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Lucy Saxon (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums (#3.12)" (2007)
Lucy Saxon: You promised, you said Archangel was one hundred percent.
The Master: Oh... ninety nine, ninety eight?

Vivien Rook: Mrs. Saxon, I have reason to believe that you are in very great danger. All of us, in fact. Not just the country, but the whole world.
[Lucy laughs]
Vivien Rook: No, I beg of you. Hear me out.
Lucy Saxon: What are you talking about?
Vivien Rook: Your husband is not who he says he is. I'm sorry, but it's a lie. Everything's a lie.

Vivien Rook: All of it-the schooldays, his degree, even his mother and father- it's all invented. Look, Harold Saxon never went to Cambridge. There was no Harold Saxon. The thing is, it's obvious. The forgery is screaming out, and yet no one can see it. It's as if he's mesmerised the entire world.
Lucy Saxon: I think perhaps you should leave now.
Vivien Rook: Eighteen months ago, he became real. This is his first honest-to-God appearance, just after the downfall of Harriet Jones and at the exact same time they launched the Archangel Network.
Lucy Saxon: Mrs. Rook, now, stop it.
Vivien Rook: Even now they've said that the Cabinet's gone into seclusion. I mean, what does that mean, 'seclusion'?
Lucy Saxon: How should I know?
Vivien Rook: But I've got plenty of research on you. Yes, good family, Roedean, not especially bright but essentially harmless, and that's why I'm asking you, Lucy, I am begging you, if you have seen anything, heard anything, even the slightest thing that would give you cause to doubt him...
Lucy Saxon: I think...
Vivien Rook: Yes?
Lucy Saxon: There was a time when we first met. I wondered... but he was so good to my father and he said...
Vivien Rook: What? Just tell me, sweetheart.
Lucy Saxon: The thing is, I made my choice.
Vivien Rook: I'm sorry?
Lucy Saxon: For better or for worse. Isn't that right, Harry?
[Mr. Saxon appears at the doorway]
The Master: My faithful companion.

Lucy Saxon: But if she's asking questions then who else? How much time have we got?
[Saxon hugs her]
The Master: Ssh. Tommorrow morning. That's when everything ends.

"Doctor Who: Last of the Time Lords (#3.13)" (2007)
The Master: I took Lucy to Utopia. A Time Lord and his human companion. I took her to see the stars. Isn't that right, sweetheart?
Lucy Saxon: Trillions of years into the future, to the end of the universe.
The Master: Tell him what you saw.
Lucy Saxon: Dying. Everything dying. The whole of creation was falling apart and I thought there's no point. No point to anything. Not ever.
The Master: And it's all your fault.