Maj. Garland Briggs
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Maj. Garland Briggs (Character)
from "Twin Peaks" (1990)

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"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.20" (1991)
Windom Earle: Your name, please?
Major Briggs: Garland Briggs.
Windom Earle: Garland, what do you fear most... in the world?
Major Briggs: The possibility that love is not enough.

[Windom Earle has Major Briggs tide up to a target mat with a crossbow aimed at him]
Windom Earle: When did you first see the symbol in Owl Cave?
Major Briggs: I'm not at liberty to divulge that information.
Windom Earle: Cheater!
[Windom fires an arrow at Briggs, missing his head by inches]
Windom Earle: What does the cave painting mean?
Major Briggs: [more firm tone] I'm not at liberty to divulge that information.
Windom Earle: Damn, but I love the military mind.
[fires another arrow at Briggs, again missing him]

Major Briggs: Taht mug uoy ekil si gniog ot emoc kcab ni elyts... Taht mug uoy ekil...

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)
Maj. Garland Briggs: This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream, the mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to emanate from it a light from within, this gleaming, radiant marble. I'd known this place. I had in fact been born and raised there. This was my first return. A reunion with the deepest well-springs of my being. Wandering about, I noticed happily that the house had been immaculately maintained. There'd been added a number of additional rooms, but in a way that blended so seamlessly with the original construction, one would never detect any difference. Returning to the house's grand foyer, there came a knock at the door. My son was standing there. He was happy and carefree, clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy. We embraced, a warm and loving embrace, nothing withheld. We were, in this moment, one. My vision ended and I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision of you. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best in all things.

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.4" (1990)
Major Briggs: Any time a man dies in war, he dies too soon.