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Jamie McCrimmon (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 4 (#5.4)" (1967)
Professor Parry: You've killed him, you murderer.
Eric Klieg: No, he is fortunate. I spared him.
Jamie: You mean you missed him.
Eric Klieg: Silence! I could have destroyed him if I wanted to. Shall I kill them now?
Kaftan: No, no, that will not be necessary. I'm sure the Cybermen will have a good use for them. You will make excellent experimental specimens.
[Jim Callum sobs]
Victoria: Oh, let me help him, please!
Eric Klieg: No tricks.

The Doctor: [Klieg is holding The Doctor, Jamie, and Toberman at gunpoint] Yes. As you say, such a combination between intelligence and... *power* would make you formidable indeed. Why, you would be... Commander of the *Universe* with your brilliance! It... It makes the imagination reel with the possibilities!
Eric Klieg: Why, Doctor, if I had only known you shared my imagination, you might even have worked for me.
The Doctor: Perhaps it's not too late.
Jamie: Doctor!
The Doctor: No, Jamie. Don't you see? Don't you see what this is going to mean to all the people who come to serve... Klieg - the All-Powerful? Why, no country, no person, would dare to have a single thought that was not your own! - Eric Klieg's own conception of the... *Of the way of life!*
Eric Klieg: Brilliant! Yes. Yes, you're right! Master of the world!
The Doctor: Well, now I know you're mad; I just wanted to make sure.

[first lines]
Jamie: Watch out, Doctor!
[Klieg fires and shoots Ian Callum]
Eric Klieg: [to Professor Parry] Keep back! Your gun.

Jamie: [the Cyberman Controller is having trouble getting into the revival machine] He's too weak to get in.
The Doctor: Quiet, Jamie.
[to the Cyberman Controller]
The Doctor: You seem to be in trouble.
Cyberman Controller: The... energy... levels... are... low. We... will... survive. You will help us. You... will... help... us.
The Doctor: Yes, yes, certainly. Jamie, Professor.
Jamie: You don't mean to say you're actually going to help them?
Professor Parry: You can't support these creatures!
The Doctor: I think it best. Come on. Come along. That's it.
[the Doctor, Jamie and Professor Parry help the Cyberman Controller into the machine]
Cyberman Controller: Do... you... understand... the... machine?
The Doctor: Yes. One moment.
Jamie: Have you taken leave of your senses? Now, let's go and help Victoria.
The Doctor: In a moment, Jamie.
[to the Cyberman Controller]
The Doctor: Now, are you ready?
Cyberman Controller: We... will... survive! We... will... sur...
[the Doctor locks the Cyberman Controller inside the machine]
The Doctor: Now then, where would you rather have him? - In or out of there?
Jamie: Oh, I see what you mean.
The Doctor: Only we must make sure that he stays in there.

The Doctor: Jamie, I hope you made those ropes secure.
Jamie: Oh, the King of the Beasties himself couldnae get out of that one.
[the Cyberman Controller bursts free]
The Doctor: Jamie, remind me to give you a lesson in tying knots sometime.
Cyberman Controller: You will remain still.

The Doctor: There we are. That's done. Now, we just have to close the main doors, and the circuit is complete.
Jamie: Oh, thank goodness for that.
[seeing the Cyberman Controller is still alive]
Jamie: Doctor! Doctor!
The Doctor: Jamie... You go that way. I'll go this way. That gives us more of a chance. When I say "run", - run. Run! Quickly!

Cyberman Controller: We must survive! We must survive!
Toberman: You are evil!
The Doctor: Toberman, come away!
Jamie: Careful, you'll get killed man!
Toberman: They shall never pass Toberman. The door is closed.

[last lines]
Jamie: Now, that really is the end of the Cybermen, isn't it?
The Doctor: Yes, Jamie. On the other hand... I never like to make predictions.

"Doctor Who: The Two Doctors: Part One (#22.7)" (1985)
Jamie: Look at the size of that thing, Doctor.
The Second Doctor: Yes, Jamie, that is a big one.

Jamie: We don't usually get to where you say we're going.
The Second Doctor: I got Victoria to where she wanted to go. Why she wants to learn graphology, I have no idea!

The Second Doctor: Jamie, some of the most brilliant scientists in the universe have assembled here to work together in pure research. I don't want them to know that I've arrived.
Jamie: Why not?
The Second Doctor: Just think of the commotion. They'll all be scrambling around wanting my autograph.

The Second Doctor: [the TARDIS shakes as if it has collided into something] Splendid! We've hit conterminous time again.
Jamie: Well, we've certainly hit something!

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 1 (#5.1)" (1967)
[first lines]
The Doctor: There we are. Well, what do you think?
Victoria: I don't know. I can't believe it. It's so big. Where are we?
The Doctor: Oh, it's the TARDIS. It's my home. At least it has been for a considerable number of years.
Victoria: What are all these knobs?
The Doctor: What, these?
Jamie: Instruments. These are for controlling our flight.
Victoria: Flight?
Jamie: Well, yes. You see, we travel around in here through time and space.
[Victoria laughs]
The Doctor: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't laugh. It's true. Your father and Maxtible were working on the same problem, but I have perfected a rather special model, which enables me to travel through the universe of time.
Victoria: How can you? I mean, if what you say is true, you must be... er well... how old?

The Doctor: Now, I think Victoria might find that dress a little impracticable if she's going to join us in our adventures. Jamie, show her where she can find some new ones, will you?
Jamie: Right. This way, Victoria...
The Doctor: Mustn't stand about, Jamie.
Jamie: Try to give us a smooth take-off, Doctor. We don't want to frighten her.
The Doctor: A smooth take-off? A smooth take-off! What a nerve!

The Doctor: You look very nice in that dress, Victoria.
Victoria: Thank you. Don't you think it's a bit... , uh?
The Doctor: A bit short? Oh, I shouldn't worry about that. Look at Jamie's.
Jamie: Ey, I'll have you know that... Oh, aye!
The Doctor: Come along. Come along, let's go and see what the others are doing, shall we? Come along.

[last lines]
The Doctor: Oh, Jamie don't touch that control!
Jamie: I already have. What's the matter, Doctor?
The Doctor: Which one was it?
Jamie: Which one what?
Victoria: Aagh!

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 1 (#5.5)" (1967)
The Doctor: [delightfully] I don't believe it! Marvelous! After all this time.
Jamie: Oh, what's so marvelous about that?
The Doctor: Well don't you see, Jamie, it's the Himalayas! And I do believe we're in exactly the right... now wait a minute.
Jamie: The Hima - what?
The Doctor: Shh... Shh...
Victoria: The Himalayas, Jamie. They're mountains.
Jamie: Aye I can see that. Hey is it the Earth, Doctor? I don't fancy another tangle down the Cybermen's tomb.
The Doctor: No, no. Shh, Jamie, Shh! Yes of course it's the Earth. Yes... yes I think I'm right... yes...
Jamie: Where are these mountains?
Victoria: Don't you know where the Himalayas are? They're in India. Well at least I think so...
The Doctor: Yes, that's it! I knew it! I knew it! It's incredible. Right! No, no, not India. This is Tibet. That's where we are, Tibet. Now, there's no time to be lost. Come along, Jamie, we must find the ghanta.
Jamie: The what?
The Doctor: The ghanta, the ghanta. I put it here somewhere. Come along, Jamie, help me.
[pulls out an old trunk and starts hunting for the Ghanta, a Tibetan holy bell. Jamie starts to help and we hear something in the chest breaking]
Jamie: Hey what am I supposed to be looking for?
The Doctor: I told you it's...
[finding a small object with bells on it]
The Doctor: Good Lord, I haven't seen that for years.
Jamie: Oh, that's the ghanta then?
The Doctor: No, no, no, no. It's a... well... whatever it is... it's nice to see it again.
Victoria: Oh.
The Doctor: Thank you. Come along, Victoria.
Jamie: [finding some bagpipes in the chest] Hey, Doctor, would you look at these. You never told me you had these.
The Doctor: No, Jamie.
Jamie: Hey I could fix those easily.
The Doctor: Yes I was afraid of that.
Victoria: Jamie, you're getting as bad as the Doctor.

Victoria: [turning a switch on the console] Wait a minute, Jamie.
Jamie: Hey come and give us a hand.
Victoria: I want to see where the Doctor's gone. Now if I turn this to the left... it should... a ha that's it.
Jamie: [finding a sword] Hey, now would you look at this. Oh, that's marvelous.
[pointing at something on the scanner]
Jamie: What... Hey, what's that?
Victoria: Where?
Jamie: A great sort of hairy beastie. Turn the thing back.
Victoria: [turning the switch again] Oh.
Jamie: No, to the right.
Victoria: [struggling with the switch] I am!
Jamie: Downwards. That's it, there!
[there is a small furry creature bouncing down the path. Jamie realizes what it is and starts to laugh]
Jamie: Oh no, my mistake. The great hairy beastie, it's the Doctor.
[they both laugh]

Victoria: Apart from climbing boots I really think you ought to wear something warm.
Jamie: I tell you I'm a Highlander, the cold doesn't affect me.
Victoria: There's a great deal of difference between the Highlands and the Himalayas, Jamie.
Jamie: Aye, they're bigger.

[last lines]
Victoria: [shouting down the cave] Jamie! Jamie, it's coming back!
Jamie: Get back in there!
Victoria: Oh, is it safe?
Jamie: Aye. Now go on!
Victoria: Jamie, get back! It will kill you! Stop!

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 5 (#4.41)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: Miss Waterfield? Can you open the door? We've come to get you. Quick, before we see any more of those mechanical beasties.

Dr. Who: Well Jamie, the experiment's nearly over. I've had no sleep. I've been up all night, but it's been worth it.
Jamie: Ah, don't touch me!
Dr. Who: Now what's the matter?
Jamie: Anyone would think this was a little game.
Dr. Who: No. It is not a game.
Jamie: Of course it isn't Doctor. People have died. The Daleks are all over the place, fit to murder the lot of us, and all you can say is you've had a good night's work.
Dr. Who: Jamie.
Jamie: No, Doctor. Look, I'm telling you this. You and me -- we're finished. You're just too callous for me. Anything goes by the board, anything at all.
Dr. Who: That's just not true, Jamie. I've never held that the end justifies the means.
Jamie: Ach, words. What do I care about words? You don't give that much for a living soul except yourself.
Dr. Who: I care about life. I care about human beings. Do you think I let you go through that Dalek test lightly?
Jamie: I don't know. Did you? Look, Doctor, just whose side are you on?

[last lines]
Dr. Who: [one of the Daleks lifts The Doctor up with its arm.] What is it? What do you want? Hmm? What are you up to? Ah! What are you doing?
Jamie: Doctor, where are they taking you?
Dr. Who: Where are you taking me? Jamie! They're taking me for a ride! Jamie, they're playing a game. It's a game! They're taking me for a ride!
Theodore Maxtible: A rather amusing little game, don't you think Jamie?

"Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World: Episode 1 (#5.17)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: Where are we, Doctor?
Dr. Who: We're by the seaside, that's where we are. That's all that matters.
Jamie: Aye, but where?
Victoria: Yes, Doctor, we must know.
Dr. Who: Oh, stop fussing, you two, come on.
[runs for the water]
Dr. Who: Come on, you two. No wait a minute. See if there's any buckets and spades in the TARDIS.
[Takes off his shoes and socks and paddles in the sea]
Jamie: Buckets and spades? Is he going to dig for worms?
Victoria: No, he wants us to play sand castles.
Jamie: Sand castles? What does he think we are? A couple of children?

Dr. Who: Oh, yes. Yes. I don't think I like the look of this. Let's go.
Victoria: Why, what's the matter?
Dr. Who: Come on, run.
Jamie: Yeah, but...
Dr. Who: Don't argue, run. Come on. Come on!
Jamie: If only we had a gun!
Victoria: But why would they want to harm us?
Dr. Who: Why indeed? Oh, what now?
Victoria: Look, Doctor, can't we go back to the TARDIS?
Dr. Who: No, we'd never make it. There's not much cover here.
Victoria: Perhaps we've landed in a world of mad men.
Dr. Who: They're human beings, if that's what you mean. Indulging their favorite past time - trying to destroy each other. Time we went, come on.
Jamie: [seeing Rod aiming a gun at them] Creag an tuire.
[punches Rod unconscious]
Victoria: Oh, well done.
Jamie: [the sound of a helicopter is heard] What's that?

Jamie: [seeing a helicopter for the first time] But what is it, Doctor?
Victoria: Oh, I'm frightened!
Astrid: [waving at them from the helicopter] Over here! Run!
Victoria: I can't! I can't!
Dr. Who: You must, it's our only chance.
Astrid: Hurry!
Dr. Who: Come on!

"Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace: Episode 1 (#4.19)" (1967)
Jamie McCrimmon: [the TARDIS lands] That wasn't too bad. Let's go outside, Doctor.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, Come on, Jamie, you and me first. We never know, you know.
Jamie McCrimmon: What?
Ben Jackson: We don't know what could be waiting for us out there, do we? Come on, Doctor, open up.
The Doctor: Yes, I don't see why not. It looks alright to me.
[the doors open]
The Doctor: Wait!
[the others stop in their tracks]
The Doctor: ... For me. Ha-ha-ha...

[first lines]
Jamie McCrimmon: [upon entering the TARDIS for the first time, he looks around him. The central column rises and falls] What's this?
The Doctor: You'll find out.
[operates the controls]
Jamie McCrimmon: Ah, I don't think I want to.
Ben Jackson: It's a machine, my old haggis; it's taken you away from Scotland forever.
Jamie McCrimmon: Where to?
Ben Jackson: Ah, well, that as the Doctor would say, that is in the lap of the gods. We never know.
Jamie McCrimmon: Ah, you'd not be leading me on now, would you? It's a fact; you don't know where we're going?
Polly Wright: Quite true, and what's more we don't even know what year it will be either.
Jamie McCrimmon: Och, now, I don't believe it.
The Doctor: "Nae man can tether time nor tide" - Robert Burns.
Jamie McCrimmon: Hey? Who's Robert Burns?
The Doctor: Oh, I should have remembered.
Polly Wright: What?
The Doctor: Well to Jamie, it's seventeen forty six. Robert Burns wasn't born until seventeen fifty nine.
Ben Jackson: It's all complicated, isn't it?
Jamie McCrimmon: What's happening now?
The Doctor: We're just beginning to land. Hold tight, everyone.
Jamie McCrimmon: Land?
Polly Wright: Don't be scared, Jamie, it's alright, really.
Ben Jackson: I get a sort of queer feeling. See, we never know what we're going to find, do we?
The Doctor: Ah that's the fun. Stand by, here we go.
Polly Wright: Please let it be Chelsea nineteen sixty six.
Ben Jackson: Hope it's the Daleks, I don't think.
The Doctor: Prehistoric monsters...

Jamie McCrimmon: [as the Tardis lands] What have I come upon?

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 2 (#5.2)" (1967)
[first lines]
Dr. Who: Oh, Jamie don't touch that control!
Jamie: I already have. What's the matter, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Which one was it?
Jamie: Which one what?
Victoria: Aagh!
Jamie: What exactly happened here, Jamie? What did you do? What sequence did you use?
Jamie: Sequence? How do you mean? Oh, you mean these? I just pressed that button, and pulled this lever...

Eric Klieg: That's it! I've got it! Finally, Boolean function of symbolic logic!
Dr. Who: Logic, yes, but...
Kaftan: Everything yields to logic. Our basic assumption, Doctor.
Dr. Who: Really?
Eric Klieg: Six, cap B four... If and only if... C is cap function of two A.
Dr. Who: I think perhaps your logic is wearing a little thin.
Eric Klieg: I must have made a mistake. I - I'll do it again more carefully. Six, cup B four... If and only if... C is cup function of... Ah!
Dr. Who: Ah!
Eric Klieg: That's it! Two F not two A!
[the Tomb of the Cybermen opens]
Eric Klieg: I've done it! I've done it!
Dr. Who: Congratulations!
Jamie: But, Doctor, you...

Jamie: Hey, what on Earth?
Professor Parry: Behold, gentlemen, the Tombs of the Cybermen.
Jamie: Tombs? I don't see any tombs.
Dr. Who: [pointing] There, Jamie. Frozen forever. All their evil locked away with them. And so it must remain.
Eric Klieg: Like a gigantic honeycomb. Like bees waiting for the signal to arise from their winter sleep.
Dr. Who: A signal that they are never going to get.
John Viner: We'd better get busy, Everything must be recorded. It's too cold to remain for long...
Eric Klieg: Unless we find some way to warm things up.

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 3 (#5.3)" (1967)
The Doctor: The power cable generated an electrical field and confused their tiny metal minds. You might almost say they've had a complete "metal" breakdown.
Jamie: [groans] Oooh!
The Doctor: I'm so sorry, Jamie.

The Doctor: Jamie, Victoria, Callum, wake up! Wake up!
Victoria: What is it?
The Doctor: [a Cybermat is crawling up Jim Callum's chest] Callum, Callum.
Victoria: What are those terrible things?
The Doctor: Don't move, Callum. Don't move.
[the Doctor knocks it onto the floor]
The Doctor: Now, get back to the controls, all of you. Steady. Don't make any sudden movements. Parry, Parry, wake up, Parry. Wake up. Wake up. Don't panic. Come back with us. Steady. Now, we'll all go in the other room and lock them out.
Victoria: [screaming] Aagh!
Jim Callum: Let's get out of here. The main doors.
[runs over to the main doors where another Cybermat is coming]
Jim Callum: No, look!
Victoria: Oh! Oh, Doctor, we're trapped!
The Doctor: Back against the controls, everybody! Here.
[picks up a power cable]
The Doctor: Give me a hand, quick!
Professor Parry: The what?
The Doctor: Lay this down on the ground. Come on!
Jamie: We can't move it, Doctor!
The Doctor: Come on!
Jim Callum: Well, let's blast the filthy things!
[begins shooting at them]
The Doctor: You're wasting your time. There are too many of them! Now, do what I say. Come back!
[the Doctor switches the power on and the Cybermats begin to die]
The Doctor: There you are, you see?
Professor Parry: What are those creatures?
The Doctor: Well, they're... They're a form of metallic life. They home on human brainwaves and attack.
Victoria: Urgh! Are they safe now?
The Doctor: Oh, yes, quite safe now.

[last lines]
Victoria: What about Klieg and Kaftan? They'll probably attack them as well.
Professor Parry: The testing room.
The Doctor: Now, come on. Mind your feet.
Eric Klieg: Most ingenious, Doctor. Now, let's see what you can do against this.
[holds up a Cyberman X-ray gun]
Jamie: Watch out, Doctor!
[Klieg fires]

"Doctor Who: The Two Doctors: Part Two (#22.8)" (1985)
Jamie: [to Peri] I think your Doctor's worse than mine.

Jamie: He's not the doctor I know.
The Sixth Doctor: I am so, Jamie McKimmon. I am another aspect of him, just as he is of me.
Jamie: Ay?
The Sixth Doctor: I was him; he will be me.
Jamie: [confused] Who will I be?

The Sixth Doctor: [Jamie enters] Ah! You look better for your change of clothes and a bath. You should try it more often.
Jamie: Thank you. What?

"Doctor Who: The Moonbase: Episode 1 (#4.23)" (1967)
[first lines]
Ben Jackson: Doctor, do something!
The Doctor: I'm trying to!
[the Doctor adjusts some controls and soon everything returns to normal]
The Doctor: Everything back under control again.
Ben Jackson: Here, we're landing! Look! Coming at a fair rate!
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh, thank the lord for that. You know, Doctor, I'll never ask you to do that again.
The Doctor: I see no reason for that.
Polly Wright: [staring at the scanner] Anyway, Doctor, you... you've done it. It's Mars! It must be. You've landed the TARDIS exactly where you said you would.

Jamie McCrimmon: [softly] The Piper! The McCrimmon Piper! Don't let him get me!
The Doctor: Piper?
Polly Wright: Some legend of his clan. As far, as I can make out - this piper appears to a McCrimmon just before he dies.
The Doctor: Has this phantom piper appeared to Jamie yet?
Polly Wright: You don't believe it, do you?
The Doctor: No, but he does. It's important to him.
Polly Wright: He keeps asking us to keep the piper away from him.
The Doctor: Good. We can see if we can do just that.
[walks away thinking]

Jamie McCrimmon: It's you! The phantom piper!
[a Cyberman moves forward towards Jamie]

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 1 (#4.31)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: It's a flying beastie!

Dr. Who: This seems to be the way, Jamie!
[to Jenkins]
Dr. Who: Excuse me; we're looking for someone in authority.
Jenkins: Just a moment, Sir. All in good time.
[Hands a lady her passport]
Jenkins: Thank you, Madam.
[to the Doctor]
Jenkins: Now Sir, your passport please.
Dr. Who: I've got no time for that. We want to see someone in authority!
Jenkins: I am in authority. Your passport please.
Dr. Who: You don't understand, we... we have something important to report!
Jenkins: Yes, Sir. When you've found your passport. The next one, please.
Jamie: What's a passport, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Oh, some sort of official mumbo-jumbo.
[to Jenkins]
Dr. Who: Look! We've just discovered a dead body out there! Did you hear me?
Jenkins: [Unperturbed] Well, sir. If I were you I'd inform the police.
Dr. Who: Then please tell me where we can find them.
Jenkins: There's probably a policeman in the main concourse.
Jamie: And where is that?
Jenkins: Through this door and turn to your left.
Dr. Who: Well thank you. Thank you very much. Come on, Jamie.
Jenkins: May I see your passport, Sir?
Dr. Who: [Snaps] Well neither of us have passports! Now does that satisfy you?
Jenkins: I think you must be mistaken, Sir. You couldn't have got on the aircraft without passports.
Dr. Who: What aircraft?
Jenkins: The one you arrived on, Sir.
Jamie: We didn't arrive on an aircraft.
Jenkins: Now look here, Sir, this joke has gone on far enough. You know and I know that you must have arrived here on the last inbound flight which was... Flight number 729 from Madrid.

Jamie: Can we not tell him about TARDIS?
[the Doctor stamps on Jamie's foot]
Jenkins: What's that?
Jamie: It's the way we got here.
Jenkins: You gentlemen wouldn't know anything about a police box, would you?
Jamie: That's just what I'm saying. We're...
[the Doctor kicks Jamie's ankle]
Dr. Who: I really think that our mode of conveyance is irrelevant. The important thing is that we've discovered a dead body out there and we want to report it to someone in authority.
Jenkins: I think you'll have plenty of opportunity to see someone in authority.
Dr. Who: Well, thank you.
Jenkins: Will you take a seat please over there?
Dr. Who: Thank you very much.
Jenkins: [Into his phone] Give me the Commandant, please... Hello, Sir, Jenkins here. Immigration, Desk Number Five. I think I've got two of your suspects here...

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 2 (#4.38)" (1967)
Jamie: [talking loudly] I don't know what you're being so cautious abo...
Dr. Who: Shhh!
Jamie: [quietly] They left the door open for us, didn't they? Hey, it's half-past the nine o'clock.
Dr. Who: Yes, I know.
Jamie: But they made the appointment for ten. Why have we come early?
Dr. Who: The early bird catches the worm, Jamie. Now, do be quiet. There's a good chap. And for heaven's sake, don't knock into anything.
[just as he says this, The Doctor knocks over a statue, not noticing he has done so, and Jamie has to catch it to prevent it from falling over]
Dr. Who: Shh!

Perry: This old police box was for a collector of curios.
Dr. Who: But it belongs to me!
Perry: But why is it so important to you?
Dr. Who: Because... because of what's inside it and because it happens to be my property!
Jamie: Look, where is it?
Perry: At the back.
Dr. Who: Well, is there another way through? This door is locked.
Perry: We might be able to get over the yard gates. You see, this door has an electric lock on it.
Dr. Who: You're going to show me where this yard of yours is.
Perry: I say, if it's a police box, shouldn't we get the police?
Jamie: [the door leading to Waterfield's study opens. JAMIE notices and points it out to the Doctor] Doctor...

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 6 (#5.10)" (1967)
[first lines]
Dr. Who: It was Songsten who took this pyramid into the cave.
Travers: That's right.
Jamie: And the Yeti never harmed him?
Travers: No.
Dr. Who: Songsten. He's the link I've been looking for.
Thonmi: But Khrisong is with Songsten now.
Dr. Who: Then he is in danger!

[last lines]
Jamie: [about Travers] Do you think he'll ever find his abominable snowman, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Well, that we shall never know, Jamie.
[he notices Jamie is shivering]
Dr. Who: What's the matter with you, are you cold or something?
Jamie: Oh, it's all right for you in your home made Yeti kit.
[referring to the Doctor's large furry coat]
Dr. Who: Yes, I suppose there is a little bit of a nip in the air.
Jamie: A nip! A nip, just look at my knees, they're bright blue.
Dr. Who: A horrible sight.
Jamie: Could you not land us somewhere warmer next time?
Dr. Who: Jamie, you never know, do you?

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 4 (#5.8)" (1967)
Dr. Who: [the Doctor is thinking of an idea of getting inside the TARDIS] Yes.
Jamie: Have you thought up some clever plan, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Yes, Jamie, I believe I have.
Jamie: What are you going to do?
Dr. Who: Bung a rock at it.
Jamie: Oh be serious, Doctor!
Dr. Who: Jamie, I am.
Jamie: Hey no, Doctor!
Dr. Who: [the Doctor bungs a rock at it, however the Yeti does not react] There you are, you see? Just as I thought. It can't see and it can't feel. Come on.
Jamie: Don't be daft, Doctor.
Dr. Who: Well it's quite all right, Jamie. It's like those three back there, it's either switched off or not receiving. Come along.
Jamie: Are you sure it's quite safe?
Dr. Who: Well, quite frankly no, Jamie. But there's only one way of finding out.
[the Doctor starts to look inside the creature's centre for its flap]
Jamie: Don't, Doctor, you might switch it on.
Dr. Who: No I don't think so, Jamie. There, just as I thought. Now then.
[He gets the flap open]
Dr. Who: Now, Jamie, will you hold this flap open for me please? Thank you.
[He starts to take the control unit from its chest with a screwdriver]
Jamie: Hey you're taking an awful risk, Doctor.
Dr. Who: [removes the Yeti's sphere] Well I'm glad that's over. Catch!
[He throws it at Jamie who catches it]
Jamie: Hey I just thought of something, Doctor. The man that made these robots is very clever, right?
Dr. Who: Yes.
Jamie: And yet we were able to walk right up to it and put it out of action just like that!
Dr. Who: You mean why didn't they build in some sort of protective device?
Jamie: Aye.
Dr. Who: Well perhaps they didn't think it was necessary. I mean look at him. Would you walk up to a creature like that with just a screwdriver in your hand?
Jamie: No, I would not.
Dr. Who: No, there you are. I'm really rather pleased with myself.

Jamie: [about the sphere] I wish this thing would keep quiet.
Dr. Who: Not much further. Well, we were expecting it.
Jamie: Now, what do we do? Trapped!
Dr. Who: Jamie, it thinks we are. Give me the box.
Jamie: What now?
Dr. Who: Follow me slowly. Jamie, when I say "run", run. Run like the wind! Don't worry about me.
Jamie: Doctor...
Dr. Who: Now, Jamie, please. No heroics, Jamie.
Jamie: But surely, Doctor...
Dr. Who: Now Jamie! Run! Run! I know what I'm doing - I hope! It worked!

"Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep: Episode 5 (#5.33)" (1968)
Jamie: Hey, have you seen Victoria?
Harris: No I haven't.
Jamie: Look, haven't you found her yet?
Dr. Who: No, I was hoping you had.
Jamie: But she was standing right beside us...
Dr. Who: No, no, no, no...
Harris: Doctor, it's Robson. He's trying to get away in one of the company helicopters.
Jamie: What?
Harris: I'm afraid he's got your young girl with him.
Dr. Who: Oh no. Oh no. Can I speak to him from here?
Harris: Yes. Price, switch to RT.
Price: Yes, Sir.
Dr. Who: This one?
Price: Yes.
Dr. Who: [into the screen] Robson. Robson. Robson, listen to me. Can you hear me? Robson. Come back, man. Come back! Robson, don't you realise what they're trying to do to you? They're trying to control you!
Robson: Now, listen to me.
Dr. Who: Robson. Robson.
Robson: Listen! Listen! I have the girl. She is my prisoner. She is my hostage. Do you understand? If you want her to live, come over to us. Come over to us.
Dr. Who: Robson. Robson!
Price: He's switched off, Sir.

Dr. Who: Come on in, the water's lovely. Go on, Jamie.
[waves at his helicopter pilot]
Dr. Who: Goodbye. So far, so good, Jamie.
Jamie: But the driver, will he wait for us?
Dr. Who: Oh yes, he said he'd hang around.
Jamie: Where do we go from here?
Dr. Who: I think we'll go on down here.
Jamie: Like walking into the lion's den.
Dr. Who: Jamie, we're already in the lion's den. What we've got to concentrate on is keeping our heads out of his mouth.

"Doctor Who: The Macra Terror: Episode 3 (#4.29)" (1967)
[first lines]
Controller: Keep away. Don't touch me. I'll obey!
[a claw is seen on screen dragging the old man off]
Jamie: What's that? What's happening!
Polly Wright: Doctor, that was it - that thing in the picture! That was the claw! They're in control.
Pilot: Take them out of here. They're condemned to the pits.
Ola: Come on. Get out, all of you. Out! Get out!

Jamie: Hello? Who's there?

"Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space: Episode 2 (#5.36)" (1968)
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: Can you give me your full name please?
Jamie McCrimmon: James Robert McCrimmon. Jamie.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: Thank you. And your friend?
Jamie McCrimmon: Err... The Doctor.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: I can't put that down.
Jamie McCrimmon: Err...
[spots the lid of Gemma's stethoscope box with the words "John Smith & Associates" on it]
Jamie McCrimmon: John Smith.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: [with a bemused look on her face] Really?
Jamie McCrimmon: Aye.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: Dr. John Smith.
Jamie McCrimmon: There must be a lot of them about.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: I dare say.

Zoe Heriot: [notices that Jamie has entered the room] Sorry. You must be...
[breaks off into uncontrollable laughter]
Jamie McCrimmon: Hey, what are you laughing at?
Zoe Heriot: Your clothes. You're wearing female garments.
Jamie McCrimmon: Female? Look I have you know this is a kilt. Have you never seen it before?
Zoe Heriot: [to herself] Kilt? Kilt. A barbaric form of garment as worn by a kiltie! Are you of Scandinavian origin? Danish?
Jamie McCrimmon: [annoyed] No I am not. I am a true bred Scot! And I just stand...
Zoe Heriot: Oh, a Scot! Scotland, of course. Pre-century history isn't my field you see.
Jamie McCrimmon: Aye, maybe not but just you watch you lip or I'll put you across my knee and larrup you.
Zoe Heriot: [laughing] Oh, this is going to be fun! I shall learn a lot from you. Come on James Robert McCrimmon, do you know anything about interstellar flora?
Jamie McCrimmon: [lost] Hey?

"Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space: Episode 3 (#5.37)" (1968)
Zoe: How did you pilot the rocket, Doctor?
Dr. Who: I don't think we've met have we?
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: Zoe... Doctor... John Smith, isn't it?
[the Doctor looks about for Dr. John Smith]
Jamie: [pushing the Doctor a little bit to get his attention] John... John...
[the Doctor realises that John Smith is himself]
Dr. Who: [pushing the Doctor a little bit to get his attention] John... John...
[the Doctor realises that John Smith is himself]
Zoe: I'm an astrophysicist. Pure-mathematics major.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: With honors.
Dr. Who: Oh, I am impressed.
Dr. Gemma Corwyn: We use Zoe as our second opinion.
Zoe: [to the Doctor] You didn't answer my question.
Dr. Who: What question?
Jamie: [to Zoe] You know, I surprised you didn't know the answer. Now, don't tell me there is something you can't work out!
Zoe: [to the Doctor] How did you pilot the rocket ship? You see, I've calculated its original course. It was a surface and supply station for Number Five Station, overdue and presumed lost nine weeks ago. Well the rocket couldn't have drifted eighty seven million miles off course.
Dr. Who: So what's your theory?
Zoe: Well, there is a record of the last contract with the Silver Carrier rocket. It had seven million miles to touchdown, and enough fuel for twenty million. Well, it couldn't have drifted here off course in the time involved. It must have been driven and piloted.
Jamie: Och, you are a right wee space-detective!
Zoe: There's only one solution. That rocket was re-fuelled in space. - Provided for at least with another twelve fuel rods.
Dr. Who: Well, it is an interesting theory...
Zoe: Oh, it isn't a theory. You can't disprove the facts. It's pure logic.
Dr. Who: Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority. Supposing there was a faulty automatic pilot?
Zoe: To drive a rocket eighty seven million miles on fuel for twenty million?
Dr. Who: Well, it's a possibility.
Zoe: That rocket was driven here somehow. I know it was.

Zoe: The X-rays are processed now. Can you turn the light out, Jamie?
[Jamie turns out the lights]
Dr. Who: Here we go. Now, let's see what we've got.
[an image of a Cybermat is projected on the wall]
Zoe: What's that?
Dr. Who: It's a Cybermat!
Jamie: Aye!
Dr. Who: The lights, Jamie, the lights!
[the lights come back on]
Dr. Who: Cybermats!
Jamie: That means the Cybermen must be here, too!
Dr. Who: Yes... And there's only one place they can be. - On that rocket!

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 6 (#4.42)" (1967)
Jamie: [seeing the Emperor Dalek] Look at the size of that thing!

[last lines]
The Emperor Dalek: The experiment is over?
Dr. Who: Yes. I have implanted the human factor in the three Daleks that you gave me.
[to Waterfield and Jamie]
Dr. Who: When I say "run", - run!
The Emperor Dalek: Speak louder!
Dr. Who: I was merely telling my friend that the day of the Daleks is coming to an end.
The Emperor Dalek: Explain.
Dr. Who: It's very simple. Somewhere in the Dalek race there are three Daleks with the "Human Factor". Gradually, they will come to question. They will persuade other Daleks to question. You will have a rebellion on your planet!
The Emperor Dalek: No!
Dr. Who: I say, yes! I've beaten you, and I don't care what you do to me now!
The Emperor Dalek: Silence. The "Human Factor" showed us what the "Dalek Factor" was.
Dr. Who: [his "triumphant" face falling] What?
Jamie: Well, what does that mean?
The Emperor Dalek: Without knowing, you have shown the Daleks what their own strength is.
Edward Waterfield: While you were doing one thing, they were really making you do another.
The Emperor Dalek: The "Human Factor" is useless.
Dr. Who: You still have those three Daleks to contend with.
The Emperor Dalek: They will be impregnated with the "Dalek Factor". Your discovery, but your work is not over.
Dr. Who: I won't work for you!
The Emperor Dalek: You will obey!
Jamie: What is the "Dalek Factor"?
Dr. Who: You want me to guess? It means to obey, to fight, to destroy, to exterminate. I won't do it.
The Emperor Dalek: Watch!
[a light comes on, revealing the TARDIS]
Jamie: The TARDIS, Doctor!
The Emperor Dalek: You will take the "Dalek Factor". You will spread it to the entire history of Earth!

"Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep: Episode 6 (#5.34)" (1968)
Dr. Who: Well where's the helicopter then?
Victoria: I can't see anything except this awful foam.
Jamie: Don't worry, Victoria, it won't hurt you.
Dr. Who: [looking up at the sky spots the helicopter] There it is!
Dr. Who, Victoria, Jamie: [shouting] Hey! Hey!
Victoria: Oh, can't he see us?
Dr. Who: Probably not.
Jamie: No, he's probably just too scared.
Dr. Who: Oh, Jamie, help me get this hatchway covered. We can't hang around here. The helicopter will never see us.
Jamie: But we'll never get off the rig without it!
Dr. Who: [points to the other landing pad] There's Robson's helicopter in there.
Jamie: But it hasn't got a driver!
Dr. Who: I've been dying to get my hands on one of those things. Come on. Go on.
[they rush over to the other pad]

Dr. Who: Back, Everybody, Back! Onto the platform.
[to Price]
Dr. Who: Switch it on, man! Switch it on! Oh! Hold that, Jamie!
[gives a portable speaker to Jamie and goes over to Price]
Dr. Who: Which is the connector switch?
Price: Wh-what?
Dr. Who: The connector switch! Come on! Switch on your speakers and point them on the creature. Point them at the creature! Go on!
Jamie: What's going on?
Megan Jones: It's not working!
Dr. Who: Give it a minute.
Megan Jones: It's not working, I tell you! We're finished!
Harris: No!
Dr. Who: Look! Behind you! Look behind you! The corridor!

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 7 (#4.43)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: The TARDIS, Doctor!
The Emperor Dalek: You will take the "Dalek Factor." You will spread it to the entire history of Earth!
Dr. Who: [half-shocked and half-defiant] No. You can't make me do it! You can't!
The Emperor Dalek: You will obey!
Black Dalek: Move!
The Emperor Dalek: Doctor. You will obey!

Jamie: Doctor.
Dr. Who: Jamie! Jamie!
Jamie: A Dalek nearly caught us, but, I... I tossed it over the edge. But,... poor Kemel.
Dr. Who: [half puzzled and then remembering who Kemel was] Kemel?
Jamie: Aye. You see, he was trying.
Victoria Waterfield: Where is my father? Is... is he dead?
Dr. Who: [gently] Yes. Yes, I'm afraid he is. But, he didn't die in vain. I think we have seen the end of the Daleks forever! Jamie, we must move along to the TARDIS. It's over there.
Jamie: [about Victoria] We can't leave her alone, Doctor.
Dr. Who: We're not going to leave her. She's coming with us! The end. The final end!

"Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World: Episode 5 (#5.21)" (1968)
Jamie: We can't tell you anything.
Dr. Who: [as Salamander] Of course not. We know everything. We know about Giles Kent, we know about the girl called Astrid, and we know about your friend, the Doctor.
Victoria: [steps forward] I don't believe you.
Dr. Who: A childish plan to impersonate me. That's the truth, isn't it?
Jamie: [steps forward] Ah, but he didn't agree to it.
Dr. Who: You two were sent to the Central European Zone to start trouble.
Victoria: If you want to know the truth, Giles Kent told us a story and we weren't sure. Before the Doctor could do anything, we had to come here and find out what person you're like.
Jamie: Yeah, we found out right enough.
Dr. Who: You see, Bruce, they're just terrorists. Not very big-fry either. All this nonsense about proof against me.
Victoria: If you're doing so much good for the world, why are you so afraid for your own life?
Jamie: Aye, why do you have so many enemies?
Victoria: Personal guards...
Jamie: Your own food taster...
Victoria: And why destroy the one man people trusted, Alexander Denes?
Jamie: Aye!
Donald Bruce: What do you mean, "destroy"?
Victoria: One of your men shot him.
Donald Bruce: Trying to escape?
Victoria: He shot him deliberately.
Jamie: [walks up to Bruce] Aye, and that girl, Fariah, well, she was close to Salamander. She'd speak against him. I know she would.
Dr. Who: Fariah is dead.
Victoria: [shocked mad] Dead?
Jamie: You've had her murdered, too, have you?
Victoria: [attacks "Salamander"] Why, you...
Dr. Who: [as himself, cowers out of his chair] Oh, Victoria, don't hit me! You wouldn't hit your old friend the Doctor, would you?

Dr. Who: I- I wouldn't leave you in the tender mercy of Salamander.
Jamie: Doctor?
Dr. Who: You don't believe me? Oh. Ha.
[the Doctor clears his throat, exaggeratedly reaches into his shirt and mimes taking out his recorder. He whistles 5 bars of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", the fifth repeating the first, all the while fingering the air as if he were playing it, then suddenly making a listening gesture at his right ear]
Jamie: [points and whistles "Shave and a Haircut"]
Dr. Who: [whistles and fingers "Two Bits"] Only *you* made me leave it in the TARDIS!
Jamie: It *is* him!
Victoria: Oh, Doctor!
Jamie: Doctor, why didn't you tell...
[Jaime and Victoria talk over each other, hugging the Doctor in joy, until interrupted by]
Donald Bruce: Tardis? Tardis, what's that?
Dr. Who: Uh, well, it's a little place that we three have in common. You must admit, they thought I was Salamander to begin with.
Donald Bruce: Yes, I concede that. But there's still no proof.
Dr. Who: No, but there's enough doubt in your mind to make you go on asking questions, isn't there? That's why we came here!

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 4 (#4.40)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: Hello. Who are you?

[last lines]
Jamie: Miss Waterfield? Can you open the door? We've come to get you.

"Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep: Episode 4 (#5.32)" (1968)
Jamie: Can you see anything?
Dr. Who: No, it's too dark, Jamie. Not a sign of Van Lutyens.
Jamie: Well, no point hanging about here.
Dr. Who: Wait a minute.
[foam and weed emerge further down the corridor]
Dr. Who: Come on Jamie. Let's get out of here. Push the lift button!
Jamie, Dr. Who: Get us out of here. Take the lift up!
Jamie: Victoria, why aren't you listening?
Dr. Who: Why doesn't this thing work? Jamie, look!

"Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors: Episode 1 (#5.11)" (1967)
[last lines]
Jamie McCrimmon: Err, Victoria.
Victoria Waterfield: What?
Jamie McCrimmon: You see how those lassies were dressed?
Victoria Waterfield: Yes, I did. And trust you to think of something like that.
Jamie McCrimmon: What? Couldn't help thinking about it.
Victoria Waterfield: Well, I think it's disgusting, wearing that kind of thing.
Jamie McCrimmon: [mocking] Oh, aye, so it is, so it is. You, err, you don't see yourself dressed like that then?
Victoria Waterfield: Jamie!
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh, I'm sorry, it was just an idea.
Victoria Waterfield: We will now change the subject, please. I want to look at this man.
[Behind the cover, the warrior is now completely unfrozen. Somehow it has returned to life. It flexes its hand, and moves its head towards the approaching Victoria]

"Doctor Who: The Mind Robber: Episode 1 (#6.6)" (1968)
Jamie: Come on, back to the TARDIS.
Zoe Heriot: Is that the right way?
Jamie: Of course it's the right way... Oh... Err... No, it could be... erm... oh.
Zoe Heriot: We're lost, aren't we?
Jamie: No, I wouldn't say that. We're just err... well, the... um... We're just a...
Jamie: You want to know something?
Zoe Heriot: What?
Jamie: I think we're lost.
Zoe Heriot: Oh, this isn't a joke, Jamie!
Jamie: No, you're right. The Doctor was saying that those images we saw on the scanner were put here to tempt us out.
Zoe Heriot: Well, if somebody was trying to tempt us away, where are they? And who are they?
Jamie: Aye. Aye. Well, let's not be in too much of a hurry to find that out, ey?
Zoe Heriot: But, what are we going to do?
Jamie: Well, the TARDIS can't be that far away. No, if we stand here and shout for The Doctor, when he hears us, he can guide us back. Doctor!
Zoe Heriot: Doctor! Can you here us?

"Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace: Episode 4 (#4.22)" (1967)
[last lines]
The Doctor: Right. Off we go into the wide blue yonder, as someone was once heard to remark.
Polly Wright: Hooray.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, I'm not sorry to be out of that place. Poo, Jamie you don't half stink of fish!
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh, you want to take a wee sniff of yourself, Benjamin. He's not exactly a bonnie bunch of heather.
[Ben laughs]
The Doctor: You sound very happy, Jamie.
Jamie McCrimmon: Oh aye, Doctor, I am now. You know I never thought I'd say this, but well it's great.
Polly Wright: What is?
Jamie McCrimmon: All this. I'll never know what makes it go, mind you, but, well at least I feel safe in here. It's only the wee things outside that are, well, alarming.
The Doctor: You've got a point there.
Ben Jackson: Yeah, you can say that again.
Jamie McCrimmon: It's a fact, though, Doctor? You can't exactly control the TARDIS?
The Doctor: Control it? Course I can control it.
Jamie McCrimmon: No-no what I meant was, can you not exactly make it go where you mean it to?
The Doctor: If I wanted to. It's just that I've never wanted to.
Ben Jackson: Oh, yes, I bet.
Polly Wright: Ooow.
The Doctor: Right! Just for that, I'll show you. Now, where shall we go? I know, let's go to Mars.
[the Doctor operates a control. The TARDIS lurches violently]
Polly Wright: Aaah! Doctor, what's happening?
Ben Jackson: Can't you do something?
The Doctor: Do something? I seem to have done something. It's all your fault, wanting me to tamper with the steering. I'm very sorry, everybody, but I'm afraid the Tardis is out of control!
Polly Wright: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 3 (#4.39)" (1967)
[last lines]
Jamie: Hello. Who are you?

"Doctor Who: The Dominators: Episode 4 (#6.4)" (1968)
Zoe: Quickly, Doctor! He's taking the device out of its case now. Oh, Jamie he'll be too late! He's putting it in now. It's gone!
Dr. Who: Oh!
Jamie: Doctor, have you caught it? Quick out. Well?
Kando: Oh thank goodness!
Cully: We're saved! We're saved, then!
Dr. Who: No not just yet. I've still got to defuse it before they explode it. Oh! Oh my word!
Zoe: What?
Dr. Who: Well, it's sealed! It's completely sealed! I can't possibly undo it!

"Doctor Who: The Macra Terror: Episode 2 (#4.28)" (1967)
[last lines]
Controller: I... I will tell them. I will tell them. I... I'll do what you say. Keep away. Don't touch me! I'll obey!
[a claw is seen on screen dragging the old man off]
Jamie: What's that? What's happening!
Polly Wright: Doctor, that was it: that thing in the picture! That was the claw! They're in control.
Pilot: Take them out of here. They are condemned to the pits!
Polly Wright: Macra!
Pilot: Take them away!
Polly Wright: They're in control!

"Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space: Episode 1 (#5.35)" (1968)
[a food dispenser has just produced a number of food cubes]
Jamie McCrimmon: I've heard of a square meal, but this is ridiculous!

"Doctor Who: The Moonbase: Episode 2 (#4.24)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie McCrimmon: It's you. The phantom piper!
[a Cyberman moves forward towards Jamie]
Jamie McCrimmon: No! No, I'll not go with ya. Do you hear me piper? No, leave me. Leave me, I'll not go with ya. Do you hear me? Leave me. No, I'll not go with ya. I'll fight ya every inch of the way. I'll not go with ya. No.
[the Cyberman walks away]

"Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death: Episode One (#6.23)" (1969)
Zoe: [whooshing] Doctor, if we've landed, where are we?
Dr. Who: That is what I'm trying to find out, Zoë.
Zoe: A rocket?
Jamie: Hey, we're just hanging in space!
Dr. Who: Well, we can't be!
Zoe: Well, let's try and find a star we know.
Dr. Who: [groans with effort] There we are. Oh... What in heaven's name...?
Jamie: Hey, what's he up to?
Zoe: He's trying to climb aboard.
Dr. Who: Just a minute... Just a minute... Oh, this control is... There we are. No, now that's an ion-jet rocket of the twenty first century, but... but... this helmet, if I can... There we are! That's not nearly so sophisticated. It's certainly not later than nineteen sixty.
Jamie: Those letters on his helmet?
Zoe: C-C-C-P.
Dr. Who: Of course!
Jamie: What?
Dr. Who: Just a minute. Yes, I... I think that explains it!
Zoe: Well, Doctor, what is it?
Dr. Who: Well, it's a... it's a flying machine, designed by a gentleman by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci in about umm fifteen hundred.
Jamie: Well, what's it doing up here?
Zoe: Doctor, where are we?
Dr. Who: We're in a museum!
Jamie, Zoe: A what?
Dr. Who: A space museum! Look! There you are. A balloon... That's a transport plane. Now, those initials, they stand for Russia. That's Gagarin, the first earthman in space. Look. Come on, let's have a look round, shall we?
Jamie: Right.
Dr. Who: Wait for me!

"Doctor Who: The War Games: Episode Ten (#6.44)" (1969)
Jamie: Why did you run away from them in the first place?
The Doctor: What? Well, I was bored.
Zoe: What do you mean, you were bored?
The Doctor: Well, the Time Lords are an immensely civilised race. We can control our own environment, we can live forever, barring accidents, and we have the secret of space time travel.
Jamie: Well what's so wrong in all that?
The Doctor: Well we hardly ever use our great powers. We consent simply to observe and to gather knowledge.
Zoe: And that wasn't enough for you?
The Doctor: No, of course not. With a whole galaxy to explore? Millions of planets, eons of time, countless civilisations to meet?
Jamie: Well, why do they object to you doing all that?
The Doctor: Well, It is a fact, Jamie, that I do tend to get involved with things.

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 2 (#4.32)" (1967)
[first lines]
Commandant: You're quite sure you've never met these men? They say they know you.
Polly Wright: But they can't know me. This is my first visit to England!
Jamie: But Polly, it's us, me and the Doctor!
Dr. Who: Would you mind telling us your name?
Polly Wright: I am Michelle Leuppi from Zurich.
Dr. Who: You have a passport?
Polly Wright: Yes, of course. Here.
[she hands it over]
Polly Wright: Have I done something wrong?
Commandant: Oh no, I don't suppose there's anything for you to worry about, Miss. May I just ask what you're doing in England?
Polly Wright: I have come here to work. Look, here is my work permit.
Commandant: Oh, yes, that's quite in order. Thank you. Excuse me.
Dr. Who: Where did you learn such excellent English?
Polly Wright: I had an English governess. Would you mind telling me what's happening?
Commandant: Nothing that need concern you, miss, everything's perfectly order. Now if you'd just like to go through there?
Polly Wright: Thank you.
Jamie: Polly, wait!
Commandant: Just a minute young man.
Jamie: But she's a friend of ours - and she saw the murder!
Commandant: You're going to wait here until the Superintendent of police arrives - now understand that?
Dr. Who: Ah, you're going to tell him about the dead body, very sensible.
Commandant: No. I am going to tell him about you.
[into the phone]
Commandant: Put me through to Superintendent Reynolds.
Dr. Who: [whispering] Jamie, I don't think we're very welcome here. When I say run, we run!
Commandant: [into the phone] Hello Super, Commandant. I've got a couple of illegal entrants here. Yes... Immigration Desk Number Five.
Dr. Who: Run!
[before anyone can stop them the Doctor and Jamie shoot past the barrier and run out of the reception area, disappearing into the crowds that throng the main concourse]

"Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1 (#4.37)" (1967)
[first lines]
The Doctor: [unable to catch the lorry driving off with the TARDIS on its bed, The Doctor and Jamie go into the hangar, where a man in overalls is sitting, listening to a radio] Jamie!
Jamie: The TARDIS! Doctor!
The Doctor: Excuse me!
Bob Hall: Ey?
The Doctor: I wonder if you could help us?
Bob Hall: My mate likes the wireless turned on at full blast.
[points to his hearing aid]
Bob Hall: I have to keep this turned down.
The Doctor: Oh, I see.
Jamie: Who's taken the TARDIS?
The Doctor: He means the police telephone box.
Bob Hall: He said "TARDIS" or something.
The Doctor: Yes. Well, TARDIS... That's, uh... That's another name for it.
Bob Hall: Oh, foreign is he?
Jamie: Me, foreign? You're the one that's foreign! I'm Scottish!
The Doctor: Uh, that's right. TARDIS is a... is a Gaelic word.
[Whispers to Jamie]
The Doctor: Jamie, hush!
Jamie: [whispering back] It's getting further away all the time!
The Doctor: Yes, I know.

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 3 (#4.33)" (1967)
Dr. Who: [finding the secret door] Jamie, look!
Jamie McCrimmon: Hey...!
[opening an empty cabinet]
Jamie McCrimmon: What's that, Doctor.
Dr. Who: [sniffs] Someone who's not used to the Earth's atmosphere. Very interesting... Ah, TV monitor set. Let's see what we can see.
Jamie McCrimmon: Hey, wh-what's that?
Dr. Who: Well it looks like a hospital. Jamie, we're getting warmer, which is a change from the last time I was here. Come on. Let's see if there's a first aid post in Gatwick Airport.
Jamie McCrimmon: Should we clear up the mess, Doctor?
Dr. Who: No. Let's get along to the first aid post.
[the Doctor collapses]
Dr. Who: My back!
Jamie McCrimmon: What?
Dr. Who: Jamie, my back!

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 3 (#5.7)" (1967)
[first lines]
Dr. Who: Jamie, when you captured this creature, you must have dislodged its control unit.
Jamie: Then it must still be lying out there.
Dr. Who: Precisely!
Khrisong: Where are you going?
Dr. Who: To have a look outside the gates. I want that unit. Come on, Jamie.
Khrisong: No! I will not allow it.
Dr. Who: But why not?
Khrisong: I trust no one to leave the monastery. You say this creature is not a real Yeti.
Dr. Who: It's metal. It's been made.
Khrisong: And sent against us. Why? Why does someone wish harm to the monks of Detsen. I will trust no stranger until these questions are answered.
Jamie: Ah, but we're on your side! Have we not convinced you yet?
Khrisong: I am convinced of nothing.
Victoria: The Doctor knows all about this sort of thing. Why not let him help you?
Dr. Who: Well if you don't trust us at least send Thomni, or one of your other warriors.
Khrisong: No! I will not allow the gates to be opened!
Dr. Who: If you want us to help...
Khrisong: I do not need your help! Thomni, guard them!
[walks out]
Dr. Who: Oh dear, a very obstinate man.
Travers: Yes, well that's that I suppose. Nothing we can do about it now.
[Moving towards the door]
Travers: Um, well I... I think I'll just go and get a bit of shut-eye. Good night all.

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 5 (#5.9)" (1967)
[last lines]
Jamie: Doctor!
Victoria: I think.
Dr. Who: Khrisong, I have found the control.
Khrisong: It is too late, Doctor, I can no longer help you.
Dr. Who: But you don't understand! It's here! In the monastery.
Travers: What? That's impossible!
Sapan: But the monastery is empty, we are all here.
Dr. Who: Are we? Are we all here?
Thonmi: The Master!
Sapan: Songsten is with him!
Khrisong: Then he is in great danger! Stay where you are. All of you.
Travers: I remember. Songsten, the Yeti, on the mountain. Yes, yes, it's all coming back to me.
Jamie: Tell us.
Travers: There was this cave...

"Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World: Episode 6 (#5.22)" (1968)
[last lines]
[the Doctor's hands hover of the TARDIS controls uncertainly, then his right goes to his head again as his left gestures to Jaime to do it]
Jamie: Me, Doctor?
[Jaime places his hand on a dial to turn it, then hesitates]
Jamie: But you said we were never to touch the controls.
Dr. Who: Quite right, Jaime.
[the Doctor whips around to see the REAL Doctor at the doors]
Dr. Who: [dressed normally] Welcome to the TARDIS.
Salamander: Thank you. You were doing so well impersonating me I... I thought I might return the compliment.
Dr. Who: And Giles Kent?
Salamander: Unfortunately didn't survive the explosion.
Dr. Who: We're going to put you outside, Salamander. No friends, no safety, nothing. You'll run, but they'll catch up with you.
[Salamander grabs for the controls... ]
Dr. Who: No!
[... whips back around to gut-punch the Doctor, then pins him against the console]
Salamander: [face to face with the Doctor] And now I'm going to kill you.
Jamie: No, you don't.
[Jaime grabs Salamander from behind. Salamander elbows Jaime, grabs at the control Jaime touched, and twists it hard, starting dematerialization without first closing the doors. The TARDIS tilts violently. The Doctor and Victoria are thrown toward the heavy chair]
Victoria: Doctor!
Dr. Who: [grabs at the chair and Victoria] Victoria!
Victoria: Doctor!
Dr. Who: Jaime! Hold on to something!
[Jaime grabs the base of a plinth. Salamander screams as he slides across the floor, through the doors... ]
Dr. Who: Jaime! Oh!
[... and out of the TARDIS, tumbling unprotected into the time vortex]

"Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 6 (#4.36)" (1967)
[last lines]
Jamie: [after the departure of Ben and Polly] I'm sad to see them go.
Dr. Who: Yes Jamie, so am I.
[heaves a sigh]
Dr. Who: Well, we've got things to do.
Jamie: What things?
Dr. Who: Well, I didn't tell the others but... we've lost the TARDIS!
Jamie: We can't have done.
Dr. Who: It was outside - it's not there now.
Jamie: You mean somebody's stolen it?
Dr. Who: [solemnly] I don't know, but that's what we're going to find out! Come on!

"Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 2 (#5.6)" (1967)
[first lines]
Jamie: Keep back, Victoria! I can't stop it!
Victoria: Jamie, the roof! What are you doing?
Jamie: We've got to stop that thing somehow!
Victoria: You'll bury us alive!
Jamie: It's our only chance! Now, get back!

"Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World: Episode 2 (#5.18)" (1967)
Jamie: Now don't move for that box! Not if you value your life. Now all of you, back over there! That's it. Not as well protected as you think you are, eh? Now when I say "duck"... Duck, get down!

"Doctor Who: The Dominators: Episode 2 (#6.2)" (1968)
The Doctor: An unintelligent enemy is far less dangerous than an intelligent one, Jamie.
Jamie: Eh?
The Doctor: Just act stupid. Do you think you can manage that?
Jamie: Oh, aye, it's eas...