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Sabalom Glitz (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Thirteen (#23.13)" (1986)
Sabalom Glitz: Here. This is for you. Now, if you don't mind telling me, how do I get out of here?
The Doctor: It's from the Master.
Sabalom Glitz: I know. I've just given it to you.

The Doctor: He's playing games. Wants to humiliate me first.
Sabalom Glitz: Oh, I see. He humiliates you by throwing harpoons at ME.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Four (#23.4)" (1986)
Sabalom Glitz: Don't think about it, Dibber. You'll give yourself a hernia.

The Doctor: Strange how low cunning succeeds where intelligent reasoning fails.
Sabalom Glitz: Don't knock low cunning, Doctor. You're still here, aren't you?

"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part Two (#24.13)" (1987)
Sabalom Glitz: It's no use, Doctor. Even if we did find the treasure, it'd take us longer than seventy-two hours, and Belazs said if I didn't return Kane's money within seventy-two hours they'd confiscate my spacecraft.
The Doctor: Well, why don't you explain the problem to him?
Sabalom Glitz: Oh, he'd slice his own mother up to make a point. If he was a mortician, the corpses'd keep their eyes open.

The Doctor: Hello. Not interrupting anything, am I?
Belazs: What are YOU doing here!
The Doctor: That's a very difficult question. Why is everyone around here so preoccupied with metaphysics?
Sabalom Glitz: I think she's going to kill us, Doctor.
The Doctor: Ah, an existentialist.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Two (#23.2)" (1986)
Dibber: [looking on as tribesmen build a pyre for Sabalom Glitz] What a terrible waste.
Sabalom Glitz: You're tellin' me?
Dibber: No, I meant the wood. Now, if I'd a hand in this execution I'd go with a bullet in the back o' the 'ead. Much more economical.
Peri Brown: He has a point.
Sabalom Glitz: Of all the snivilin' skreez t' be stuck with in my moment of need, I have to get you two.

Sabalom Glitz: I always knew exercise was bad for you.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part One (#23.1)" (1986)
Sabalom Glitz: You know, Dibber, I'm the product of a broken home.
Dibber: Um, you have mentioned it on occasion, Mr. Glitz.
Sabalom Glitz: Which sort of unbalanced me. Made me selfish to the point where I cannot stand competition.
Dibber: Know the feeling only too well, Mr. Glitz.
Sabalom Glitz: Whereas yours is a simple case of sociopathy, Dibber, my malaise is much more complex - "A deep-rooted maladjustment," my psychiatrist said, "brought on by a infantile inability to come to terms with the more pertinent, concrete aspects of life."
Dibber: Well, that sounds more like an insult than a diagnosis, Mr. Glitz.
Sabalom Glitz: You're right there, my lad. Mind you, I had just attempted to kill him. Oh, I do hate prison psychiatrists, don't you?

[Glitz explodes a grenade near the Tribe of the Free to get their rapt attention. He calls to one of them]
Sabalom Glitz: Come here you ignorant, maggot ridden peasent!
[to Dibber]
Sabalom Glitz: Somehow I always feel foolish saying this
[Addressing the Free]
Sabalom Glitz: Take me to your leader!

"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part One (#24.12)" (1987)
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: The money?
Sabalom Glitz: Gone the way of all organic matter, I'm afraid: down the tubes.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Three (#23.3)" (1986)
Sabalom Glitz: [thinking he's figured out the Doctor] He's got no more interest in the scientific side of things than I have.
Dibber: Well, you didn't fool him telling him you were a philatelist, did you, Mr. Glitz?
Sabalom Glitz: PHILANTHROPIST, you ignorant dink. Didn't you learn nothin' in that remand home?
Dibber: Well, whatever the word, he guessed that YOU weren't one.
Sabalom Glitz: Don't I LOOK like a philanthropist?
Dibber: Well, how do I know? I've never seen one.
Sabalom Glitz: A philanthropist, my son, is someone who gives away all their grotzis out of the simple goodness of their heart.
Dibber: [without even a hint of pretense] Ah, you mean they're stupid. Ah, yeah, you probably do look like one, then.
Sabalom Glitz: Get down that hole.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Fourteen (#23.14)" (1986)
The Master: [attempting to hypnotize Glitz with a swinging watch] Are you listening, Sabalom Glitz?
Sabalom Glitz: Not really. I was just wondering how many grotzis this little bauble cost you.