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Adric (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken: Part One (#18.21)" (1981)
The Doctor: What can we do for you, Keeper?
The Keeper of Traken: Listen closely, Doctor. As you see, the passing ages have taken toll of me.
The Doctor: Yes, yes, I know that feeling.
The Keeper of Traken: But unlike you, my time of Dissolution is near, and the power entrusted to me is ebbing away.
The Doctor: Oh, come on. It's still fairly impressive. I mean, I couldn't flit around the universe in an old chair like this.
The Keeper of Traken: I have all the minds of the Union to draw on. I am only the organising principle. It is on that count I ask you to come to Traken.
The Doctor: Right!
The Keeper of Traken: Think carefully before you agree, there is great danger in this. For you and your young friend.
The Doctor: How so, Keeper?
The Keeper of Traken: I fear that our beloved world of Traken faces disaster.
Adric: [whispers] Universal harmony, you said.
The Doctor: Shh.
The Keeper of Traken: The Doctor does not exaggerate. Since the time of the Keepers, our Union has been the most harmonious the universe has ever seen. Does the boy not know of this?
The Doctor: Oh, he's not local. E-Space wasn't it?
[the Keeper disappears]
The Doctor: Where's he gone?
The Keeper of Traken: [reappearing] How vain one still can be? I thought the whole universe knew the history of our little Empire.
The Doctor: Yes. They say the atmosphere there was so full of goodness that evil just shrivelled up and died. Maybe that's why I never went there.
The Keeper of Traken: Rumor does not exaggerate, Doctor.

[first lines]
Adric: So, this is N-Space?
The Doctor: Yes, the old home universe. It's many times larger than anything you're used to.
Adric: All those stars.
The Doctor: Yes.
Adric: Do you know them all?
The Doctor: Well, just the interesting ones.
Adric: How can you tell which is which?
The Doctor: Well, law of probability, that sort of thing, you know. Anyway, we're supposed to be on our way back to Gallifrey.
Adric: I don't see what the law of probability's got to do with it.
The Doctor: No... what? Adric, I give you a privileged insight into the mystery of time, yes?
Adric: Yes.
The Doctor: Opened your mind to adventures beyond imagining, yes?
Adric: Yes.
The Doctor: And you criticize my logic?
Adric: No. No, I'm just saying that a lot of the time you don't really make sense.
The Doctor: Ah! Ah! Oh, you've noticed that, have you? Well, I mean, anyone can talk sense. As long as that's understood, you and I are going to get on splendidly.

Adric: Then where are we?
The Doctor: Metulla Orionsis, I'd say. Does that make sense?
Adric: That's what it says here.
The Doctor: Yes, that's an interesting planetary system.
Adric: Traken, isn't it?
The Doctor: Eh? You're beginning to get the hang of this console. Yes, Traken. "Traken Union. Famous for its universal harmony". A whole Empire held together by...
Adric: By?
The Doctor: Well, by people just being terribly nice to each other.
Adric: Well, that makes a change.
The Doctor: Yes.

The Doctor: Now, what seems to be the problem?
Adric: We've gone into orbit round one of the planets.
The Doctor: I thought so.
Adric: Thought what?
The Doctor: I thought you might appreciate it if I gave you the impression I knew what was happening. We could panic of course, but where would that get us?
Adric: What's happening?
The Doctor: I don't know.
Adric: Well, you should know!
The Doctor: Adric.
Adric: Well, you are a Time Lord, aren't you?
The Doctor: Adric. If I knew everything that was going to happen, where would the fun be?
[spotting the Keeper]
The Doctor: Hello.
The Keeper of Traken: How do you do?
The Doctor: It's alright, Adric.
[points to the Keeper]
The Doctor: The Keeper Of Traken.
The Keeper of Traken: Well-guessed, Doctor. The reports I hear of your intelligence are true, I see.
The Doctor: Oh, well, it wasn't difficult to guess who'd taken possession of the TARDIS. There can't be many people in the universe with the capacity of just dropping in like this.
Adric: Well, you could have told me.
The Doctor: Shh-shh... Time reveals everything, Adric.

The Keeper of Traken: Doctor, my time is close. I need your help.
The Doctor: Anything I can do, Keeper.
Adric: Goes for me, too.
The Doctor: Shh. Well, we'll see. We'll see.
The Keeper of Traken: I am fearful even to involve the Doctor. He will face unimaginable hazard. Confront power that would obliterate even a Time Lord. Even you, Doctor. Goodbye, my friend. Farewell.
[he disappears]

Adric: Whatever's that?
The Doctor: Knowledge. Accumulated wisdom of centuries.
Adric: A gazetteer?
The Doctor: Well, they're just a couple of my old time logs. Do you know, I really may have been to Traken. It's so difficult to keep track of.
Adric: Well, I suppose it helps keeping a time log.
The Doctor: Oh, yes. Mind you, I don't bother now, much too busy. Actually, this might not be the right volume. Here, take that and make yourself useful.
Adric: What am I looking for?
The Doctor: Well, you know, Traken, Keepers, all-pervading evil.
Adric: Universal harmony?
The Doctor: Yeah, anything along those lines.

The Doctor: Ha, ha! Interesting stuff, isn't it?
Adric: If I could understand it.
The Doctor: What?
Adric: Well, look, I read about something that's just happened.
The Doctor: And?
Adric: Well, the next page says it didn't happen at all.
The Doctor: So?
Adric: Over the page it says it did happen, but many years ago.
The Doctor: Ah, yes. Well, I suppose it is a bit above your head. Mind you, they did say I had a very sophisticated prose style.
Adric: As for your handwriting...
The Doctor: Handwriting? What about my handwriting?
Adric: It's marvellous.

Tremas: So who are you?
The Doctor: I wondered when you were going to ask. You know, I hate to say this sort of thing, but Traken hospitality isn't what it used to be.
Adric: He's called The Doctor and I'm Adric.

"Doctor Who: Logopolis: Part One (#18.25)" (1981)
Adric: Doctor?
The Doctor: Look, whenever you see me in this part of the TARDIS, pacing up and down like this, be a good chap and don't interrupt me, will you, unless it's terribly urgent? It's not terribly urgent, is it?
Adric: Well, no.
The Doctor: So now you know. In fact, there's no need for you to come barging in here at all. If it is terribly urgent you could always ring the cloister bell.
Adric: The cloister bell?

The Doctor: I sometimes think I should be running a tighter ship.
Adric: A tighter ship?
The Doctor: Yes. The second law of thermodynamics is taking its toll on the old thing. Entropy increases.

The Doctor: Are you really SET on going to Gallifrey?
Adric: Yes.
The Doctor: Oh...
Adric: That IS where we're going, isn't it?
The Doctor: Well, it was one of the questions I was just pondering. There's bound to be an awful lot of fuss about Romana - why she stayed in E-space, official investigations, that sort of thing...
Adric: The Time Lords won't approve?
The Doctor: What? She has broken the cardinal rule of Gallifrey: She has become INVOLVED - and in a pretty permanent sort of way. I think that you and I should let a few oceans flow under a few bridges before we head back home.

The Doctor: [looking into Romana's room] Ha. I suppose I'm gonna miss Romana.
Adric: And K-9, too.
The Doctor: [turning swiftly away] Yes. Still, the future lies this way.

"Doctor Who: Earthshock: Part Three (#19.21)" (1982)
[as the Cybermen are softening a bridge door]
The Doctor: [to Adric] What is the square root of 3.69873?
Adric: About 1.92321.
[the Doctor enters it into the freighter's computer and 1.923208 appears on the monitor]
Berger: [next to the bridge door] That's not possible!
The Doctor: Oh, he's very good, and almost right.

The Doctor: Those shields won't hold them there for long.
Briggs: They'll last until we're back to Earth.
The Doctor: And then?
Briggs: There's only a few of them: our security men will cope with them.
The Doctor: They're an invasion force, Earth is where they want to go. There are considerably more than a few on board.
Adric: [looking at papers] How many of these silos are you carrying?
Briggs: Oh, fifteen thousand or...
[she stops, dawning that her entire cargo, each and every silo, in fact contains a Cyberman]
Briggs: [softly] No. It's not possible!

[the traitor Ringway stirs on the floor]
Adric: I think Mr. Ringway is recovering.
Briggs: Pity. I've just composed a particularly nasty epitaph for him.

"Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate: Part Four (#18.20)" (1981)
Rorvik: [aiming his gun] Time's run out for you. Doctor.
Adric: [standing next to the MZ canon] Please. Please. Just let the Doctor go. I don't know what these levers do, but it's pointing in your direction.
Rorvik: [alarmed] Don't touch anything, you poisonous child! Who is this boy?

Doctor Who: [spotting the TARDIS] There she blows!
Adric: We found it.
Doctor Who: Yes. Well, that's one of the advantages of living in a rapidly shrinking micro-universe.
Romana: What are the others?
Doctor Who: Other what?
Romana: Other advantages.
Doctor Who: Ah, well, that's difficult to say.

Adric: Will Romana be all right?
Doctor Who: All right? She'll be superb.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part Four (#19.16)" (1982)
Adric: We could go in the TARDIS.
Nyssa: No, Adric. You move this ship and we could finish up anywhere.
Adric: And if we don't, the Doctor and Tegan could finish up dead.

Nyssa: [watching Adric trying to fly the TARDIS] Stay calm. Why won't it work?
Adric: Perhaps I'm pushing the wrong buttons.
Nyssa: Maybe she WAS damaged by the booster.
Richard Mace: [watching the TARDIS fade in and out of the manor] What IS this?
The Doctor: It may be the only glimpse you even get of my TARDIS.
Nyssa: Try and think what the Doctor would do if he were here.
Adric: He'd probably get angry.
Nyssa: I said empathize, not be silly.
[Adric thinks for a moment]
Adric: Got it!
[Adric pounds the console with his fist and it works]

Nyssa: Where are we going?
The Doctor: In search of our Terileptil.
Adric: You know where he is?
The Doctor: [contemptuously] Yes, yes, that's why I'm searching.

"Doctor Who: Black Orchid: Part One (#19.17)" (1982)
Adric: So, what is a railway station?
The Doctor: Well, a place where one embarks and disembarks from compartments on wheels drawn along these tracks by a steam engine - rarely on time
Nyssa: What a very silly activity.
The Doctor: You think so? As a boy, I always wanted to drive one.

Charles Cranleigh: Well, Doctor, how would you like to take a cocktail to your bath?
The Doctor: Well, certainly a cold drink.
Adric: [dumbfounded] What do you do with a cocktail in a bath?
Charles Cranleigh: Drink it, old boy.

"Doctor Who: Full Circle: Part Two (#18.10)" (1980)
Romana: Adric, is there any machinery on your planet that could lift the TARDIS?
Adric: How heavy is it?
Romana: Uhm, five times ten to the six kilos in your gravity.
Adric: No.

Romana: If the Doctor's therory's right, we'll need a local image translator to see what's out there.
Adric: Or we could just look out through the door.

"Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken: Part Four (#18.24)" (1981)
Nyssa: But why is it so much bigger inside than it tis outside?
Adric: Oh, the Doctor told me that was because it was dimensionally transcendental.
Nyssa: Whoo, what does that mean?
Adric: It means it was bigger inside than outside.

Nyssa: Finished?
Adric: Yes. Now all we have to do is connect it up to the manipulator circuits.
Nyssa: What will it do?
Adric: Nothing, until Melkur taps the energy core of the source.
Nyssa: And?
Adric: Oh, all sorts of things. Time-energy will be displaced, energy will overflow, overload the control element.
Nyssa: And Melkur?
Adric: The source will consume itself and whoever controls it, or at least that's the Doctor's theory.

"Doctor Who: Castrovalva: Part One (#19.1)" (1982)
Adric: I thought the whole point of this Pharos Project of yours was to track down alien intelligences. We thought we'd save you the trouble and come to you.
Head of Security: Oh, yes.
Adric: Yes. We're what you've been looking for - "alien intelligences."

The Doctor: I left a waistcoat like that on... Ever been to Alzarius?
Adric: I was BORN there, Doctor.
The Doctor: Really? It's a small universe, isn't it.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part One (#19.13)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: Is that supposed to be Heathrow?
Adric: It is.
Tegan Jovanka: Well, they've certainly let the grass grow since I was last there.
Adric: Well, actually they haven't built the airport yet. We're about three hundred years early.
Tegan Jovanka: That's great. Perhaps I can go out, file a claim on the land. When they get 'round to inventing aircraft I'll make a fortune!

Richard Mace: What should we say if the door is opened.
Adric: Hello?

"Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate: Part Three (#18.19)" (1981)
Adric: We're outside.
Romana: Pity. I want to be on the inside.
Adric: But I've just rescued you.
Romana: Thank you, but I have GOT to find out what they're up to in there. Do you know what a Tharil is?
Adric: No.
Romana: Well, there's one loose on this ship, and they're terrified of it. It's like Biroc but horribly burned.

Romana: That's funny.
Adric: What is it?
Romana: Those warp motors are HUGE - three times what they'd need for a ship THIS size.

"Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken: Part Three (#18.23)" (1981)
Doctor Who: What can't be cured must be endured.
Adric: That's the silliest thing you've ever said.
Doctor Who: Yes, yes. Don't listen to me - I never do.

"Doctor Who: Logopolis: Part Three (#18.27)" (1981)
The Monitor: For many uses, machinery is unsurpassed, but Logopolis is not interested in such uses. Block Transfer Computations can not be done with computers.
Adric: Why not?
The Monitor: Our manipulation of numbers directly changes the physical world. There is no other mathematics like ours.
Adric: D'you mean the computations themselves would affect a computer?
The Monitor: Of course. Change it's nature; cause it to malfunction. Only the living brain is immune.

"Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani: Part Four (#21.20)" (1984)
The Fifth Doctor: [dying] Too late, Peri. Going soon. It's time to say goodbye...
Peri: Don't give up! You can't leave me now!
The Fifth Doctor: I might regenerate... I don't know...
[he lies down]
The Fifth Doctor: Feels different this time...
[one by one, images of the faces of his old companions start to appear and swirl around his head, repeating their words]
Tegan: What was that you always told me Doctor? Brave heart? You'll survive, Doctor.
Turlough: You must survive, Doctor. Too many of your enemies will delight in your death, Doctor.
Kamelion: Turlough speaks the truth.
Nyssa: You're needed. You mustn't die, Doctor.
Adric: You know that, Doctor.
The Fifth Doctor: Adric?
[then we hear laughter and an image of the Master appears]
The Master: No, my dear Doctor, you must die! Die, Doctor! Die, Doctor!
[he laughs evilly. A vortex of vertical wavy lines fill the screen. Then a boom and suddenly the newly regenerated Doctor sits up, now in the form of his sixth life]
Peri: Doctor?
The Sixth Doctor: You're expecting someone else?
Peri: [stammering] I... I... I...
The Sixth Doctor: That's three I's in one breath, makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.
Peri: What's happened?
The Sixth Doctor: [looking straight into the camera] Change my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.
[cue end credits]

"Doctor Who: Earthshock: Part One (#19.19)" (1982)
[regarding Adric wanting to go home]
The Doctor: You do not have the monitor skill Adric! And even if you did, I am not taking you back into E-Space!
Adric: Then I'll find someone who will take me!
The Doctor: E-Space is another universe! There isn't a taxi service that goes back and forth!

"Doctor Who: Logopolis: Part Two (#18.26)" (1981)
Doctor Who: [referring to the Master] He must have known I was going to fix the chameleon circuit.
Adric: He read your mind?
Doctor Who: Well, he's a Time Lord! In many ways we have the same mind.

"Doctor Who: Earthshock: Part Four (#19.22)" (1982)
Adric: Now I'll never know if I was right.

"Doctor Who: Full Circle: Part One (#18.9)" (1980)
Adric: Well, of course I'm better than you. I'm elite.

"Doctor Who: State of Decay: Part Four (#18.16)" (1980)
Romana: They are VAMPIRES, Adric. Do you want to become one of them?
Adric: You said yourself you're on the menu. If it's a choice between that and joining the diners, I mean, there's no sense in TWO of us getting the chop.

"Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate: Part Two (#18.18)" (1981)
K9: The accuracy of this unit has deteriorated below zero utility.
Adric: You mean you're worse than useless.
K9: Affirmative.

"Doctor Who: Time-Flight: Part Two (#19.24)" (1982)
Apparition of Adric: Go back, Tegan, or you will destroy me.

"Doctor Who: Logopolis: Part Four (#18.28)" (1981)
[Nyssa & Adric arrive on Earth near a radio telescope]
Adric: The Earth people use it to beam messages to the stars. The Doctor calls it reiterated invitation to alien intelligences in deep space.
Nyssa: And that's us.
Adric: So they'll be very pleased to see us.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part Three (#19.15)" (1982)
Nyssa: We should wait for the Doctor. We can't take on the android by ourselves.
Adric: Why isn't he here? Why is he never around when you want him?

"Doctor Who: State of Decay: Part One (#18.13)" (1980)
Marta: Who are you? How did you come here?
Adric: Oh, I walked.
Marta: I don't know you.
Adric: Well, I don't know you, either.
Marta: That's not possible.

"Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken: Part Two (#18.22)" (1981)
Adric: The wave loop pattern's unmistakable.
Tremas: Ah, you recognize the source of these energy emissions.
Adric: I thought they might be from some sort of a TARDIS, but don't know what the Doctor thinks.
Doctor Who: The Doctor thinks you might have a very good point. It certainly LOOKS like a TARDIS generator but you don't get shifts ratios of this magnitude in an ordinary Type 40. Adric, we have a flow-back flow inducer in the making here.