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Ben Jackson (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks: Episode 1 (#4.9)" (1966)
Ben Jackson: [Ben picks up the Doctor's ring from the floor] Now look, the Doctor always wore this. So, if you're him it should fit, now shouldn't it?
[Ben grabs the Doctor's hand, and slips the ring on. However, the ring is far too big for the Doctor's finger]
Ben Jackson: There... That settles it!
The Doctor: I'd like to see a butterfly fit into a chrysalis case after it's spreads its wings.
Polly Wright: Then you did change!
The Doctor: Life depends on change, and renewal.
Ben Jackson: [sarcastically] Oh, so that's it, you've been renewed, have ya?
The Doctor: [taking Ben's remark seriously] I've been renewed, have I? That's it, I've been renewed! It's part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn't survive.

[first lines]
Polly Wright: [inside the TARDIS, the Doctor is regenerating. Ben and Polly watch in amazement as the frail old man changes into a younger figure. Ben and Polly discuss the "new" Doctor lying on the floor of the TARDIS] His face, his hair. Look at it!
Ben Jackson: He's breathing, and the TARDIS seems to be normal.
Polly Wright: Ben, what are we going to do? We can't just leave the Doctor there.
Ben Jackson: What, him? The Doctor?
Polly Wright: Well that's who came through the doors - there was no one else outside. Ben, do you remember what he said in the tracking room? Something about "This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin".
Ben Jackson: So he gets himself a new one?
Polly Wright: Well, yes.
Ben Jackson: Do me a favor!
Polly Wright: Then whatever happened, happened in here.
Ben Jackson: But it's impossible!
Polly Wright: Not so long ago we'd have been saying that about a lot of things.
The Doctor: [the Doctor awakens and mutters to himself] Slower. Slower. Concentrate on one thing. One thing. It's over. Hmm, hmm, hmm. It's over.
Ben Jackson: Doctor?
The Doctor: [the Doctor turns and stumbles over the console. Mutters to himself] The muscles are still a bit tight.
Ben Jackson: What are we gonna do?
Polly Wright: It is the Doctor. I know it is... - I think.
Ben Jackson: It's not only his face that's changed. - He doesn't even act like him. Come on, it's time we sorted this out.

Ben Jackson: [Ben walks over to confront the stranger] Now look here!
The Doctor: [thrusts a mirror into Ben's hands] Hold that. Tilt it.
[the doctor sees his previous incarnation in a mirror]
Ben Jackson: [referring to the mirror] Have you done with this?
The Doctor: Put it down. Put it down.
Ben Jackson: Now, what's the game?
The Doctor: [ignoring Ben, the Doctor pulls out an ornamental dagger from one of his pockets. He examines the object thoughtfully] Ah! The Crusades, from Saladin. The Doctor was a great collector wasn't he!
Polly Wright: But you're the Doctor!
The Doctor: Oh, I don't look like him.
Ben Jackson: Who are we?
The Doctor: Don't you know?
[places the dagger back in his pocket, and then brings out a dull-looking piece of metal. A look of fear appears on his face]
The Doctor: Extermination.
[Ben and Polly look at each in mutual puzzlement. The Doctor replaces the metal back in his pocket, and gives a cry of joy when he discovers a magnifying glass. Peering through the magnifying glass, the Doctor studies his hands]
The Doctor: Ah... Oh, very good. Nails need growing.

The Doctor: Come here!
The Doctor: Come here. The Doctor kept a diary, didn't he?
Polly Wright: Yes.
The Doctor: I thought so. I wonder where. I wonder where.
Polly Wright: He's a very different Doctor, Ben.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, maybe. Just where do we stand, though?
Polly Wright: Doctor? Doctor, what's going to happen to us?
The Doctor: I think... I think we must have landed for sometime. I think it's time we went for a stroll.
Polly Wright: But you don't know where we've landed!
Ben Jackson: No! You haven't checked the oxygen or the temperature or anything!
The Doctor: [not looking up from the 500 Year Old Diary] Oxygen density 172, radiation nil, temperature 86, strong suggestion of mercury deposits. Satisfied, Ben? Now, are you two coming or are you not?
Polly Wright: He does know us! He said "Ben", didn't you hear him?
Ben Jackson: Yeah, I heard. But he might just have been copying you though, mightn't he?

The Doctor: [about the Dalek metal] A hundred years you say this has been buried?
Lesterson: Oh, at least. Now, there must be something in the inner compartment. We shall be able to find out where it came from originally.
The Doctor: It didn't come from this planet - Vulcan.
Lesterson: Oh no, no, no. The metal is quite alien.
The Doctor: Alien, yes. Very alien. Goodnight.
[the Doctor rapidly and abruptly leaves the lab]
Ben Jackson: What's he up to now?
Polly Wright: Ben, we're not going to let him out of our sight.

[last lines]
The Doctor: [Ben and Polly follow the Doctor into the capsule and find the cobwebbed Daleks] Polly, Ben... come in and meet the Daleks.
Ben Jackson: What?
The Doctor: The Daleks.
Polly Wright: You could have opened this before!
The Doctor: These two pieces of metal are identical. The Doctor got one of them from the Daleks himself.
Ben Jackson: Why do you keep saying the Doctor if you mean you?
The Doctor: I knew I should find them here, I knew it.
Ben Jackson: Ah, they look harmless, not very lively.
Polly Wright: What do you think? Two hundred years in a swamp and you wouldn't look very lively either. Nothing could live through that could it?
Ben Jackson: Live?
The Doctor: Nothing human. No.
Polly Wright: Doctor, look!
Ben Jackson: What's the matter?
The Doctor: [the Doctor has noticed something strange about the floor. He bends down to examine it] There were three Daleks in here! What's happened to the other one?
[Behind the Doctor, a gruesome claw-like appendage crawls from out of the shadows. Paralysed with fear, Ben chokes]
Ben Jackson: Doctor!
[Polly gasps, as the Doctor turns to confront the horror]

"Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks: Episode 2 (#4.10)" (1966)
[first lines]
Ben Jackson: Doctor, look!
[Polly screams. The Doctor and Ben stare transfixed at the pulsating claw. Ben slowly moves towards the claw, but the Doctor quickly drags him back. The movement appears to alarm the claw - it scuttles back into the shadows]
The Doctor: A light. A torch outside.
Ben Jackson: Did you see it?
The Doctor: Quickly Ben, quickly!

The Doctor: Now, Lesterson's fanatic. The Governor's jealous of his own position. What does that suggest to you?
[the Doctor answers himself]
The Doctor: Dunno. Hadn't thought about it. That all is not well with this colony. Add to that one Dalek!
Ben Jackson: Oh, blimey, you don't half make mountains, don't you? One Dalek?
The Doctor: [explaining] Yes! All that is needed to wipe out this entire colony.

Ben Jackson: Of course, the real Doctor was always going on about the Daleks.
Polly Wright: Real Doctor?
The Doctor: Real Doctor? Oh, you mean the real Doctor.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, now I've seen that claw thing, well, wouldn't want to shake hands with it, let's put it that way.
Polly Wright: Doctor, look, if they're that dangerous, what are you going to do about it?
The Doctor: Save my breath. Would Lesterson listen? Uh, uh. Lesterson listen. Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen. Exercises the tongue. Try it! Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...
Ben Jackson: Look, they think you're the Examiner, order them to destroy the Daleks! Well, chuck your weight about.
Polly Wright: [repeating in the background] Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...
Polly Wright, The Doctor: [in unison] Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...
Lesterson: [interrupts] What do you think you're doing in here?
[the Doctor looks towards the ceiling]

Ben Jackson: You know, it's little things like this that make it difficult to believe that you're the Doctor.
The Doctor: Ahh.
Ben Jackson: The other one, I mean. The proper one. Oh nuts, you know what I mean.
The Doctor: Nuts? Yes, certainly, here we are. Crackers?
Ben Jackson: You, my old china, are an out and out phoney!
The Doctor: China, yes, I went there once I believe. Met Marco Polo!
Ben Jackson: No, not China. China! China and plate, mate, friend.
The Doctor: Yes, Marco Polo a friend? I believe he was.
Polly Wright: Don't listen to him, Doctor. I know who you are.

Hensell: [to the Doctor] Examiner. You seem to be in two minds.
Ben Jackson: [quietly] Yeah, and two bodies.

"Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace: Episode 4 (#4.22)" (1967)
[last lines]
The Doctor: Right. Off we go into the wide blue yonder, as someone was once heard to remark.
Polly Wright: Hooray.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, I'm not sorry to be out of that place. Poo, Jamie you don't half stink of fish!
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh, you want to take a wee sniff of yourself, Benjamin. He's not exactly a bonnie bunch of heather.
[Ben laughs]
The Doctor: You sound very happy, Jamie.
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh aye, Doctor, I am now. You know I never thought I'd say this, but well it's great.
Polly Wright: What is?
Jamie McCrimmon: All this. I'll never know what makes it go, mind you, but, well at least I feel safe in here. It's only the wee things outside that are, well, alarming.
The Doctor: You've got a point there.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, you can say that again.
Jamie McCrimmon: It's a fact, though, Doctor? You can't exactly control the TARDIS?
The Doctor: Control it? Course I can control it.
Jamie McCrimmon: No-no what I meant was, can you not exactly make it go where you mean it to?
The Doctor: If I wanted to. It's just that I've never wanted to.
Ben Jackson: Oh, yes, I bet.
Polly Wright: Ooow.
The Doctor: Right! Just for that, I'll show you. Now, where shall we go? I know, let's go to Mars.
[the Doctor operates a control. The TARDIS lurches violently]
Polly Wright: Aaah! Doctor, what's happening?
Ben Jackson: Can't you do something?
The Doctor: Do something? I seem to have done something. It's all your fault, wanting me to tamper with the steering. I'm very sorry, everybody, but I'm afraid the Tardis is out of control!
Polly Wright: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Guard: [on the Doctor] How do I know he's a wanted man?
Ben: [posing as a guard] Well, blimey, look at him.He ain't normal, is he?

"Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace: Episode 1 (#4.19)" (1967)
Jamie McCrimmon: [the TARDIS lands] That wasn't too bad. Let's go outside, Doctor.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, Come on, Jamie, you and me first. We never know, you know.
Jamie McCrimmon: What?
Ben Jackson: We don't know what could be waiting for us out there, do we? Come on, Doctor, open up.
The Doctor: Yes, I don't see why not. It looks alright to me.
[the doors open]
The Doctor: Wait!
[the others stop in their tracks]
The Doctor: ... For me. Ha-ha-ha...

[first lines]
Jamie McCrimmon: [upon entering the TARDIS for the first time, he looks around him. The central column rises and falls] What's this?
The Doctor: You'll find out.
[operates the controls]
Jamie McCrimmon: Ah, I don't think I want to.
Ben Jackson: It's a machine, my old haggis; it's taken you away from Scotland forever.
Jamie McCrimmon: Where to?
Ben Jackson: Ah, well, that as the Doctor would say, that is in the lap of the gods. We never know.
Jamie McCrimmon: Ah, you'd not be leading me on now, would you? It's a fact; you don't know where we're going?
Polly Wright: Quite true, and what's more we don't even know what year it will be either.
Jamie McCrimmon: Och, now, I don't believe it.
The Doctor: "Nae man can tether time nor tide" - Robert Burns.
Jamie McCrimmon: Hey? Who's Robert Burns?
The Doctor: Oh, I should have remembered.
Polly Wright: What?
The Doctor: Well to Jamie, it's seventeen forty six. Robert Burns wasn't born until seventeen fifty nine.
Ben Jackson: It's all complicated, isn't it?
Jamie McCrimmon: What's happening now?
The Doctor: We're just beginning to land. Hold tight, everyone.
Jamie McCrimmon: Land?
Polly Wright: Don't be scared, Jamie, it's alright, really.
Ben Jackson: I get a sort of queer feeling. See, we never know what we're going to find, do we?
The Doctor: Ah that's the fun. Stand by, here we go.
Polly Wright: Please let it be Chelsea nineteen sixty six.
Ben Jackson: Hope it's the Daleks, I don't think.
The Doctor: Prehistoric monsters...

"Doctor Who: The Moonbase: Episode 3 (#4.25)" (1967)
[last lines]
Polly: [rubbing herself] Oh, it's freezing. Do you think we should have our suits on?
Ben: Oh no, it's all right love. Get a gorgeous suntan.
Hobson: Can't see anything.
Nils: Just to the left of the launching area. Around a bit to your left.
Hobson: [peering] Still can't see anything.
Benoit: [pointing] No, it's there, look! Reflections from the sun!
[There is a flash of silver]
Hobson: You're right. There is something. It's them! They're coming! Everybody inside! Quick!
[they all rush back inside the protected dome as a group of Cybermen make their way to the Moonbase]

Ben: Not you, Polly. This is men's work.

"Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet: Episode 1 (#4.5)" (1966)
Cyberman: You will be wondering what has happened. Your astronomers will have just discovered a new planet. Is that not so?
Barclay: Yes, that's right.
Cyberman: That is where we come from. It is called Mondas.
Ben Jackson: Mondas?
Barclay: Mondas? But isn't that one of the ancient names of Earth?
Cyberman: Yes. Aeons ago our planets were twins then we drifted away from you on a journey to the edge of space. Now we have returned.

Polly Wright: It's 1986! Oh no, and I thought we'd be able to get home!
Ben Jackson: Yeah, we're still at sea. Hey, but that'll explain the few people. And them computers must all work now! And what if they've got to the moon yet?
Dyson: Sure! Don't you listen to the news?
Ben Jackson: You mean you have sent people to the moon?
Dyson: Yeah, an expedition just returned!

"Doctor Who: The Moonbase: Episode 1 (#4.23)" (1967)
[first lines]
Ben Jackson: Doctor, do something!
The Doctor: I'm trying to!
[the Doctor adjusts some controls and soon everything returns to normal]
The Doctor: Everything back under control again.
Ben Jackson: Here, we're landing! Look! Coming at a fair rate!
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh, thank the lord for that. You know, Doctor, I'll never ask you to do that again.
The Doctor: I see no reason for that.
Polly Wright: [staring at the scanner] Anyway, Doctor, you... you've done it. It's Mars! It must be. You've landed the TARDIS exactly where you said you would.

Voice from Space Control: International Space Control Earth calling Weather Control Moon - come in please.
Nils: [into the microphone] Moonport - standing by.
Ben Jackson: It's never done that before, Doctor.
Hobson: Hobson here.
Voice from Space Control: What's happening up there? The hurricane you were guiding is now forty five degrees off course. It's threatening Hawaii.
Hobson: One of my men were taken ill. We're operational again now.
Voice from Space Control: The controller would like to know the cause of the illness.
Hobson: Yes, so would we. We've now got three men down with this mysterious virus in the past few hours - including the Doctor.
Voice from Space Control: One moment please. Stand by for further instructions.
Hobson: Just hang on for another couple of minutes lads. We better hear what the great Mr. Rinberg has to say.
Nils: Nobby?
Hobson: Yes.
Nils: There it is again. I'll play it back to you.
Hobson: [recorded voice from the tape] "Yes, so would we. We've now got three men down with this mysterious virus in the past few hours - including the Doctor."
Voice from Space Control: [recorded voice from the tape] "One moment please. Stand by for further instructions."
Nils: Here the big noise ratio on that re-run. We're being monitored again.
Hobson: Monitored?
Nils: Someone, not too far away from the base, is listening to every word we say.

"Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet: Episode 4 (#4.8)" (1966)
Dr. Who: [regaining consciousness] Hmm... what was that you said, my boy?
Ben: [glances in confusion at Polly, then back to the Doctor]
Dr. Who: [speaking more clearly] It's all over. That's what you said.
Dr. Who: No.
[slightly longer pause]
Dr. Who: It's far from being all over.

"Doctor Who: The Macra Terror: Episode 3 (#4.29)" (1967)
The Doctor: Hello, Ben. Don't go. Come in. Don't be afraid.
Ben Jackson: I have nothing to be afraid of.
The Doctor: No, of course not. It wasn't your fault you betrayed your friends.
Ben Jackson: The voices tell me what to do.
The Doctor: The voices may not be right, Ben.
Ben Jackson: I do what I am told.
The Doctor: Yes, I know. That's why you're here, isn't it? To spy on me. What does Control want to know this time? Won't you answer me? You know, Ben, this is very unlike you.
Ben Jackson: I don't know what you mean. It is my duty.
The Doctor: It's hard for you to struggle against the voices, isn't it, Ben? But I warn you, if you spy on the others, watch out Jamie doesn't catch you. He's not so tolerant as I am.

"Doctor Who: The Macra Terror: Episode 2 (#4.28)" (1967)
Ben Jackson: [Polly screams] What's the matter with you?
[Polly points into the darkness]
Ben Jackson: There's nothing there.
Polly Wright: But, there was! I saw it! A huge face, like an insect, or a giant crab. It was horrible and it was looking at us and... And... And it had claws. Claws like we saw on the time scanner.
Ben Jackson: There's nothing there. Come on.
Polly Wright: No, not that way.
Ben Jackson: Look you're just trying to dodge off.
Polly Wright: No, no. Please no. I'm not, but... but please look.
Ben Jackson: There is nothing there!
Polly Wright: Ben.
[the Macra creature appears]
Polly Wright: What is it?
Ben Jackson: I... I don't know.
Polly Wright: Well, what are we going to do?
Ben Jackson: There is nothing evil or harmful in this colony.
Polly Wright: How can you believe that sludge?
Ben Jackson: It stands to reason. It's safe. There is nothing here.
[a giant claw grabs Polly. Ben grabs a piece of timber and desperately beats at the claw]
Polly Wright: [screams] Ben! What is it? Help me! Get it off me, Ben! It's got my foot! Oh, Ben! Help me, Ben! Help me! Help me!
[She screams. Ben fights the creature. The creature releases Polly and moves away]
Polly Wright: Oh, it was horrible!
Ben Jackson: It's all right. I think it's going away.
[Polly is still shaken]
Polly Wright: Ben, behind you! There's another one!
Polly Wright: Ahh! Ben, they're all around us!
Ben Jackson: Polly, you make a run for it, and I'll keep them here.
Polly Wright: No, you won't stand a chance.
Ben Jackson: We can't stop here. Come on, quick! Ahh!
Polly Wright: Ahh!
[Polly and Ben run straight into a Macra]

"Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks: Episode 6 (#4.14)" (1966)
[last lines]
Ben Jackson: [about the Daleks] Oh, you needn't worry about them anymore, Doctor. Just a heap of old iron now.

"Doctor Who: The Highlanders: Episode 1 (#4.15)" (1966)
Redcoat Sergeant: [to his soldiers] All right you scum, proceed with the hanging.
Ben Jackson: Well, you can't hang us with the officer away.
Redcoat Sergeant: Why do you think he went away? Got a delicate stomach, he has. Always leaves the dirty stuff to me. Right! Get 'em up!
[the Soldiers move into position and begin to pull the ropes taut]
Ben Jackson: Yeah.
Redcoat Sergeant: Take the strain! Stand by!
[a drum rolls, as The Doctor, Ben, Jamie and Colin stand on their tiptoes, with ropes around their necks]

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 2 (#4.32)" (1967)
[last lines]
Ben Jackson: Somebody, help me... please... I'm suffocating... Quickly, somebody help me please... I'm suffocating... Help me, please!

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 3 (#4.33)" (1967)
[first lines]
Ben Jackson: Somebody, help me... please... I'm suffocating... Quickly, somebody help me please... I'm suffocating... Help me, please!

"Doctor Who: The Macra Terror: Episode 4 (#4.30)" (1967)
[last lines]
Ben Jackson: Hey, Doctor? Doctor?
The Doctor: Relax. Relax. More haste, more waste. Pleasure is beautiful.
Ben Jackson: Relax? You wait till you hear what they're going to do with you.
The Doctor: Oh, well. Ha, ha, ha.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, I just heard it on the grapevine. They're going to draft us as members of the Colony, and make you the next Pilot.
[the Doctor stops laughing]
The Doctor: They can't do that to me. Let's get out of here.
Ben Jackson: Yes, but how?
The Doctor: Take a leaf out of Jamie's book. Give them the old dance routine.
[the Doctor, Polly, and Ben enthusiastically join in with Jamie's dancing, slowly edging closer to the door]