Deacon Moss
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Deacon Moss (Character)
from The Longest Yard (2005)

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The Longest Yard (2005)
[last lines]
Deacon Moss: [Deacon and Battle pour Gatorade on Warden Hazen] Good game, sir!
Warden Hazen: That's a week in the hotbox!
Joey Battle: Who gives a shit!

Deacon Moss: This is baby-back bullshit!

Deacon Moss: The only game I'll play with you... is slap the point shaving white boy, til he cries like a baby back bitch.
Cheeseburger Eddy: baby back bitch, baby back bitch, baby back bitch, baby back bitch.
Caretaker: That's a big ass robot

Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: [On the last play of the first half] Do you assholes remember that play we practiced in the mud?
Deacon Moss: What are you talking about? That was some schoolyard bullshit!
Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: Yeah, let's try some schoolyard bullshit!

Guard Dunham: [after breaking off a long run, storms up to Megget] That's how a white man runs the football!
Earl Megget: Man, you lucky I ain't on defense. I'd crack you in that egg-ass head of yours!
Guard Dunham: Yeah, but you ain't on defense. Are ya, bitch?
Earl Megget: Switowski! Come here!
[he comes running over]
Earl Megget: You know what he said in the library?
[whispers to Switowski about Dunham calling Malcolm X then "N word", as Switowski's eyes about pop out of his head]
Earl Megget: Yes. Him. Out!
Switowski: [Destroys Dunham with a huge hit on the next play. Everyone gathers around to look at Dunham and sniffs] I think I made-ed him shit himself.
Coach Nate Scarborough: I think he just shit himself.
All Sportswriters: I think he just shit himself.
Stretcher Guy: Good lord, this guy shit himself big time!
Switowski: [jumps up and down celebrating] See! I told you i made-ed him shit himself!
Earl Megget: [as Dunmham is being carted off the field on a stretcher] I'll be sure to send them books to the hospital, pimp!
Deacon Moss: And some diapers!