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Vrestin (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Zarbi (#2.17)" (1965)
Vrestin: The Zarbi will treat them as enemies. If we refuse to help them, they will not survive.
Hrhoonda: Her future is no concern of ours. Hrostar, she was under the force of the Zarbi. Why did you break it?
Barbara Wright: Look, all we want to do is get away from here. These Zarbi that you seem frightened of, maybe we can help you.

Hrhoonda: If we let her go, she may tell the Zarbi where they can find us.
Vrestin: No.
Hrhoonda: Even if she does not wish to betray us, they will extort it from her.
Vrestin: There are few of us and many of the Zarbi. She offers help.
Hrhoonda: She is not to be trusted. I say kill her.

Hrhoonda: Vrestin, use that and we shall all be destroyed. The Zarbi are all around us. If you break communicator silence, they will know where they may find us.
Vrestin: If we do not contact our forces, they face destruction. We must warn them of the power of the Animus.
Hrostar: And of the strength of the larvae gun.
Vrestin: The Zarbi are massed together against us.

"Doctor Who: Escape to Danger (#2.18)" (1965)
Menoptra Vrestin: That is the way to the Crater of Needles.
Ian Chesterton: How far?
Menoptra Vrestin: You cannot fly. It will take two hours.

Menoptra Vrestin: Get back! The ground is giving way.
Ian Chesterton: Here, take hold of my hand.
Menoptra Vrestin: Let go! You will be pulled down with me.

"Doctor Who: Invasion (#2.20)" (1965)
Vrestin: Heron, what should we do?
Ian Chesterton: We go up.

"Doctor Who: The Centre (#2.21)" (1965)
Vrestin: The light is good.

"Doctor Who: Crater of Needles (#2.19)" (1965)
Vrestin: It seems as if we fell a long, long way.
Ian Chesterton: Look. Where are we?