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Quotes for
Leela (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock: Part Four (#15.4)" (1977)
Leela: How are you going to get past the Rutan?
Doctor Who: With discretion.

Leela: [after the fire bomb explodes] Are you all right?
Doctor Who: You singed my scarf.

Leela: [watching the dying Rutan] Enjoy your death as I enjoyed killing you!

Leela: They are hard to kill, these Rutans.
Doctor Who: Been celebrating have you?
Leela: It is fitting to celebrate the death of an enemy.

Leela: The colonel?
Doctor Who: Dead with honor.
Leela: Then at least we have avenged him.

Leela: [She's been blinded by the flash and holds out her knife to the Doctor] Slay me, Doctor!
Doctor Who: What?
Leela: I am blind. Slay me now... it is the fate of the old and crippled!
Doctor Who: [He slowly takes the knife, then chuckles] You're neither old nor crippled.

"Doctor Who: The Face of Evil: Part Two (#14.14)" (1977)
Doctor Who: Odd feeling.
Leela: What is?
Doctor Who: Standing in my own throat is.

[spying on Neeva changing between holy relics in preparation for battle: from a tattered spacesuit worn as a cloak to a collection of wires and tubes over the shoulders and a rather incongruous headpiece]
Doctor Who: I like the hat. Very fetching.
Leela: That was the Hand of Xoanon.
Doctor Who: That was an armoured space glove, or what was left of one.

Doctor Who: You know, I had a feeling... I had a feeling that Neeva was actually expecting to hear an answer to his prayer.
Leela: There wouldn't be much point in praying if he didn't.
Doctor Who: I could quote you a few theologians who'd give you an argument on that.

Calib: I do *not* believe he is The Evil One!
Leela: [softy to the Doctor] Conscience?
Doctor Who: [softly to Leela] No, no. Politics. He's trying to break Neeva's hold on the tribe.
Calib: If he can be killed, then he is *not* The Evil One, because The Evil One is a god!
Doctor Who: Good point! Fifteen, love!
Calib: [evenly] The Litany says it can be destroyed.
Doctor Who: Fifteen all.
Calib: I say we should put him to the Test and see if he speaks truly.
Andor: The Test is for mortals.
Calib: If he can be killed, then he *is* a mortal!
Doctor Who: Game, set, and match to Caleb, I think.

Leela: Doctor?
Doctor Who: Yes.
Leela: You know you said nothing could get within that barrier?
Doctor Who: Yes.
Leela: Not light or anything?
Doctor Who: No.
Leela: But Xoanon is inside it.
Doctor Who: [impatient] Yesss.
Leela: How do we hear his voice?
Doctor Who: Well, it's quite simple: we...
Doctor Who: [short laugh] You're a genius. A genius.
[the Doctor gets up gleefully, leaving Leela dumbfounded]
Leela: What did I say?

Doctor Who: [critiquing his likeness in the cliff face up close] The nose could be a shade more aquiline, and the noble proportion of the brow hasn't been perfectly executed. Still, we mustn't complain. We live in an imperfect universe.
Leela: Where's the bridge through the barrier? Up the nose?
Doctor Who: [sharply, insulted] No, it isn't!
Doctor Who: [mutters] "Up the nose"!
Doctor Who: It's over the teeth and down the throat.

"Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy: Part Four (#15.8)" (1977)
Doctor Who: [taking a blood sample] You're not frightened of blood, are you, you mighty huntress?
Leela: [unphased] Just hurry up.

Leela: Doctor, why don't we just blow up Titan, Nucleus, breeding tanks, everything?
Doctor Who: That's your answer to everything, isn't it? Knock it on the head.
Leela: Effective, isn't it? Smash it once and for all? Well?
Doctor Who: This is a hospital, not an arsenal."

Doctor Who: The virus has a perfect right to exist as a virus, not as a giant storm threatening the entire solar system. Everything has its place, otherwise the delicate balance of the whole cosmos is destroyed.
Leela: I still say we should blow it up.

Leela: K-9's breaking up. My baster's finished. What're we gonna do?
Doctor Who: Should we try using our intelligence?
Leela: Well, if you think that's a good idea...
Doctor Who: Come on!

Leela: Did you kill it?
Doctor Who: No. I lost the antibodies.
Leela: What? Never mind, Doctor. I found the answer.
Doctor Who: You have?
Leela: Knife them in the neck.

"Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock: Part One (#15.1)" (1977)
The Doctor: That's odd.
Leela: What is?
The Doctor: A lighthouse without a light.

Leela: I feel something wrong here.

The Doctor: Generator's working. I wonder what's happening to the power.
Leela: I'm not a tesh-nician.
The Doctor: Could be shorting out, I suppose.
Leela: And I suppose you're going to mend it.
The Doctor: What? Without asking permission? I wouldn't dream of it. Let's talk to the crew first. This way. "Tesh-nician?"

Vince: [left alone with Leela] This is quite a treat for me, miss.
Leela: [examining a telegraph] It is?
Vince: Oh, don't touch that, please, miss. Oh, yes. It's a lonely life up the lighthouse, you see. I get... I go out sometimes and talk to the seals, you know. Just to get a change from Rueben and Ben.
Leela: Seals are animals?
Vince: Well, yes.
Leela: That is stupid. You should talk often with the old ones of your tribe. That is the only way to learn.
Vince: [confused] I'll get you a hot drink, miss.
Leela: I could do with some dry clothes more than a hot drink.
Vince: Oh, I'm afraid we don't have nothing suitable for a lady.
Leela: I'm no lady, Vince. The clothes you are wearing will be most suitable.

The Doctor: [coming out from a back room] I thought there might have been something nasty in the coal hole. Something nasty somewhere.
Leela: A sea creature?
The Doctor: What? That can open and shut doors, not so much as leave a wet footprint, hm, and has the ability to drain off electricity?

"Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part Four (#14.24)" (1977)
Leela: When shall we go and look for the cave creature?
Doctor Who: Perhaps it'll come look for us.

Li H'sen Chang: Next trick very simple. Will someone take cards, please. You, sir. Catchy.
[Chang tosses the deck to the Doctor in the balcony]
Li H'sen Chang: Now, sir, please to assist humble Chang by selecting any card. Ace of Diamonds. Please to hold card in air so everyone see. Now, sir, please to return card to pack, any place. Honorable gentleman please to hold pack of playing cards between finger and thumb.
[Doctor holds out the deck]
Li H'sen Chang: Chang will now shoot magic bullet through Ace of Diamonds without hitting other card. Please to keep very still.
Leela: Doctor!
[Doctor defiantly holds cards closer to his face. Audience gasps]
Li H'sen Chang: Please to keep very quiet. Chang shoot fifty peasants learning this trick.

Doctor Who: If his DNA helyx is split open, the more cells he absorbs into himself; the more deformed he becomes.
Leela: You mean he's like a water bag with a hole in the bottom and the hole is getting bigger?
Doctor Who: Yes.

"Doctor Who: The Face of Evil: Part One (#14.13)" (1977)
The Doctor: Would you like a jelly baby?
Leela: It's true then. They say the Evil One eats babies.
The Doctor: You mustn't believe all they say.

Leela: Goodbye, Tomas. Beware of the devious Calib. One day he'll get so cunning, even he won't know what he's planning.

[last lines]
The Doctor: Well now. It seems I *have* been here before.
Leela: That's the Evil One.
The Doctor: Is it?
[cut to reverse shot of them in front of a cliff wall with The Doctor's current face sculpted into it, The Doctor stepping forward for a clearer look]
The Doctor: I must've made quite an impression.
[close shot of cliff face's face as end theme starts]

"Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part One (#14.21)" (1977)
Leela: This is a big village.
The Doctor: Yes.
Leela: What's the name of the tribe here?
The Doctor: Cockneys.

Leela: These clothes are ridiculous. Why must I wear them?
The Doctor: Because you can't go walking around Victorian London in skins. You'd frighten the horses. Anyway, we don't want to be conspicuous, do we?

Leela: Doctor You make me wear strange clothes, You tell me nothing! You Are trying to annoy me!
The Doctor: I'm trying to teach You Leela.

"Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy: Part One (#15.5)" (1977)
Doctor Who: 5000 AD... That was the year of The Great Breakout.
Leela: Great what?
Doctor Who: Mmm. When your forefathers went leapfrogging across the solar system on their way to the stars. Eh, asteroid belt's probably teeming with them now. New Frontiersmen. Pioneers waiting to spread across the galaxy like a tidal wave, or a disease.
Leela: Why "disease?" I thought you liked humanity.
Doctor Who: Oh, I do, I do. Some of my best friends are humans. When they get together in great numbers, other life forms sometimes suffer.

Leela: We've never been in here before.
Doctor Who: [correcting] *You've* never been in here before.
Leela: What is it?
Doctor Who: Number two control room, been closed for redecoration. I don't like the colour.
Leela: White isn't a colour.
Doctor Who: That's the trouble with computers, always think in black and white. No aquamarines, no blues
[the Doctor leans in close to the console]
Doctor Who: no imagination!
[the TARDIS's time rotor switches off]

Leela: What was that?
Doctor Who: Static. Nothing important.
Leela: There was a sort of glow all around you.
Doctor Who: There was? Oh. Well, a kind of St. Elmo's fire. It happens at sea.
Leela: Saint Elmo's?
Doctor Who: Yes, it causes a sort of halo effect around the masts of ships.
Leela: Halo?
Doctor Who: [looks pointedly] Why do you keep repeating everything I say? You're not a parrot, are you?
Leela: Parrot?
Doctor Who: [summons a little more patience] Yes, a parrot's a bird that repeats things. Move over.
Leela: [mockingly] Move over!
Doctor Who: That's it.

"Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl: Part One (#15.9)" (1977)
The Doctor: [Addressing a group of cows in a field] Good morning, ladies. Now which one of you has the time scanner, hm?
Leela: This doesn't look like the place, Doctor.
The Doctor: [referring to the Tardis's ability to bring them to the right coordinates] Now I did say "more or less," though this does look rather less than more. You know, I don't think these cows know anything about the time scanner.

The Doctor: [materializing in a field of cows] Good morning, ladies. Now which one of you has the time scanner, hm?
Leela: This doesn't look like the place, Doctor.
The Doctor: Now I did say "more or less," though this does look rather less than more. You know, I don't think these cows know anything about the time scanner.

The Doctor: [to Leela who's signaling caution] What is it?
Leela: There's a guard. I shall kill him.
The Doctor: No.
Leela: Why not?
The Doctor: You'll upset the dog.

"Doctor Who: The Sun Makers: Part One (#15.13)" (1977)
Leela: These 'taxes', they are like sacrifices to tribal gods?
The Doctor: Well, roughly speaking, but paying taxes is more painful.

Veet: [appraising Leela's outfit] This skin, it's real skin.
Leela: [threatening her with a knife] You touch me again and I'll fillet you.
Mandrel: A handy girl!

Leela: He is trying to open the tardis.
The Doctor: Pity k-9 can't bark.

"Doctor Who: The Face of Evil: Part Four (#14.16)" (1977)
Leela: I suppose you're always right, about everything.
Doctor Who: Invariably... Invariably... Goodbye.

[last lines]
Leela: Take me with you.
Doctor Who: Why?
Leela: What? Well. You like me, don't you?
Doctor Who: Well, yes, I suppose I do like you. But then, I like lots of people but I can't go carting them around the universe with me. Goodbye.
[Leela darts past the Doctor and into the TARDIS]
Doctor Who: [sternly] Come out of there. Out.
[the Doctor steps into the TARDIS]
Doctor Who: [more sternly, from inside] Come out!
[the outer Police Box doors close and the engines start up]
Doctor Who: [alarmed] Don't touch that! Don't touch...
[the TARDIS dematerializes from the forest]

"Doctor Who: Underworld: Part One (#15.17)" (1978)
Doctor Who: [about the Time Lords] It was what happened on Minyos that led to our policy of non-intervention.
Leela: Huh?
Doctor Who: Yeah. Well, the Minyans thought of us as gods, you see, which is all very flattering, and we were all new at time and space exploration, so we thought we could help. Gave them medical and scientific aid, better communications, better weapons.
Leela: What happened?
Doctor Who: Kicked us out at gunpoint. They went to war with each other, learned how to split the atom, discovered the toothbrush and finally split the planet.

Doctor Who: [bringing Leela back from a pacification blast] Leela, listen to me: You're primitive! Wild! Warlike! Aggressive and impetuous! And bad tempered, too.
Leela: [nicely] I am?
Doctor Who: Yes! You're a warrior, Leela, from a warrior tribe. Outrageous, indomitable, implacable, impossible...
Leela: [drawing a knife at the Doctor] Right, that's far enough. You stay where...
Doctor Who: Put it away. You were pacified.
Leela: Paci...?
Doctor Who: Pacified.
Leela: Pacified?
Doctor Who: Yeah.
Leela: Who did it? Hm? Who did it? I'll kill them. I'll kill them!

"Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl: Part Three (#15.11)" (1977)
Doctor Who: [standing over the unconscious Mrs. Tyler] Ah! Do you know what's wrong with her?
Jack Tyler: Well, no.
Doctor Who: I do. Make some tea.
Jack Tyler: Tea?
Doctor Who: Tea. She does drink tea?
Jack Tyler: Well, yeah.
Doctor Who: Off you go. Make some. Use the best china, four cups, lay it out on a tray, off you go. Ah! And some fruit cake.
Jack Tyler: Anything else?
Doctor Who: No. I love fruitcake.
Doctor Who: Come on, Mrs. Tyler. This is no way to behave when you've got visitors. We've come for tea!
Leela: And fruitcake.
Doctor Who: And fruitca...
[doubletakes Leela]

Leela: Hey, what's wrong?
Doctor Who: I've been checking the old databanks. There's no record at all of the fifth planet.
Leela: Does that matter?
Doctor Who: Well, of course, it matters. We Time Lords are a very meticulous people. You have to be when you live as long as we do. All information's recorded.

"Doctor Who: Underworld: Part Two (#15.18)" (1978)
Leela: Surrender or die!
Doctor Who: No. Don't, don't, don't. Get off of him, Leela, you're terrifying the poor fellow.

"Doctor Who: The Robots of Death: Part One (#14.17)" (1977)
Leela: Sometimes you talk like a Tesh.
Doctor Who: Thank you.
Leela: It was not well meant.

"Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part Two (#14.22)" (1977)
Professor Litefoot: Forgive us, ma'am.
Leela: What for?
Professor Litefoot: For being so indelicate around a lady of refinement.
Leela: Does he mean me?
Professor Litefoot: I don't think so.
Leela: It's very interesting. You say you can tell the height of the attacker by the way the blade was thrust.
Professor Litefoot: Mm-hm.
Leela: But when aiming for the heart, we were always taught to strike under the breast bone.
Professor Litefoot: Upon my soul!
Doctor Who: Savage. Found floating down the Amazon in a hatbox.

"Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part Five (#14.25)" (1977)
Leela: Doctor, what is the Peking...
Doctor Who: Homunculus.
Leela: Homunculus.
Doctor Who: It was made in Peking for the Commissioner of the Icelandic Alliance. It was in the ice age about the year 5000.
Professor Litefoot: Preposterous.
Leela: Shh. Go on, Doctor.
Doctor Who: Peking Homunculus was a... was a toy. A plaything for the Commissioner's children. It contained a series of magnetic fields operating on a printed circuit and a small computer. It had one organic component - the cerebral cortex of a pig. Anyway, something went wrong. It almost caused World War Six.
Professor Litefoot: What?
Doctor Who: Yeah. Somehow the pig part took over. So Weng-Chiang has brought the Peking Homunculus back through time. He could have done. Disappeared completely. It was never found.

"Doctor Who: The Robots of Death: Part Four (#14.20)" (1977)
Leela: Doctor, what is robophobia?
Doctor Who: It's an unreasoning dread of robots. You see, most living creatures use non-verbal signals. Body movement, eye contact, facial expression, that sort of thing.
Leela: Body language.
Doctor Who: Exactly. While these robots are humanoid, presumably for aesthetic reasons, they give no signals. It's like being surrounded by walking, talking dead men.
Leela: That's what Poul said.
Doctor Who: Yes. Undermine certain type of personality, causes identity crisis, paranoia, sometimes even personality disintegration. Robophobia.

"Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock: Part Two (#15.2)" (1977)
Doctor Who: [about the unseen alien] ... it keeps out of sight while it spies out the land, hoping to mount a successful attack.
Leela: Then we are not facing an enemy who is bold.
Doctor Who: No, but cunning.

"Doctor Who: The Sun Makers: Part Four (#15.16)" (1977)
Doctor Who: No. Don't kill him. He hasn't done you any harm.
Leela: Then I shall kill him before he does!

"Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy: Part Two (#15.6)" (1977)
Prof. Marius: [explaining the cloning process] ... your photocopy twin will deteriorate and expire after a maximum life of 10 or 11 minutes.
Leela: Oh, well, in that case, if you do not mind, I will not stay to see it.

"Doctor Who: The Robots of Death: Part Two (#14.18)" (1977)
Leela: [about Poul] Be careful of him, Doctor. He's not what he seems.
Poul: Why do you say that?
Leela: Well, you move like a hunter, watch all the time.

"Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock: Part Three (#15.3)" (1977)
Leela: [on Adelaide's regular consultation with an astrologer] A waste of time. I too used to believe in magic, but the Doctor has taught me about science. It is better to believe in science.

"Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy: Part Three (#15.7)" (1977)
Leela: [as a bright light noisily shoots past them in the Doctor's head] What was that?
Doctor Who: Ah, just a passing thought.