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Dawn Tinsley (Character)
from "The Office" (2001)

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"The Office: Training (#1.4)" (2001)
[Brent believes anything with the Queen's image should be currency]
David Brent: In fact, a postage stamp is legal tender. A bus driver would have to accept that as currency.
Tim: Yeah, that'd happen.
Gareth: Well, if he doesn't, report him.
Tim: Yeah, I'll report him while I'm walking home.
Gareth: Get a taxi, if you've got enough stamps.
Dawn: Or cash 'em in at the Post Office.
David Brent: Shouldn't have to. Shouldn't have to.

Dawn: He proposed on a Valentine's day, although he didn't do it face to face, he did it in one of the little Valentine bits in the paper. I think he had to pay for it by the word, because it just said 'Lee love Dawn, marriage?' which you know, I like, because it's not often you get to something that's both romantic and thrifty.

"The Office: Party (#2.3)" (2002)
[Dawn is introducing consultants to David]
Dawn: David, this is Ray and Jude from... I'm sorry, I've forgotten where you're from.
Ray: Cooper and Webb.
David Brent: Who's Cooper and who's Webb?
Ray: Neither of us.
David Brent: I bet you get that all the time.
Ray: No.

"The Office: Appraisals (#2.2)" (2002)
[Brent is reading Dawn his poem, Excalibur]
David Brent: I froze your tears, and made a dagger / and stabbed it in my cock, forever / it stays there like Excalibur / Are you my Arthur? Say you are.
Dawn: Good...
David Brent: Take this cool dark steeled blade / steal it, sheathe it in your lake / I'd drown with you to be together / Must you breath? 'Cause I need heaven.
Dawn: Ahhhh... it's powerful.
David Brent: Very. And double meanings - did you get the double meanings?
Dawn: I did.

"The Office: Christmas Special: Part 2 (#3.2)" (2003)
Gareth Keenan: [Dawn has just returned to the party after opening her gift from Tim, a set of oil paints. She realizes that she and Tim belong together, walks up to him, and kisses him] Careful, she's got a fiancé.
Dawn Tinsley: [turns to Gareth] I haven't. Not anymore.
[Tim and Dawn kiss again]

"The Office: Work Experience (#1.2)" (2001)
David Brent: [to Donna and Dawn] If you do have any trouble from the men, what does she do, Dawn?
Dawn: Kick them in the balls.
David Brent: Oh! Feminist.
Gareth: [jokingly] Get your bra off.
David Brent: [to Gareth, defensively] Do you want to go out, as well?
Gareth: Sorry, burn your bra. Feminists.

"The Office: Judgement (#1.6)" (2001)
Dawn: Tim's advice is that it is better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb then half way up one you don't.

"The Office: The Quiz (#1.3)" (2001)
[Dawn and Tim are getting a laugh out of pretending Gareth is gay]
Tim: We were wondering if a military man like you, a soldier, er, could you give a man a lethal blow?
Gareth: If I was forced to, I could. If it was absolutely necessary, if he was attacking me.
Tim: What if he was coming, really hard?
Gareth: Yeah, if my life was in danger, yeah.
Dawn: And do you always imagine doing it face to face with a bloke, or could you take a man from behind?
Gareth: Either ways easy.
Dawn: So you could take a man from behind?
Gareth: Yeah.
Dawn: Lovely.

"The Office: Motivation (#2.4)" (2002)
Dawn Tinsley: My old school just recently had a school reunion, ehm, which I didn't go to. But, ehm, one girl in my class it turns out, right, that she's now running her own an internet auction website, making a fortune and is happily married to a marine biologist.
Dawn Tinsley: She used to eat chalk.

"The Office: Downsize (#1.1)" (2001)
David Brent: I'm going to have to let you go first.
Dawn: What? Why?
David Brent: Why? Stealing. Thieving.
Dawn: Thieving? What am I meant to have stolen?
David Brent: Post-It notes.