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Capt. Mike Yates (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Dæmons: Episode One (#8.21)" (1971)
Capt. Mike Yates: I see. So all we've got to deal with is something which is either too small to see or thirty feet tall, can incinerate you or freeze you to death, turn stone images into homicidal monsters and looks like the devil.
The Doctor: Exactly.

"Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks: Episode One (#9.1)" (1972)
[Jo brings the hungry Sergeant Benton some food]
Sergeant Benton: Ah, you've saved my life.
Captain Yates: [offscreen] Sergeant Benton!
Sergeant Benton: [jumping to attention] Sir!
[to himself]
Sergeant Benton: Oh, no.
Captain Yates: [entering] Just what do you think you're up to, Benton?
Sergeant Benton: Uh, I was just checking, sir.
Captain Yates: Yes, well I want you to go and check on number 3 patrol. Move, Sergeant Benton.
Sergeant Benton: Sir.
[he leaves]
Captain Yates: Jo, how thoughtful.
[he helps himself to the cheese and wine that Benton didn't even get to touch]
Jo Grant: That wasn't very kind of you.
Captain Yates: RHIP, Jo.
Jo Grant: Pardon?
Captain Yates: Rank Has Its Privileges.