Jerry Horne
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Jerry Horne (Character)
from "Twin Peaks" (1990)

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"Twin Peaks: Episode #1.3" (1990)
Jerry Horne: We had those Vikings by the horns! What happened?
Ben Horne: We're not 100% sure. They took their translator with them.

Jerry Horne: Did you say Leland Palmer's daughter is dead? Man... now I'm depressed...

Jerry Horne: Sweetheart, I'd like to order two drinks. One double scotch on the rocks, and my brother would like a double scotch on the rocks.
Bartender at One-Eyed Jack's: That's two double scotch on the rocks.
Jerry Horne: Next step: rocket science!

"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.8" (1990)
[Ben is held in custody]
Jerry Horne: I demand you either release my client or arrest him!
Sheriff Truman: Okay. Ben Horne, I arrest you for the murder of Laura Palmer.
Benjamin Horne: Great going, Jer.

Jerry Horne: [to Ben Horne] As your lawyer, your brother, and your friend, I highly recommend that you get a better lawyer.

"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.15" (1991)
Jerry Horne: Now, Audrey, you know I was upset too, but there's some projects, both domestic and international, that *I*'d like a chance to develop. I mean, one man's crisis is another man's opportunity.
[kisses her forehead]
Audrey Horne: Let me tell you something, Uncle Jerry. We leave him the way he is, and I become executor of the estate.
Jerry Horne: Oh, Audrey, it's a little more complicated than that, sweetheart.
Audrey Horne: No it isn't. I examined his will, Jerry. If my father becomes incapacitated, it all goes to me when I'm old enough. And I *am* old enough, Jer, and he *is* incapacitated. I have my way either way. Where the only project you'll be developing is selling baseboard heaters at the local Cash 'n' Carry.
Jerry Horne: [sees the light] What's happened to the man is a tragedy.
Audrey Horne: It is a tragedy, Jer.