Amy Rainey
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Amy Rainey (Character)
from Secret Window (2004)

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Secret Window (2004)
Ted: Maybe I should take a walk around the block.
Amy: Yes, that'd be good.
Mort: Aw heck, Ted, live a little - make it two. Rubbernecker.

Amy: You were always gone.
Mort: I worked from home, Amy.

Amy: But I just wanted you to be happy, Mort.
Mort: Well, I guess you shouldn't HAVE FUCKED HIM THEN.
[slams phone on receiver and cracks his jaw]

Amy: Will you call me if you need anything?
Mort: I doubt it.

Amy: [seeing Mort wearing Shooter's hat] Jesus, Mort. Where'd did you get that old thing? The attic?
Mort: It's mine. Wasn't ever anybody else's.