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Carlito Brigante (Character)
from Carlito's Way (1993)

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Carlito's Way (1993)
Carlito: If I ever, I mean if I ever see you here again, you die.
[Snaps fingers]
Carlito: Just like that.

Carlito: It's who I am Gail, it's what I am. Right or wrong, I can't change that.

Benny Blanco: I don't know, but there may be some mis-fuckin'-understanding, I don't know man, but maybe you don't remember me, my name is Benny Blanco...
Carlito: Maybe I don't give a shit. Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either. Who the fuck are you, I should remember you? What, you think you like me? You ain't like me motherfucker. You a punk. I've been with made people, connected people. Who you been with? Chain-snatching, jive-ass, maricon motherfuckers. Why don't you get lost? Go a head, snatch a purse. Come on, take a fuckin' walk.

Carlito: [during his trial] But my time in the Sterling Correctional facilities of Greenhaven and Sing Sing has not been in vain. I've been cured; born again, like the Watergaters. I know you've heard this rap before, your honor, I've changed. I've changed, and it didn't take no thirty years like your honor thought, but only five.

Carlito: [voiceover and closing narration] Sorry boys, all the stitches in the world can't sew me together again. Lay down... lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez funeral home on Hun and Ninth street. Always knew I'd make a stop there, but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought... Last of the Moh-Ricans... well maybe not the last. Gail's gonna be a good mom... New improved Carlito Brigante... Hope she uses the money to get out. No room in this city for big hearts like hers... Sorry baby, I tried the best I could, honest... Can't come with me on this trip, Loaf. Getting the shakes now, last call for drinks, bars closing down... Sun's out, where are we going for breakfast? Don't wanna go far. Rough night, tired baby... Tired...

Carlito: Favor gonna kill you faster than a bullet.

Carlito: If you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble.

Carlito: Don't take me to no hospital, please. Fuckin' emergency rooms don't save nobody. Som-bitches, always pop you at midnight, when all they got is a Chinese intern with a dull spoon.

Carlito: You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die - big time.

Carlito: I'm reloaded! Okay? Come on in here, you motherfuckers! Come on, I'm waitin' for ya! What, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out! Oh, you up against me now, motherfuckers! I'm gonna blow your fuckin' brains out! You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die big time! You ready? HERE COMES THE PAIN!

Carlito: Mi barrio ya no existe.
[My neighborhood doesn't exist anymore]

[Benny Blanco is being beat up by Pachanga]
Carlito: Take him in the alley!
Carlito: [voice-over] Dumb move, man. Dumb move. But it's like them old reflexes comin' back.

Carlito: Never give up your friends, Dave, no matter what.

Pachanga: Hey, Carlito. Lalin is here. He's in the office.
Carlito: Lalin?
Pachanga: Yeah, you wanna see him?
Carlito: You told me he was doin' thirty years.
Pachanga: Well, I guess he got out!

Carlito: Right, motherfucker? Where's my money?
Saso: I don't know!
Carlito: [whips out switchblade] I'LL CUT YOU FUCKIN' LIVER OUT!
Saso: Okay! Okay!

Rudy: Mr. Brigante, there is a problem with Mr. Kleinfeld.
Carlito: What kind of problem?
Rudy: He's in the bathroom fucking Steffie!
Pachanga: [bursts out laughing]
Carlito: So? What's the problem? Good for him!

Benny Blanco: Hey, my name is Benny Blanco from the Bronx.
Carlito: You know me?
Benny Blanco: Yeah, I know you, you're Carlito Brigante motherfucker to the max, that's who you are!
Carlito: Well, I don't know you. So, I don't owe you, Saso does. My place now, new rules. Everybody pays, okay?

Carlito: Gimme your piece, Dave.
David Kleinfeld: What?
Carlito: Gimme the fucking gun! Since when are you a tough guy?

Carlito: Hey lady, I know you.
Gail: Buzz off.
Carlito: Yeah, I know you, you used to go out with that good-looking guy, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Carlito Brigante.
Gail: [turns around] Charlie?

Carlito: No room in this city for big hearts like hers.

Carlito: Adiós, counselor.

Carlito: I'll tell you something, car rental guys don't get killed that much.

Carlito: He's got a good future if he can live past next week.

Carlito: The dream don't come no closer by itself. We gotta run after it now.

[after Dave nearly told the boat plan]
Carlito: [to Dave] If you ever talk that shit again in front of her, I'm going to kill you.

[boat trip night]
Carlito: [voice over] Already I had a bad feeling about the boat trip night as soon as I saw Dave. He was all coked up so much that his nostrils were red and swollen. Bad start Jack.

Carlito: [voiceover] There is a line you cross, you don't never come back from. Point of no return. Dave crossed it. I'm here with him. That's means I am going along for the ride. The whole ride. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is.

Carlito: [to Gail] There I am, sitting in jail, wondering where you are, what you're doing, who you're with.

Carlito: Let me get this straight, he's gonna jump off a barge, swim a hundred yards, to a buoy? in the east river? Impossible, its too rough he is going to die.

Carlito: You ripped him off, didn't you?
David Kleinfeld: What?
Carlito: Tony T. You did take the million dollars, didn't you?
David Kleinfeld: [guiltily] Yeah.
Carlito: You ain't a lawyer no more, Dave. You a gangster now. On the other side. A whole new ball game. You can't learn about it in school, and you can't have a late start.
David Kleinfeld: Don't worry about me.
Carlito: One more thing. We're even.
David Kleinfeld: [puts his hand on Carlito's shoulder] Let's get a drink.
Carlito: [slaps Dave's hand away] Say it! We're even!
David Kleinfeld: [softly] We're even.

Steffie: [after having sex with Kleinfeld] Carlito, where have you been hiding this man? He is one sexy man, he is an animal!
Carlito: Faster than a speeding bullet.

Carlito: I don't invite this shit, it just comes to me. I run, it runs after me. Gotta be somewhere to hide.

Frankie Taglialucci: This guy a friend of yours?
Carlito: Yeah, he's a friend of mine.
Frankie Taglialucci: He's a fucking cockroach.

Saso: [Speaking in Spanish] Listen to me carefully, Carlito. Rudy says Pachanga is complaining about being broke; that he doesn't have a single dollar. He's also saying that you're a piece of shit, and that you don't have the balls to take care of the problem; and he's wasted a lot of time without making any money. Besides, I hear he's spying on us for Benny Blanco.
Carlito: [Speaking in Spanish] Let me deal with Pachanga. He's my brother.
Saso: He's your brother? That son of a bitch would kill his mother for money.

Rudy: Carlito, Mr. Benny Blanco says it's gonna be okay. He wants to send a bottle of champagne over, and he wants you to send Steffie over, when you're ready.
Steffie: Carlito, what should I do?
Carlito: No problem, Steffie.
[to Rudy]
Carlito: Steffie's with Dave now.
Rudy: But Benny said...
Carlito: Fuck Benny!
Waiter: Carlito, this is from Benny Blanco.
Carlito: Send it back!
Saso: [to the waiter] Vete! Vete!
Saso: [to Carlito] Charlie, please, you can't do this. Benny Blanco spends a lot of money here.
Carlito: Oh, he's a nickel-bagger. Come on.
Saso: What happened to you? What are you acting like this for? It doesn't make sense you should hate this guy. Because this guy is you 20 years ago.

Frankie: [referring to Dave] This guy a friend of yours?
Carlito: Yeah, he's a friend of mine.
Frankie: He's a FUCKING cockroach.

David Kleinfeld: [watching an Italian man dancing with Gail] You're gonna let this fuckin' goombah paw your woman like that?
Carlito: Hey, they're just dancin'. Don't you appreciate that? The movement. The rhythm. What I don't appreciate is he's got his fuckin' hands all over her ass.
Carlito: He's doesn't have his hands over her ass. I believe those are hips.
David Kleinfeld: [still watching the Italian man dance with Gail] This shithead. These fuckin' wiseguys think they're so hardass. I am so sick of hoods like *that* coming into my office, MY office, thinkin' they can push me around.
Carlito: [sarcastically] Oh, I think you should tell him what you think. I mean, why would you ever hold something like that inside? I mean, why not get something like that off your chest? It's a terrible thing to carry around with you.
David Kleinfeld: I will.
Carlito: I think you should.
David Kleinfeld: I will.
Carlito: Oh, yeah. Go ahead, look, see how interested he's gonna be in your comments.

David Kleinfeld: [to the Italian dancing with Gail] Hey! Hey!
Carlito: What are you doin'?
David Kleinfeld: Hey!
Carlito: Are you out of your fuckin' mind?
David Kleinfeld: Hey, you!
Italian at Copa: What's that?
David Kleinfeld: Yeah, you! You wop!
Italian at Copa: Me?
David Kleinfeld: You, spaghetti dick!
Carlito: [getting up to stop Dave] Okay.
Italian at Copa: Who are you talking to?
David Kleinfeld: I'm talking to you!
Italian at Copa: You talkin' to me?
David Kleinfeld: Yeah, you!

[first lines]
Carlito: Somebody's pulling me close to the ground... I can sense, but I can't see. I ain't panicked. I've been here before. Same as I got popped on 104th street. Don't take me to no hospital, please. Fuckin' emergency rooms don't save nobody. Sons of bitches pop you at midnight, when all they got is a Chinese intern, with a dull spoon. Oh look at these suckers. Scrambling around... What for? My Puerto Rican ass ain't supposed to have made it this far. Most of my crew got washed a long time ago. Don't worry. My heart, it don't ever quit. I ain't ready to check out... Seems like a just got out of the joint. Stood up in front of that judge, and told him what was who.

Carlito: You said they were friends, Guajiro. But there ain't no friends in this shit business.

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005) (V)
Carlito Brigante: All we gotta do is kill them all and take it all.

Carlito Brigante: No prisoners on this one, Jay, just corpses.

[first lines]
Carlito Brigante: Sooner or later, a thug will tell his tale. We all want to go on record. So let's hear it for all the hoods. The Jews out of Brownsville, the blacks on Lennox Avenue, the Italians from Mulberry Street, the Irish in Hell's Kitchen. Like that. Meanwhile, Puerto Rican's been getting jammed since the fortys, and ain't nobody said nothing. Well, I'm gonna lay it on you one time, for the record. My people. They hit New York and filed into the roach stables in Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx. They sat behind the sewing machines, stood behind the steam tables and marched behind the brooms. In other words, they busted their ass. How did I survive growing up? Hustling, thieving, break-in's. Anything for dollars in them days. This here is the story of East Harlem. Blacks on one side, Italians on the other, and Puerto Ricans stuck right there in the middle. And any way you cross the line could get your ass killed!
[gun fires]
Carlito Brigante: For thirty years, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and Blacks all in a three-sided war. No winners but the funeral parlours. And then one day the Italians should up with the dope. That's what made the peace, the heroin business. I hit twenty one in the Elmira Pen, upstate in New York. First whiff of country air for this Puerto Rican.

Carlito Brigante: Now, this is historical. A Puerto Rican, a brother, an Italian, all bunking together in the joint.

Carlito Brigante: Earl was the brains. One of the top numbers guys in Harlem. Inside or out, nothing ever went down without discussing it with Earl. Rocco had all the connections. He was mobbed up with the Pleasant Avenue crew. Rocco didn't talk like no wiseguy. He spoke nice and soft. Dignified.

Rocco: Want to start making some real money, Charlie?
Carlito Brigante: Like, who don't?
Earl: Heroin's taking over.
Rocco: My people, they have a very dependable supply line.
Earl: The Italians see, they ain't going to 125th Street to deal with the brothers, and they ain't going West to deal with the Puerto Ricans. They need distributors in those neighbourhoods. Guys with heart. Guys with brains. Stand up motherfuckers.
Rocco: You can be a part of this Charlie, or you can keep hustling quarters the rest of your life.
Earl: Think about it.

Carlito Brigante: I'm Carlito Brigante. You ever heard of me? Then you know I ain't no fucking dry cleaner. Now, you can leave like you came in. Or you can go in the trunk of my car. All up to you. Comprende?

Carlito Brigante: Let me just give you a ride home.
Leticia: I like to take the train.
Carlito Brigante: No, tonight you're getting a ride.
Leticia: No, thank you.

Carlito Brigante: I'm only letting you out of here, if you have dinner with me. Otherwise, I'm coming into the house, I'm gonna wake everybody up, introduce myself, maybe uh make some coffee.
Leticia: I'm off Thursday.

Carlito Brigante: I got my dignity, my pride.

Carlito Brigante: That kind of macho shit don't fly with what we got here. We can't go to war with this guy.

Sigfredo: I know who you are, Carlito Brigante. You think you own this neighborhood. And all the hard working people, they belong to you, but no. All you, all you own is the junkies.
Carlito Brigante: You got it all wrong, Sigfredo.

Reggie: Why don't you go fuck your dead mother?
Carlito Brigante: Artie.
[Reggie spits on Artie's face]
Carlito Brigante: Fuck.
Artie Jr.: Motherfucker!

Carlito Brigante: For thirty years, man, we've been at war in Harlem. Blacks, Ricans, and Italians. So, here, me, Rocco and Earl put something together, and you want to mess it all up? That ain't right.
Reggie: What do you think you're doing? Putting up schools and nursing homes? You motherfucker's are heroin dealers.

Artie Jr.: Oh, look who's here? Carlito, you buy us all those drinks. You ain't got to leave out the back door.
Carlito Brigante: Reggie fucked up, alright. I apologize.
Artie Jr.: You ain't got to answer to us. He does.

Carlito Brigante: [to Sigfredo] Everyday, I want you to remember one thing. You still alive 'cause of me.

Carlito Brigante: You know, Nicky, I'd never bother you with something like this, but if we don't find them cats soon, those crazy-ass Italians are gonna come over and start shooting up the black side of Harlem.
Hollywood Nicky: [laughs] Carlito. If you don't find the motherfucker's that snatched Arties kid, you the one that's getting shot up.
Carlito Brigante: Yeah, well, that too.
Hollywood Nicky: And as far as them Italians coming my way, if one of them even set foot across Lenox Avenue, the next time you gonna see a live guinea is again is on the leaning tower of Pisa. Now I believe I've been very nice about this situation. I let you and them set up across town from me.
Carlito Brigante: I appreciate that.
Hollywood Nicky: Cause one day, you and them wal-yos, you're gonna run out of dope. And all them junkie motherfucker's you all done raised gonna come scurrying over to me like a bunch of starved cockroaches.
Carlito Brigante: If we run out of dope, you run out of dope too, Nicky.
Hollywood Nicky: I got me a safe house with over three tones of pure Persian. That's enough to keep this city nodding for the next six months.

Carlito Brigante: Walk away, Nacho! Just walk the fuck away!

Buck: You're gonna bring down Hollywood Nicky?
Carlito Brigante: Look, he's got three tones of pure uncut heroin stashed in his safe house.
Rocco: Charlie, nobody knows where that is.
Carlito Brigante: I do.

Little Jeff: Pleasure doing business with you, Carlito.
Carlito Brigante: Pleasure was all mine.