Howard Saint
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Howard Saint (Character)
from The Punisher (2004)

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The Punisher (2004)
Frank Castle: Howard Saint. Howard Saint!
[Saint stops fleeing]
Frank Castle: You took everything from me.
Howard Saint: You killed my son.
John Saint: [from inside the club] NO...!
[muffled explosion]
Frank Castle: Both of them.

Howard Saint: [to the Toros] Fourteen shipments are perfect. One goes bad and I get this. Why? Because you want to scare me? There's no insurance in this business, you know that. So I'm not covering your fucking losses! And Mike, if you don't like it, just remember one thing: I've got more guns than you do.
[Saint turns away. Mike holds up the cigar he palmed]
Mike Toro: It's not even Cuban, Howard! It's Honduran!
[the Toros leave]
Quentin Glass: They're animals. With all due respect, we *don't* have more guns. It's my duty to inform you...
Howard Saint: It's your duty... to make Castle dead! I don't care what it takes, what it costs! Call the Russian.

[Frank approaches a mortally wounded Saint, and throws down pictures of Quentin with his boyfriend]
Frank Castle: I made you kill your best friend.
[after a pause, Frank throws down Livia's earring]
Frank Castle: I made you kill your wife.
Howard Saint: [moans] Oh, God...
Frank Castle: Now I've killed you.

Livia Saint: [after Howard accuses her of cheating with Glass] Howard, Quentin was gay.
Howard Saint: You'd say anything.
[slapping her across the face]

John Saint: [via cell phone] Pop, you're not going to believe this.
Howard Saint: Oh, I think I might.
[discovering Frank Castle's discarded gravestone on the golf course]

John Saint: Where've you been? Where's Quentin?
Howard Saint: Oh, he's wrapped up in something.
John Saint: I called home, no one was there.
Howard Saint: Your mother's gone.
John Saint: What?
Howard Saint: She took the train.

Howard Saint: How is he still alive? I don't know, Quentin, I wasn't there. Why is he still alive? Now that's an interesting question. Maybe he's still alive because he was meant to suffer more, I don't know. But how can we make him suffer if we can't find him?
Quentin Glass: He's daring us.
Howard Saint: No, no. He misses his family and he wants to die. He's asking for help. So, let's help him.