Captain Knauer
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Captain Knauer (Character)
from The Longest Yard (1974)

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The Longest Yard (1974)
Captain Knauer: [giving the rifle to Hazen] Game ball!

Captain Knauer: Dammit, Warden, I think this game's a big mistake.
Warden Hazen: Captain, not only will you have the chance to hone our team to a fine edge, you'll also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about life. Why is it, do you suppose, that I can walk through this yard, surrounded by hate, and in total command?
Captain Knauer: Because you've got 15 gun turrets all around you that say you can.

Captain Knauer: You know something, Crewe? I don't like you. You understand that?
Paul Crewe: Oh yeah.

The Longest Yard (2005)
Captain Knauer: [after Crewe starts fight in lunch room] Stand up Crewe! You think you can do anything don't you... well you're no different than any other piece of shit that calls this place home...
Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: Really they all think you're a dumb redneck too?
Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: [Knauer takes a swing at Crewe with his night-stick amd Crewe catches it] You should really start cutting that shit out it's gettin old...
Captain Knauer: That's gonna cost ya...
Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: Looking forward to it...

Captain Knauer: Do you have any idea who's beating you out there? This was supposed to be a blow out and they're showing you up in front of the whole nation. The whole nation!
Guard Engleheart: I like it when he's angry.