why aren't you upstairs?
Luke Sanderson: I needed a drink.
[suddenly there are sounds of wind blowing and then distant yet distinct footsteps are heard]
Dr. John Markway: Grace!
Luke Sanderson: Wait a minute! It's nowhere near the nursery... it's down here,
Theodora: Seems we've been on this kick before.
Eleanor Lance: Next vacation I must really go somewhere else!
[the pounding becomes louder and closer]
Eleanor Lance: [thinking; voice-over] It knows my name, this time it knows my name!
Dr. John Markway: I have to go out there.
Eleanor Lance: [shouting] No, No! It hasn't hurt me. Why should it hurt her?
Dr. John Markway: She might try to do something about it!
[the pounding stops]
Eleanor Lance: Is it over, Theo? Is it?
Theodora: No, I'm still cold. It's going to start everything all over again!
[the pounding resumes violently and loudly against the closed door]
Eleanor Lance: [screaming] It can't get in! It can't get in! Don't let it get in!
[the pounding stops and the door knob jiggles]
Eleanor Lance: [whimpering] God, it knows I'm here!
[the door begins to buckle and bend in on itself, Luke in his horror drops his bottle]
Luke Sanderson: Doc... I'll let you have the house cheap!
[the bulging door returns to normal, the wind is heard blowing again. Soon the pounding footsteps resume and head upstairs]
Eleanor Lance: [thinking to herself; voice-over] Go on and on and come back again until it finds me! On and on and on until it finds me!

[the group in the conservatory room hears the pounding and breaking glass and furniture from the unseen phantom]
Dr. John Markway: It's in the nursery!
Luke Sanderson: [stops Markway from opening the door] You must be crazy!
Dr. John Markway: I'm going out there!
Luke Sanderson: Oh, no you don't! Not with that thing out there!
Eleanor Lance: [intervenes] Luke, we must find Mrs. Markway to find out if she's there!
[Luke shoves Eleanor aside and continues to try to stop Markway from leaving the room]
Luke Sanderson: No! Don't be crazy!
Dr. John Markway: I've got to get out of here! I've got to find out if Grace is all right.
Luke Sanderson: Look, I don't know what that is out there, but I don't want to find out!
Dr. John Markway: Get away from me! I've got to get out of here! I've got to find out if Grace is all right!