Leo Johnson
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Leo Johnson (Character)
from "Twin Peaks" (1990)

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"Saturday Night Live: Kyle MacLachlan/Sinéad O'Connor (#16.1)" (1990)
Audrey Horne: Agent Cooper.
Dale Cooper: Audrey. Did you dig up any new leads at the perfume counter?
Audrey Horne: I quit that job as soon as I found out that Leo did it.
Leo Johnson: That's right. I'm the one.
Dale Cooper: [walking over to Leo] I'm talking to Audrey.
Leo Johnson: I got pictures, see?
[pulls his wallet out of his pocket]
Leo Johnson: Here's me, about to kill her. Here's me killing her. Here's me wrapping her in plastic.

Dale Cooper: Maybe Leo did kill Laura Palmer, but... but we still haven't figured out who shot me.
Leo Johnson: I did! Jeez, you saw me!

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.4" (1990)
Sheriff Truman: Morning, Leo.
Leo Johnson: [hostile and beligerent tone] Who the hell is he?
Sheriff Truman: This is Special Agent Cooper, FBI. He's investigating the murder of Laura Palmer. He'd like to ask you a couple of questions.
Leo Johnson: So ask!
Dale Cooper: Leo... is that short for Leonard?
Leo Johnson: That's a question?

Dale Cooper: Did you know Laura Palmer?
Leo Johnson: [after a short pause] No.
Dale Cooper: Really? How well did you know her?
Leo Johnson: I said I didn't!
Dale Cooper: You're lying.
Leo Johnson: [sighs] I knew who she was. Everybody did, all right?
Dale Cooper: Do you have a criminal record?
Leo Johnson: Nothing. You can look it up.
Dale Cooper: I have. Illegal U-turn... April 1986. Drunk and disorderly... November 1987. September 1988, aggravated assult. Charges dropped.
Leo Johnson: So? I paid my debt to society.

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.6" (1990)
[Hank is viciously beating Leo]
Hank Jennings: I told you to mind the store, Leo, not open your own franchise!
Leo Johnson: Hank, I s...
Hank Jennings: Do as you're told, Leo! Next time, you'll watch me take your little chippie apart before I kill you!

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.5" (1990)
[looking at the dead body of Bernard Renault]
Ben Horne: And do we know if the late Bernard gave you up?
Leo Johnson: I told him that if he ever did, I'd kill him.
Ben Horne: Well, did he?
Leo Johnson: No, but he shouldn't have trusted me. Like I said, Bernie wasn't too bright.

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.3" (1990)
Leo Johnson: You punks owe me ten grand! Leo needs a new pair of shoes!

"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.14" (1991)
[last lines]
[Leo enters a cabin in the woods]
Windom Earle: No, no. It's okay. Come in. You look like you've had a hard night. I will help you. Come in. What's your name?
Leo Johnson: Leo.
Windom Earle: Leo. Well, Leo... you can call me Windom. Windom Earle.