Catherine Martell
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Catherine Martell (Character)
from "Twin Peaks" (1990)

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"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.10" (1990)
Catherine Packard Martell: Hello Harry.
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: Forgive my saying so Catherine, but aren't you dead?

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.2" (1990)
Catherine Packard Martell: You know what shenanigans are, don't you?

"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.8" (1990)
Catherine Martell: Who are you?
Shelly Johnson: Shelly Johnson.
Catherine Martell: Do you know who called me here?
Shelly Johnson: No! I don't know anything, just please help me!
Catherine Martell: Be quiet... I'm thinking...

"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.11" (1990)
[last lines]
[Andrew Packard is revealed to be alive]
Catherine Martell: Happy, Andrew?
Andrew Packard: Yes. Everything is going exactly as we planned.
Catherine Martell: What now, dear brother?
Andrew Packard: Now my dear sister, we wait for Thomas Eckart to come looking for his one true love. And when he does...
Catherine Martell: We'll be waiting.