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Tegan Jovanka (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Castrovalva: Part One (#19.1)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: If... My dad used to say that "if" was the most powerful word in the English language

Tegan Jovanka: [to arresting officers] We're perfectly harmless, unfortunately.

Tegan Jovanka: What's a Zero Room, anyway? Doctor said something about non-interfaces.
Nyssa: I suppose it's some sort of neutral environment, an isolated space cut off form the rest of the universe.
Tegan Jovanka: He should have told me that's what he wanted. I coulda shown him Brisbane.

Tegan Jovanka: How do we find the index file? Of course if we had an index file we could look it up in the index file under Index File.

"Doctor Who: Time-Flight: Part One (#19.23)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: Aren't you forgetting something rather important? Adric is dead.

Tegan Jovanka: That's not Hyde Park. That's Heathrow Airport!
The Doctor: You're right.
Tegan Jovanka: Well, I never thought I'd say this, but let's get out of here: We could be in the path of an oncoming aircraft.

The Doctor: I might be able to help.
Tegan Jovanka: That's what worries me.

Tegan Jovanka: You could go back!
[the Doctor looks up from the console at her, shocked by the outlandish suggestion tempered with an understanding of why]
Nyssa: Could you?
The Doctor: [firmly] No.
Nyssa: Surely the TARDIS is quite capable of...
Tegan Jovanka: We can change what happened if we materialise before Adric was killed!
The Doctor: And change your own history?
Tegan Jovanka: Look, the freighter could still crash into Earth, that doesn't have to be changed. Only Adric doesn't have to be on board.
The Doctor: [angrily] Now listen to me, both of you: there are some rules that cannot be broken, even with the TARDIS!
Nyssa: Doctor...
The Doctor: Don't *ever* ask me to do *anything* like that again! You must accept that Adric is dead. His life wasn't wasted, he- he died trying to save others, just like his brother, Varsh.

"Doctor Who: Enlightenment: Part Two (#20.18)" (1983)
Captain Striker: There's no need to whisper, Doctor. You and your companions are free to come and go as you wish. You are our guests, not our prisoners.
Tegan Jovanka: I wanna die.

The Doctor: It seems this race is getting serious. Someone is prepared to kill in order to win.
Tegan Jovanka: But what... what's the prize?
The Doctor: Oh, that we must find out.

Tegan Jovanka: [wondering about the Eternals] Are they like TIme Lords?
The Doctor: Oh, no, no. They exist outside of time.
Tegan Jovanka: How?
The Doctor: They're eternal. They exist in eternity. It's, uh... It's not really what you'd call living.
Tegan Jovanka: So what makes 'em tick?
The Doctor: We do. Their minds are empty, used up. They need ideas from us. They're desperate for them.

"Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (#20.23)" (1983)
First Doctor: As it happens, I am the Doctor. The original, you might say!
Tegan: But you shouldn't be here at the same time, with him.
First Doctor: Certainly not.
Fifth Doctor: It only happens in the gravest emergencies.
First Doctor: Like now.

[last lines]
Tegan: You mean you're deliberately choosing to go on the run from your own people, in a rackety old TARDIS?
Fifth Doctor: Why not? After all, that's how it all started.

[about the Master]
Susan: Is this man a friend of the Doctor?
Tegan: Anything but.
Susan: But they talk as if they're friends.
Tegan: That's what worries me.

"Doctor Who: Terminus: Part One (#20.13)" (1983)
Turlough: Tegan, why do you dislike me so much?
Tegan Jovanka: You're unreliable.
Turlough: You hardly know me.

Turlough: Oh, you're so typical of your planet, reduced to shouting if you can't have your own way.
Tegan Jovanka: I AM NOT!
Turlough: No?

Tegan Jovanka: Where did the other spacecraft come from?
The Doctor: TARDIS found it. There's a fail-safe. On impending breakup it seeks out and locks onto the nearest spacecraft.
Tegan Jovanka: You never mentioned it before.
The Doctor: Well, it never worked before.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part One (#19.13)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: Is that supposed to be Heathrow?
Adric: It is.
Tegan Jovanka: Well, they've certainly let the grass grow since I was last there.
Adric: Well, actually they haven't built the airport yet. We're about three hundred years early.
Tegan Jovanka: That's great. Perhaps I can go out, file a claim on the land. When they get 'round to inventing aircraft I'll make a fortune!

Tegan Jovanka: You call three hundred years a small error?
The Fifth Doctor: It's probably due to nothing more than a temperamental cellanoid on the lateral balance cones.

Richard Mace: [explaining his possession of guns] I was once a noted thespian until forced into rural exile by the closure of the theaters. But it is only with the aid of these properties I'm able to command the attention of an audience nowadays.
Tegan Jovanka: You sound like a highwayman or a robber.
Richard Mace: A gentleman of the road, madam.

"Doctor Who: Logopolis: Part Two (#18.26)" (1981)
Tegan Jovanka: [feeling the TARDIS lurch] Crazy idiot of a pilot! Wait till I have a word with him.

Tegan Jovanka: My aunt's waiting in a car to take me to the airport.
Doctor Who: Your aunt! Woman in a white hat, red sports car?
Tegan Jovanka: You've seen her.
Doctor Who: [recalling she was tissue compressed to the size of a doll] Well, a little of her.

"Doctor Who: Time-Flight: Part Four (#19.26)" (1982)
Captain Stapley: Hello. I thought you were going with the Doctor.
Tegan Jovanka: So did I.

Tegan Jovanka: Ladies and gentlemen, we do apologize for the delay. Your flight is now ready for boarding. Would you care to proceed to your aircraft immediately?

"Doctor Who: The Awakening: Part Two (#21.6)" (1984)
Vislor Turlough: We're running out of places to run.
Tegan Jovanka: It's the story of our lives.

Tegan Jovanka: Aren't you forgetting something?
The Doctor: Probably. It isn't unusual. I've had a rather hard day.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part Four (#19.16)" (1982)
The Doctor: How do you feel now?
Tegan: Groggy, sore and bad-tempered.
The Doctor: Oh, almost your old self.

[With difficultly, the TARDIS materializes inside the manor house]
Tegan: [to the Doctor] At last! You really should get this crate serviced, you know?

"Doctor Who: Kinda: Part Two (#19.10)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] Come on. What are you thinking?
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] Don't you know?
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] Maybe I do.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] After all, apparently you will've been thinking it, too, won't you?
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] But I asked first.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] So did I.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] But... Stop it. If you must know, I was thinking about eating ice cream.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] Yes.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] What do you mean, "yes?"
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] So was I. I was three years old and I didn't like the taste.
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #1] But that's my memory!
Tegan Jovanka: [Tegan #2] And mine! Stop it.

Tegan Jovanka: [possessed by the Mara, speaking to Aris] I'm not surprised you look so sad. Telepathy is a very boring way to communicate.

"Doctor Who: The King's Demons: Part One (#20.21)" (1983)
Tegan Jovanka: Look at the size of that bed.
The Doctor: Hm. Another way of keeping warm.

Tegan Jovanka: How can they live in such cold?
The Doctor: Eating lots of food.

"Doctor Who: Black Orchid: Part One (#19.17)" (1982)
Tegan Jovanka: It's fancy dress, isn't it?
Charles Cranleigh: Yes.
Tegan Jovanka: Well, we haven't got any costumes.
Sir Robert Muir: Oh. I was just thinking how charming yours was.'

"Doctor Who: Kinda: Part Four (#19.12)" (1982)
The Doctor: What is the one thing evil can not face? Not ever!
Tegan Jovanka: What?
The Doctor: Itself.

"Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead: Part One (#20.9)" (1983)
Tegan Jovanka: I don't fancy a non-stop mystery tour of the galaxy.

"Doctor Who: Earthshock: Part Three (#19.21)" (1982)
Tegan: I'm just a mouth on legs.

"Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep: Part Three (#21.3)" (1984)
The Doctor: The myrka is a creature of the inkiest depths - or WAS until the Silurians tinkered with its biology. Anyway, it has little tolerance to light and hopefully none at all to ultraviolet rays.
Tegan Jovanka: Can you be sure?
The Doctor: No, Tegan. Perhaps you should ask it nicely to go away?

"Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead: Part Four (#20.12)" (1983)
Tegan Jovanka: Doctor, why can't you help them?
The Doctor: Don't you understand? If I did, it would be the end of me as a Time Lord.
Tegan Jovanka: What do you mean?
The Doctor: I can only regenerate twelve times. I have already done so four times.
Tegan Jovanka: So?
The Doctor: Don't you see? Eight of them; eight of me.
Tegan Jovanka: They want your remaining regenerations?
The Doctor: It's the only way to end their mutation.

"Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani: Part Four (#21.20)" (1984)
The Fifth Doctor: [dying] Too late, Peri. Going soon. It's time to say goodbye...
Peri: Don't give up! You can't leave me now!
The Fifth Doctor: I might regenerate... I don't know...
[he lies down]
The Fifth Doctor: Feels different this time...
[one by one, images of the faces of his old companions start to appear and swirl around his head, repeating their words]
Tegan: What was that you always told me Doctor? Brave heart? You'll survive, Doctor.
Turlough: You must survive, Doctor. Too many of your enemies will delight in your death, Doctor.
Kamelion: Turlough speaks the truth.
Nyssa: You're needed. You mustn't die, Doctor.
Adric: You know that, Doctor.
The Fifth Doctor: Adric?
[then we hear laughter and an image of the Master appears]
The Master: No, my dear Doctor, you must die! Die, Doctor! Die, Doctor!
[he laughs evilly. A vortex of vertical wavy lines fill the screen. Then a boom and suddenly the newly regenerated Doctor sits up, now in the form of his sixth life]
Peri: Doctor?
The Sixth Doctor: You're expecting someone else?
Peri: [stammering] I... I... I...
The Sixth Doctor: That's three I's in one breath, makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.
Peri: What's happened?
The Sixth Doctor: [looking straight into the camera] Change my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.
[cue end credits]

"Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep: Part Two (#21.2)" (1984)
Tegan Jovanka: When did you meet the Silurians, Doctor.
The Doctor: A long time ago. I let them down then; seems I'll do so again.
Tegan Jovanka: Are they hostile?
The Doctor: They're honorable. All they ever wanted to do was live in peace.

"Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead: Part Two (#20.10)" (1983)
Tegan Jovanka: Maybe the capsule's malfunctioned. I hate those transmat things. Like travelling in a food mixer and just as dangerous. I'd be afraid of coming out puréed.

"Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep: Part One (#21.1)" (1984)
Tegan Jovanka: What year are we in?
The Doctor: Around two thousand and eighty-four.
Tegan Jovanka: Little seems to have changed since my time.
The Doctor: Absolutely nothing, Tegan. There are still two power blocs, fingers poised to annihilate each other.

"Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday: Part Three (#19.7)" (1982)
Bigon: Sooner or later he is bound to make you as I am. All of you.
Tegan Jovanka: No. He'll kill us?
Bigon: It is not death. First you are hypnotized. Under hypnosis you are made to recall your whole life. This is recorded and microchipped. Your body is then disposed of and you are remade as I.

"Doctor Who: The Visitation: Part Two (#19.14)" (1982)
Terileptil: And where is this Doctor from?
Tegan: He's never told us. He likes to be mysterious, although he talks a lot about... uh... Guildford. I think that's where he comes from.
Terileptil: You are being a very stupid woman.
Tegan: That isn't a very original observation.

"Doctor Who: Enlightenment: Part Four (#20.20)" (1983)
Marriner: You are life itself. Without you, I'm nothing. Don't you understand?
Tegan Jovanka: What?
Marriner: I am empty. You give me being. I look into your mind and see life, energy, excitement. I want them. I want you. Your thought shall be MY thoughts, your feelings MY feelings.
Tegan Jovanka: Wait a minute. You tryin' to tell me you're in love?
Marriner: Love! What is love? I want existence.

"Doctor Who: Frontios: Part One (#21.7)" (1984)
The Doctor: Veruna is where one of the last surviving groups of mankind took shelter in the Great... er. Yes. Well, I suppose you've got all that to look forward to, haven't you.
Tegan: In the Great what, Doctor?
The Doctor: All civilisations have their ups and downs.
Vislor Turlough: [Reading gleefully from the TARDIS log] Fleeing from the imminence of a catastrophic collision with the Sun, refugees from the doomed planet Earth...
The Doctor: Yes, that's enough, Turlough.